why do baseball games start at odd times

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Why do baseball games always start at Weird Times?

This time, the publication states, Another reason baseball games may start at weird times like 7:05 or 7:08 is to help accommodate the after-work crowd that is trying to get to the stadium. The majority of MLB games play on weeknights, which means a vast majority of the fans in attendance need to leave work and rush to get to the game on time.

What happens before the first pitch in baseball?

These festivities include National Anthems (games in Toronto must perform two national anthems), the ceremonial first pitch, announcing starting lineups, recognizing an exceptional fan, former/current player, or a veteran. According to Baseball Scouter, many pregame rituals take place before the first pitch of the game.

Who started the tradition of throwing out the first pitch?

Baseball Scouter writes that William Howard Taft started this tradition way back in 1910 when he threw out the ceremonial first pitch to celebrate Opening Day for the Washington Senators.

Why do baseball games start at odd times?

There are several reasons why MLB games start at odd times, and most of them have to do with pregame rituals beginning at the top of the hour.

What is the pregame ritual?

According to Baseball Scouter, many pregame rituals take place before the first pitch of the game. When discussing the long-standing National Anthem ritual, they write, "This pregame activity became popular during World War II as a way of honoring folks … serving in the military."

Why is commercial break important?

That quick introduction and extensive commercial break can prove incredibly valuable for some television networks, as it draws the crowd in for the beginning of the game. Most of the viewership dies out later in the game, so if delaying a matchup to a strange time is needed to garner a high audience count, then TV channels are behind that decision.

Why Do Baseball Games Start at Odd Times?

Simply said, it’s because there’s plenty going on at an MLB game before the first pitch is even thrown.

Why do MLB players do warm ups?

In order to prevent potential injuries during the game, MLB players do some light warmup at the field before the game.

What happens when a game drags on?

Often, as the game drags on, fans doze off or switch to another channel.

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What time do the TV shows start?

If you look at the TV schedule, you’ll notice that the networks mostly have their programs starting on the hour or half-hour.

What does the home team honor before the game?

Often before the games, the home team will honor a significant member of the community, a former player, or a member of the troops.

Why do you need extra minutes for a game?

Furthermore, a couple of extra minutes can allow working fans to get to the game just in time for the start.

What are some of the traditional Pregame activities for baseball?

Baseball is a game that is built on traditions. A great deal of these traditions take place before the first pitch of the game. For example, the National Anthem is sung before each MLB game which usually takes about 5 minutes of time. Also, a pregame prayer or moment of silence is observed before the game begins. All of these things tend to delay the game’s start time by a few minutes.

Why do MLB players warm up and stretch before games?

Players engage in some light jogging and various full body stretches to help prevent any injuries. All baseball players engage in pregame warmup activities a few minutes prior to the first pitch. Players will play light games of catch to gradually warm up their throwing arms. As we have discussed in a previous blog post, many hitters like to play casual games of Pepper before the game starts to get their eyes used to seeing the ball.

Why do they announce the starting lineup before every game?

The PA Announcer for the home team will always go over the starting lineups for each team before the game. This also tends to take around 5 minutes of time which often delays the first pitch. The starting lineups are announced primarily to inform the fans of who is playing that day and also to get the crowd pumped up for the game!

How does the home team honor a special guest such as a particular fan or military service member?

The home teams usually ask an “honorary guest” to throw out the ceremonial first pitch before the game starts. Most of the time this honorary guest is a former player, a special fan who has down good work in the community, or a military service member who has fought for the country.

What are the most common start times for a Major League Baseball game?

Though there is not necessarily a most common start time for a baseball game, some of the most frequently used start times are 7:05, 7:08, and 7:15 (these examples are Eastern Standard Time). This cadence is repeated every hour until the West Coast games start in the Pacific Standard Time Zone. America has 4 unique time zones of Eastern, Central, Mountain, and Pacific so that is why start times of baseball games tend to vary so much.

Why do MLB games start at odd times?

Though the above reasons are all valid, the biggest reason MLB games start at odd times is due to TV contract obligations. Here are a couple reasons why the TV networks want to start the baseball games at odd times.

How long is a baseball game?

According to records kept by Major League Baseball for the 2019 season, the average game lasted 3 hours, 5 minutes, and 35 seconds. MLB executives have explored ways of reducing the length of games such as limited mound visits per game and shaving off some of the break time between innings.

Why do baseball games start at odd hours?

Because of pregame activities and television contracts, baseball games start at strange hours. Pregame activities at baseball stadiums normally begin at the top of the hour. This also gives television broadcasters 4-9 minutes before first pitch to provide a game introduction and a commercial break.

How to help prevent injuries in baseball?

To assist prevent injuries, players do some mild running and different full-body stretches. A few minutes before the first pitch, all baseball players participate in pregame warmup routines. To progressively warm up their throwing arms, players would play light catch games. Many hitters like to play casual games of Pepper before the game to get their eyes accustomed to seeing the ball, as we described in a recent blog article.

Why is the start time of a baseball game delayed?

A baseball game’s start time may also be delayed due to special activities. Baseball clubs like paying tribute to their former players, and they frequently do it a few minutes before the game. This is common when a former baseball player has recently been elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame. The team frequently presents framed jerseys to players and their families, and the audience responds with shouts and a standing ovation.

Why is a commercial break good?

For certain television networks, that fast opening and lengthy commercial break may be quite beneficial, since it draws viewers in for the start of the game. The majority of spectators drop off later in the game, therefore if rescheduling a game to a weird time is required to attract a large audience, TV networks are behind the choice.

Why change the commencement time?

Changing the commencement time by a few minutes can save the network a lot of money. When we consider that 30-second advertising during the most significant games may cost well over half a million dollars, the arithmetic is simple. Many sporting decisions are influenced by financial considerations. The unusual beginning times of MLB games are no exception. For everyone concerned, it’s a win-win situation. The league, teams, networks, and corporations promote the profit of their product from the money generated before the first pitch is thrown.