what vr game does joshdub play

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What games does JoshDub play?

JoshDub regularly plays games in VRChat, a social app that he uses to create comedy sketches for his fans. VRChat allows users to talk to other players and appear as any character they want, and people can also customize their environments any way they’d like. This gives JoshDub much more creative freedom than in a regular VR game.

Who is Josh dubs VR?

Virtual reality is growing rapidly in the gaming industry, and a big YouTuber to take up virtual reality and make entertainment for others out of it is Josh Dubs. We will be going through everything you need to know about Josh dubs VR setup and who he is. What VR Headset does Josh Dubs use?

Who is JoshDub?

JoshDub has posted hundreds of videos and is often considered to be a pioneer in VR entertainment on the video-sharing website, reaching more than 9 million subscribers along the way. What VR Headset Does JoshDub Use?

What Games Does Josh Dubs Play?

Josh dubs regularly makes sketches with his friends on a Virtual Reality game called VRChat; he doesn’t often go onto other games on his channel. Making comedy sketches for his fans using VR chat is easy for him; VR chat is a simple Sandbox game where you can talk to other VR players and mess around with them. VR chat allows Josh Dubs to have free rein over his content as specific rules of the game don’t restrict him as the sandbox doesn’t have rules that he has to abide by.

What headset does Josh Dubs use?

What VR Headset does Josh Dubs use? Josh dubs uses only the best equipment for his videos, and this means since most of his videos are VR-based, he needs the best VR headset to go with them. The HTC Vive Pro Virtual reality system is an expensive piece of equipment usually only used by the biggest of YouTubers.

Why is noise cancellation important for Josh Dubs?

Noise cancellation is a big thing for Josh Dubs as he won’t want to be disturbed while recording ; this is also why the HTC Vive Pro Virtual reality system is perfect for Josh Dubs as it comes with noise cancellation to immerse him into his games that he is recording and playing.

How many subscribers does Josh Dubs have?

Josh Dubs May have 8.73 million subscribers as of creating this; however, this doesn’t mean the others don’t have their respectable fan base.

What is Josh Dubs’ real name?

At this moment in time, we as the public only know that Josh Dubs’s real name is Josh; he was born in Adelaide, Australia, on October 11, 1990, making him 30 years old and has one known sibling named Alana. Josh Dubs created his YouTube account on July 31, 2013.

How long is Viveport Infinity free?

The Viveport Infinity gives you two months of the best VR experience you can imagine, and it gives you 700+ games and apps for free for those two months.

What is spatial audio?

Spatial Audio with noise cancelation allows the user to use the equipment while not being disturbed by any outside noises; this means you can entirely focus on your gaming experience without having to hear those cars drive past your house. High resolution and high impedance headphones give the best sound quality while gaming to your heart is content; they really make you fully immersed into the game by giving you the most realistic sound quality you can imagine.