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Why do women play mind games with men?

Derek Rake (founder of the infamously notorious Shogun Method) once told me: “Playing mind games is the woman’s natural way to qualify a man’s suitability as a mating partner.”

Why does my girlfriend play games with Me?

Girls playing games are in it to win, one way or another. Whether in relationships or casual hookups, women who are only trying to play games will always make themselves the priority. She’d be inconsistent with her feelings and attention, and would always prefer to keep her options open. Why do girlfriends play mind games?

What games do women play in relationships?

Guilt-tripping is another one of the games women play. A woman who is deeply into this makes her partner feel guilty until he does her bidding. She wouldn’t take responsibility for anything in the relationship if her life depended on it.

Are women hard-wired to play games?

Of course, her games may not always work, but they do most of the time. This is why women are hard-wired to play these games in the first place. Also, most women play these games unconsciously. Half the time, they don’t even know what they’re doing. Some smart women, however, are fully aware of their games and play them deliberately.

How to be better than men?

Be equal to, or better than, men in all areas of life! Don’t let a man boss you around! Be as successful in life as you can! Be logical and tactical in your dealings with men! In other words, society tells women that if they want to catch their ideal man, they’d have to “beat men at their own game.”.

What to do if she tries to text you?

You go ahead and keep yourself busy for the next few days. If she tries to text or call you, don’t answer. There should be zero contact from you for those few days.

How to tell a girl to let her be friends?

The first way is by telling her: “Let’s just be friends for now.”

What do you show her in one fell swoop?

Instead, in one fell swoop, you show her your strength, dominance, and control.

What does "making you do things for her" mean?

Making you do things for her in return for her time and affection

Who is Derek Rake?

Derek Rake is the founder of Shogun Method, the world’s one and only dating system based on authentic Mind Control technology. He is widely acknowledged as the leading international authority on using Mind Control and extreme persuasion in dating and relationships. Shogun Method’s "Enslavement, Not Seduction!" philosophy makes it one-of-a-kind in the dating coaching world. Attend his legendary Masterclass – click here.

Can women beat men?

Women know that they can’t beat men at their own game. They know that even if they did, they’d still be on the losing end. So instead, they use THEIR best weapons – mind games. They use charm and manipulation to make you do what they want and say what they want. Now here’s the question you should be asking yourself:

Why do guys get into relationships with messed up chicks?

Guys get into relationships with messed up chicks because they (the dudes) are sad, desperate and / or lonely. Or, let’s be honest, they get involved because the chick is insanely hot and way out of their league, at least physically.

Why do chicks play mind games?

Well, some chicks play mind games because it’s actually worked for them in the past — as in, she got the guy because of said head games. She’s likely not consciously using a “dating strategy,” she just hones in on the guys that it works on.

What would happen if she never received love from a father figure?

If she never received healthy love from a father figure, she won’t know what to look for in a healthy partner.

Do women think more about relationships than men?

Women tend to think about relationships a lot more than guys do. That old saying, “The sooner you get under someone, the sooner you’ll get over someone” doesn’t work as well for women as it does for many men.

Can you add videos to your watch history?

Videos you watch may be added to the TV’s watch history and influence TV recommendations. To avoid this, cancel and sign in to YouTube on your computer.

Is change hard?

Change is tough — even when we want to change and even if it’s good for us. It’s taken a long time to become who we are and do what we do.

Can you play out your relationship learning experience?

You can either play out your “relationship learning experience” the hard way (with her) or walk away and start working on yourself. (By the way, I give the you the step-by-step map on how to do this in my WakeUP2Luv — Get a Girlfriend program.)

What does it mean when a woman plays mind games?

Derek Rake (founder of the infamously notorious Shogun Method) once told me: “Playing mind games is the woman’s natural way to qualify a man’s suitability as a mating partner. ”. So, if your woman is playing mind games on you, she’s testing you to see if you’re a worthy partner for her to have babies with.

What does LJBF mean?

LJBF simply stands for “Let’s Just Be Friends.”. That’s probably the absolute worst thing that a woman that can say to a guy, by the way. Pretty cruel, too. So, what Derek recommends to his clients do as a way to fight back women mind games and dominate them is to do a “Reverse” LJBF.

What happens if you do the first two steps correctly?

If you’ve done the first two steps correctly, you will soon find the power in the relationship restored to your hands…

How long can you not answer a girl’s text?

This means that you shouldn’t take her calls or respond to her texts at all (for at least three whole days.)

Why do women play games with men?

Women play games with men because they have this tendency which is naturally built into their psychology. And this is what we are going to discuss next in this guide.

Is fractionation too long?

Fractionation is too lengthy to be described in this (already kinda lengthy) blog post, and so I’d recommend that you watch this short video (created by my good friend Fredo Hill who also happens to be one of Derek Rake’s clients). It’s about a shorter version of Fractionation (dubbed the One Sentence Fractionation) which you can use immediately today on a woman you want to attract.

Can you forget important points later?

On the other hand, given the amount of details in this guide, it’s easy to forget some of the more important points later, and this may hamper your progress somewhat.

What does it mean when a woman never gets jealous?

A woman who never gets jealous is yet to be born. It is a natural emotion we feel when faced with the possibility of losing someone we care about to another. However, most women prefer to pretend that they don’t care when the person they like looks a little too cozy with another woman.

What is the most common mind game a woman enjoys?

One of the most common mind games a woman enjoys is doing stuff that makes the man they are seeing jealous. How far we take it and what exactly we do depends on how far along we are in the relationship and what we hope to gain from it.

How to tell your admirer about compliments?

It can be as simple as occasionally picking an admirer’s call in front of him or telling him about the compliments you got from guys while talking about your day. There are also the men in your DMs and the exes trying to come back, let him know about that too.

What would happen if emotional manipulation were human?

If emotional manipulation were human, it would probably be a girl. Women play mind games with men and then burst into tears when backed into a corner. The truth is, we can’t take half of the games we dish out. No matter how patient a guy is, he’d get frustrated by his girl’s drama from time to time.

Why do girls play games?

Girls playing games are in it to win, one way or another. Whether in relationships or casual hookups, women who are only trying to play games will always make themselves the priority. She’d be inconsistent with her feelings and attention, and would always prefer to keep her options open.

How to treat a man like he’s the only man in the world?

You treat him like he’s the only man in the world, shower him with both attention and affection till he starts to buy it and get comfortable. Then you withdraw and stop putting effort into the ‘relationship.’ When he decides to take a step back, you step up and restart the cycle anew, ‘just because’.

What is the infamous phrase "evading responsibility"?

This infamous phrase of evading responsibility is another line women use to play games. We use it to reject an undesirable guy when our inherent need to be nice won’t let us say the real reason. Of course, most of the time, when we use this line, it is, in fact, them.

What does it mean when a girl says "I don’t know how to do that"?

This usually happens when she wants you to do something for her that she wouldn’t do herself. To get you to take care of it, she‘ll act clueless and play on the "I don’t know how to do that" angle.

What to do if she is not clear about her feelings for you?

If she’s not clear about her feelings for you but is giving you the "I’m interested" signals, then show her you feel the same way. But don’t overdo it, as you still want to remain a challenge. Just let her understand that there are a lot more grapes in the bunch so you can easily look elsewhere if things don’t seem to work out.

How to call a girl up after a few days?

After a few days, you can call her up again just to make sure that she got all those messages. Keep your tone very polite but curt. Let her get the message that if she doesn’t respond this time, you’re going to move on!

What is a courtship test?

And these tests are almost always done with the intention of being in control of the relationship.

Why is a woman testing the waters?

So she might be just testing the waters to make sure that you’re worth the risk.