what time does the playoff game start

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4:30 p.m. ET
When do the 2022 NFL playoffs start? The first 2022 NFL Playoff game kicks off at4:30 p.m. ETon Saturday,January 15 when the Cincinnati Bengals take on the Las Vegas Raiders on NBC and Peacock. Check out the full Wild Card weekend and NFL Playoffs schedule below:

Which NFL team has the most playoff wins?

Which NFL Team Has Won the Most Playoff Games?New England Patriots — 37 wins. Statista has ranked all 32 franchises in order of playoff wins,and the Patriots sit at the top of the list with 37.Pittsburgh Steelers — 36 wins. The Steelers are tied with the Patriots with six Super Bowl titles but have one fewer playoff wins overall.Dallas Cowboys — 35 wins. …Green Bay Packers — 35 wins. …

How many times have the Raiders made the playoffs?

They’ve been in the playoffs a total of 22 times in their 56 seasons. When was the last time the Raiders missed the playoffs? The Las Vegas Raiders last missed the playoffs in 2020. When was the last time the Raiders won a playoff game? In 2002, the Oakland Raiders beat the Tennessee Titans in the Conference Championship.

When do NFL football playoffs start?

The NFL playoffs start on Saturday, January 14, 2023. How many teams make the playoffs? …

How many playoff games are there?

MLB teams that make the playoffs can play anywhere from2 games to 22 games, depending on how many games they win. Starting in the 2022 season the MLB implemented an expanded postseason. The way the expanded playoffs work is that there are 4 rounds in the MLB playoffs: