why does nintendo hate fan games

why does nintendo hate fan games插图

Probably because they think thatit hurts their revenueif people play the fangames instead of their own games, or because they think that low quality fangames hurt the brand. Nintendo direct to be announced today. Got it from a reliable source.

Why do people hate Nintendo so much?

The irony, of course, is that it’s hard to find a fanbase as loyal and passionate as Nintendo’s, yet it feels like Nintendo rewards that loyalty so rarely. In fact, it can sometimes feel like Nintendo goes out of its way to keep fans from enjoying its games.

Why is Nintendo so bad at making fan-made games?

Nintendo is notoriously no-nonsense when it comes to making fan games based on its licensed properties. Out of all the big gaming companies out there, Nintendo is infamous for their low tolerance for fan-made games using their IPs.

Is it true that Nintendo has banned fan games?

As many expected, Nintendo had it removed completely. In January of 2021, Nintendo initiated the biggest shutdown of fan games ever. Targeted at Game Jolt, a hosting website, Nintendo sent out a mass DMCA. They did so because Game Jolt made it possible to monetize one’s content, and when fan games become products, they become undisputedly illegal.

Why are fan games still popular?

Despite the hazy legality issues around them, fan games are an integral part of the games ecosystem. For one thing, they sustain fan interest around older games—one such example is the numerous Mother fan games, a franchise that was largely overlooked by Nintendo.

How much storage does a 3DS need?

You treat the New 3DS as an upgrade proposition, but you’re telling those same fans — really, the biggest of them, the ones that have enough downloaded content to absolutely require more than 4GB of storage — that they have to spend even more money on day one just to upgrade.

How to swap out SD card on 3DS?

We haven’t even gotten to the rotten cherry that sits on top of all of this: To actually swap out the Micro SD card on a New 3DS, you have to pop off the back plate after removing two small screws that require a non-standard-sized Phillips head screwdriver. It’s the sort of thing that most people don’t tend to have unless they tinker with computers and other electronics. If you’ve got one, awesome. No sweat to pop the back off and slide a new MicroSD in. If you don’t? There’s another day-one purchase.

Does the 3DS XL have an AC adapter?

New Nintendo 3DS XL uses the same AC adapter as any Ni ntendo 3DS or Ni ntendo DSi system. Rather than raise cost of New Nintendo 3DS XL by charging consumers for a component they may already own, we are giving them the option to only buy if they need an AC adapter. That’s what you told IGN.

Does the 3DS use SD cards?

That’s not all, though. Your current 3DS uses SD cards, but the New uses Micro SD. Why on Earth would you do that? It’s great that the New 3DS is bundled with a 4GB card, but that’s not nearly enough for many gamers. I’ve got a 32GB card in my own 3DS. And now I have to buy another card, a different card type of the same size, just to keep all my games and saves.

Does the 3DS have face tracking?

The New Nintendo 3DS has some really fantastic things going on. Face-tracking enhances the system’s glasses-free 3D to the point that it actually works now. New buttons give players and developers both more tools to enjoy their games with. And a faster processor smooths everything out, eliminating the drag of sorting through the dashboard’s cumbersome interface.

Can fans trade in their old handheld?

Fans either pass on trading in their old handheld so they can keep their power adapter, or do the trade-in and buy an adapter separately. And first-time buyers have to spend money on top of their $200 purchase just to power the thing on.

Why does Nintendo go after your blood?

It’s not just to defend their IP’s profitability. It’s to defend their dignity. From what I see, Nintendo would go after your blood if you make something that would demean them, which resulted in lol Pokémon Black and Blue and PETA getting love letter (read: threat) from them.

Why do people settle out of court?

And how many cases of this have there been? Most people try to settle out of court because findings in court get to establish a legal precedent. Like this is why certain cases like establishing "Fair use" on YouTube were so big – they elp set precedent and future cases will cite them.

What is it called when someone takes your character’s art?

It’s called defending your property , and I’m sure you would love it if someone took your characters and art and did their version of it and not a single cent goes to you even though the origin of the work is legally owned by you.

Does Sega make consoles anymore?

Sega doesn’t make consoles anymore and aren’t as big as Nintendo these days.

Is there a MUGEN for platformers?

Anyway, imho, there’s no currently a MUGEN /OpenBOR/RPGMaker version for platformers as any of these engines are specific and easy to use (without the need to learn complex coding). I’m kinda scared about all the others, especially the so acclaimed GameSalad and GameMaker. One looks like an academic fraud (with all the institution, they pay-to-develop suite and stuff like that) and the other is just a blank space where you need to do anything from the beginning.

Did Sega shut down Streets of Rage?

Sega also happened to shut down a fan remake of Streets of Rage, but nobody talks about that.

Is Godot a game engine?

Godot Game Engine? It’s open source and apparently is made for platformers.

Why did Justin Sink create Zelda Maker?

A response to Nintendo’s Mario Maker games, Justin Sink created Zelda Maker to prove that such a game wasn’t as hard to develop as Nintendo was making it out to be. Made in Game Maker, the game would’ve allowed players to build their own Legend of Zelda maps with premade assets. Fans of the franchise were ecstatic.

Why is Nintendo so infamous?

Out of all the big gaming companies out there, Nintendo is infamous for their low tolerance for fan-made games using their IPs. While the defense of intellectual property is important in the age of the internet, Nintendo’s actions can be seen as far too draconian. The sheer size of Nintendo’s financial might often scares creators …

What is the Zelda 30 tribute?

A 3D, isometric remaster of the original The Legend of Zelda, Zelda 30 Tribute was made out of love for the franchise. Its art style even kept the blocky, pixel art style of the originals.

Why was Runiya changed to Runiya?

Nintendo, however, was unimpressed and filed a DMCA as quickly as they possibly could. The developer changed the game to Runiya to avoid a complete loss, but the dream project itself was lost to Nintendo’s ego.

When was Metroid 2 Remake made?

Created in 2016 by DoctorM64, Another Metroid 2 Remake sought to solve the lack of an official Metroid 2 remake. Its title alluded to the fact that there had been many attempts to create a faithful remaster of the game by fans, as the original game was extremely popular with the Metroid community.

Is Nintendo shutting down fan games?

Nintendo’s 10 Most Infamous Shutdowns Of Fan Games. Nintendo is notoriously no-nonsense when it comes to making fan games based on its licensed properties. Out of all the big gaming companies out there, Nintendo is infamous for their low tolerance for fan-made games using their IPs.

Is Am2R a remake?

When AM2R was announced, however, it was obvious this remake was different. AM2R featured entirely new assets, new bosses, and a map feature that had fans drooling. The chance to play such an improved version of an underrated classic was stripped away by a Nintendo Cease and Desist later that year.