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Sarah Lacina

Who won season 34 of Survivor Game Changers?

‘Survivor: Game Changers’ Reveals Season 34 Winner. Sarah Lacina, a 32-year-old cop from Marion, Iowa won the title of “Sole Survivor” and the $1 million prize in a live vote reveal broadcast from CBS Studio Center in Los Angeles on Wednesday night.

Who won ‘Sole Survivor?

Sarah Lacina, a 32-year-old cop from Marion, Iowa won the title of “Sole Survivor” and the $1 million prize in a live vote reveal broadcast from CBS Studio Center in Los Angeles on Wednesday night. She beat out former NFL player Brad Culpepper and Sports Illustrated swimsuit photographer Troyzan…

Who are the Final Four of Survivor Game Changers?

But if you had been told at the start of the year that the final four of a season called Survivor: Game Changers would be Troyzan, Tai, Brad, and Sarah, what would your reaction have been? Exactly.

What are some “Gamechanger” moments from Survivor?

More positive “Gamechanger” moments that were etched into the season’s history include a tribe sparing a mother and baby goat from slaughter, two-time champion Sandra Diaz-Twine being voted out of the game for the first time, and a more permissive Tribal Council culture that allowed contestants to leave their assigned seats and huddle in packs w…

What did the jury say about Sarah?

The jury went hard on Sarah at the final Tribal Council, accusing her of backstabbing basically everyone on her rise to the top, and literally laughing off Sarah (and Tai’s) protests that all of her personal relationships were genuine. But Sarah pointed to winning moves she made, including stealing the secret advantage that was intended for Michaela.

Did Cirie get voted out of the Tribal Council?

Leading up to the final vote, Ciriewas sent home in the first Tribal Council of the night — but not voted out, mind you. Cirie’s torch was snuffed even though not a single vote was cast for her because she was the only person eligible to receive votes after Brad won the individual immunity challenge, Tai played his immunity idols for himself and Aubry, Troyzanplayed hisimmunity idol, and Sarah played the legacy advantage she inherited from Sierra.

Who won the second immunity challenge?

Brad went on to win the night’s second individual immunity challenge as well, bringing his challenge victory total up to four — and the tribe voted Aubry out at that night’s Tribal.

What was the first thing that Cirie Fields said about her second chance on the show?

This included her awakening and acceptance of an outed transgender contestant ( more on this below ), how she provided physical assistance to fellow contestant Cirie Fields to conquer a physical challenge, and an early quote from the new millionaire where she stated that for her second chance on the show, she was going to “play like a criminal”.

How many seasons of Survivor First?

After 34 Seasons, a Survivor First. The finale was not without drama. For the first time, a contestant was eliminated from the game without getting any votes. At the final six Tribal Council, every player deployed a hidden immunity idol or advantage, leaving Cirie Fields as the lone person who could get votes.

What was the thrust of Varner’s argument?

The thrust of Varner’s argument was that Smith was “deceptive” for not sharing his story. On-camera, host Jeff Probst and the fellow contestants’ reactions were swift, decisive, and negative. Off-camera, the reaction was equally strong. Varner, a gay man himself, was fired from his job in the aftermath.

Why was Caleb pulled from Big Brother?

Having been pulled from the game early on in his first season due to heat stroke, Caleb is a bit of a wild card. But he made it to the final four during his season of "Big Brother," which indicates some ability to play strategically. CBS.

Did Cirie Fields get robbed?

Cirie Fields (Panama, Micronesia & Heroes vs. Villains) Anyone who was paying attention knows that Cirie was robbed when she played in Micronesia. A surprise final elimination — likely due to the season’s many medical evacuations — sent her to the jury on a season she otherwise probably would’ve won.

Who is Jeff Varner?

Jeff Varner (The Australian Outback & Cambodia) When he returned for "Second Chances," Jeff showed an impressive ability to adapt to the "new school" style of gameplay, with its ever-shifting alliances and non-stop gameplay. And if there’s one quality more important than any other on "Survivor," it’s adaptability. CBS.

Was Michaela a spitfire?

A fan-favorite spitfire, Michaela played too aggressively last time and was quickly ousted by her own alliance. But if she learned the lesson of her own blindside between her two back-to-back seasons, Michaela might be able to use the fact that the rest of the cast has yet to see her play — "Game Changers" was filmed before "Millennials vs. Gen X" aired — to her advantage.

How many challenges did Brad Culpepper win?

On the other hand, you have Brad. He tied the Survivor record by winning five individual immunity challenges. Not only that, but he won the last four of the season, several of which he no doubt needed or would have been sent home. Say what you want about F.U. Brad Culpepper, but that is a super impressive accomplishment. Winning the last four challenges of the season? That is super clutch. So again, a very impressive résumé.

What is the challenge on Survivor?

