what time the nfl game today

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  • How many preseason games are on the NFL schedule Saturday?

  • The NFL schedule has seven preseason games Saturday — what are the TV channels and live stream options available? As has been the case throughout the preseason, Saturday has the headlines with seven NFL games today, including three on the national TV schedule.

  • How many games are on the NFL schedule for Week 1?

  • The Week 1 lineup features plenty of marquee matchups, but Brady vs Prescott and two of the best-known teams in the league are the cherry on top of the NFL schedule. There is a 14-game slate in the NFL on Sunday.

  • When will the 2021 NFL schedule be released?

  • The 2021 NFL schedule will be released Wednesday, May 12. All the NFL schedules will provide dates, times, matchups and TV channels for each football game. The 2021 NFL regular season will start on Thursday, September 9th and end Sunday, January 9th. The NFL playoffs will start on Saturday, January 15, 2022 and end Sunday, February 6, 2022.

  • What time does the Buffalo Bills game start on Saturday?

  • The Buffalo Bills kick off the Saturday action for the second straight week, this time hosting the Green Bay Packers at 1 PM ET. Subsequently, there鈥檚 a big gap of five hours before our next game begins 鈥?the Washington Football Team hosts the Baltimore Ravens at 6 PM ET.