would you survive the hunger games quiz

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Can you survive during the Hunger Games?

Judging by your answers, you have a chance to survive during the Hunger Games. No one says it will be easy, but anything is possible. You just need to find an ally you can trust!

Can you be a tribute in the Hunger Games?

You should stay away not only from the Hunger Games venue but also from any competitions. Your athletic achievements and survival skills leave much to be desired. So, in order not to put your life at risk, do not volunteer as a tribute!

Where are The Hunger Games located?

These Hunger Games are located in the valley between two tall mountains, which look impossible to climb. You are standing in the center of a large field, with woods close by. You spot a small tent, right at the edge of the Cornucopia. What a find! Close to it, you spy a short sword. Suddenly, the gong sounds.