The challenge itself is a Survivor classic, as players have to run through a huge maze to collect bags of puzzle pieces and then use those pieces to solve a compass rose puzzle. (A lot of compass roses this season, by the way.) Even though it is, as always, all about the puzzle, I like the window dressing as well, as it is fun to watch the contestants throw their bodies through the maze. At one point Troyzan drops a puzzle bag on Aubry’s box instead and then blames it on being colorblind. I don’t know if he was kidding or not, but it does raise an interesting point. My son is colorblind, and there are certain shades of red and green that look identical to him. Since there have been over 550 Survivor contestants over the years and approximately 8 percent of all males are colorblind, has this issue ever come up before in a challenge? (Incidentally, the NFL had to deal with this problem in 2015 when the Jets wore all-green uniforms and the Bills wore all-red ones in a special Thursday night “Color Rush” uniform game, and colorblind spectators could not tell who was on what team. Of course, it would have been more fun if the players themselves could not have told who was on what team, but I digress.)

Who did Brad choose to join him on the feast?

So he chooses Troyzan and Sarah to join him on the feast, where they decide to put votes on Tai and Aubry. And then Brad goes to put the heat back on Tai, telling him that if he wants to go to the end, he has to play one of his idols tonight, and then, “You’re going to give me your other one to hold, because I don’t want any funny business. I need a leap of faith from you for the way things have been.” What sort of funny business exactly is Brad taking about? Is he worried Tai is going to steal all the sugar and then blame it on Michaela… even though Michaela is no longer even playing the game? What sort of hijinks, shenanigans, or tomfoolery does he have in mind?

Does Tai vote Sarah out?

But instead of letting Sarah’s seeds of distrust towards Cirie sprout, Tai admits to wanting to vote Sarah out. This is the first in a series of absolutely terrible moves that Tai will make down the stretch. And they keep getting worse. Now distraught over being seen as “Tai the liar,” the gardener with the heart of gold panics and does something completely inexplicable — he tells Brad he has two idols. Why he does this is beyond me. Tai feels like he needs an ally in the game, but he’s wrong. All he needs to do is mend some social fences, which is actually pretty easy to do because he already has a fast pass to the final four. Because he’s safe and can use idols at the next two Tribal Councils, he does not need to lie or deceive anyone, and then the villain target shifts to someone else. We have seen it time and time again — yesterday’s adversary can become tomorrow’s ally.

Who implores the island to dig deep?

Strangers starve themselves on an island for our amusement in the hopes of winning a million dollars, as host Jeff Probst implores them to "DIG DEEP!"

Did Tai mismanage his idols?

There was absolutely nothing for Tai to gain by doing this, and he’s not done mismanaging his idols either. As for Brad, he sees an opportunity. “I manipulated him on the first one, and I’m going to manipulate him on these two as well,” says Culpepper. “He’s lied to me numerous times, and I got no problem throwing him under the bus and voting him out with his own idol.” In an odd twist, this revelation of the idol will also end up crippling Brad’s social game as well. It becomes a lose-lose scenario.

Who was the dominant force in Sierra?

On one hand, you have Sarah, who was the dominant force from a social/strategic perspective. She repeatedly was the pivotal point person in determining who was voted off, and everyone thought they were her best friend… until she slit their proverbial throat. She was savvy enough to obtain the vote steal when Michaela did not see it and shrewd enough to vote Sierra out and then receive Sierra’s Legacy Advantage after doing so. She built a very impressive résumé.


In the last episode, Michaela Bradshaw was voted out after Cirie tried to use Sarah’s legacy advantage — but it backfired; the advantage was non-transferable.

First immunity and reward

This challenge is a good old-fashioned maze, obstacle course and puzzle that involves grabbing bags, falling down nets and carrying bags around. Troy reveals he’s colorblind, which is why he accidentally put a bag at Aubry’s station. The puzzle seems easy: It’s a compass shape they have to fit different shapes into.

First tribal council: Here’s where the legacy advantage comes into play

There are a lot of fingers thrown at Tai tonight. He’s called a liar: "Buyer beware if you want to do a deal with Tai," Brad says. It seems clear he’s dug a hole for himself — but Cirie says "never say never."

Second tribal council

Aubry feels she’s on the outs. She again makes her case: Brad and Troy will be two of the spots in the final three if one of them, probably Brad, wins immunity tomorrow, in the final challenge. Tai says he’s taking that into consideration. (Unlinking a pair is a fair argument. It’s why you take out couples.

Final immunity challenge

This challenge looks fun: There’s a waterslide! Nothing says "we’re having a good time starving" like a waterslide (and a fireman’s pole). Basically, contestants must untie key bags on a structure. Then they must go down a fireman’s pole to the waterslide. Once they’ve collected all their bags, they work on a puzzle.

Third tribal council

Brad and Troy are feeling cocky. Tai says he and Sarah are on the bottom. He says out loud that if they join forces and vote for Troy, they could force a tie vote. Tai says he gave Brad the idol to buy his trust, but Brad fires back, "Nothing’s for free."

Final tribal council

Jeff Probst makes a surprising announcement: They’ll be changing the structure of council this year, structuring their cases to the jury in three parts: outwit, outlast and outplay. It’s interesting how Probst talks about "outlasting" in terms of selecting a friendly jury rather than merely defeating your rivals.