who won the georgia football game

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What happened to Georgia’s offense in the first half?

Georgia’s first five possessions yielded three punts and two fumbles. That’s about all you really need to know about Georgia’s first-half performance offensively. They didn’t cross midfield until there were seven minutes remaining in the first half. It was beyond stalling it was stagnant to start the football game.

Does Vanderbilt have won the last four games in Georgia?

Georgia has won the last four games in the series including by a combined 92-6 the last two games. “We love competing against the best and excited to do that in Athens,” Vanderbilt coach Clark Lea said.

Was Missouri the more physical football team against Georgia?

Until the fourth quarter, Georgia struggled to provide a consistent ground game. Though things did begin to open up as the night progressed. Missouri was the more physical football team tonight, there’s no question about that.

How good was Georgia’s defense against Missouri?

Georgia’s defense did a great job of keeping Georgia in this football game despite the offense trying everything they could to give Missouri points. That being said, 3rd 17 pass interference penalties aren’t characteristic of elite defenses. They allowed a 63-yard run, and three explosives through the air. Those things led to points.