what time does the eagles game start today

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What channel is Cowboys vs Eagles on in Week 18?

Cowboys vs. Eagles will be broadcast nationally on ESPN in Week 18. Steve Levy, Louis Riddick and Brian Griese will be on the call for this game, with Lisa Salters on the sideline. John Parry will handle rules analysis.

Which eagles will make their debut in the NFL this season?

After a busy offseason, the Eagles enter the season with high expectations. A.J. Brown, Haason Reddick, C.J. Gardner-Johnson and James Bradberry will all make their Eagles debut, along with highly-touted rookies Jordan Davis and Nakobe Dean.

What time does Sunday Night Football coverage start?

This year’s Sunday Night Football coverage will feature Mike Tirico and Cris Collinsworth in the booth and Melissa Stark on the sidelines. Live coverage begins every Sunday night at 7:00 p. m.

What time do the fireworks start at a football game?

You’ll hear fireworks/flares at 1 hour before the game and another set at 45 minutes prior to the game, as a reminder to start heading in, if you’re still in the parking lots. If you are in right when the inner gates open, 90 minutes before kickoff, you can watch the pre-game warm-ups by both teams.

What is the mid level section in the club?

Mid-Level (Sections M7-M14): These seats are at the same level as the Club seats, but with regular sized seats and without access to the Club lounges (although, if you’re in M14 it’s very possible to "accidentally" wander up the stairs on the C15 side, and into the lounge.) These are mostly tickets the visiting team is allocated for their friends and families as well as the group or hospitality sales tickets, including these premium options:

What is section 233-237?

Sections 233-237 are kind of isolated, with limited food options (that sometimes run out of certain items by the 3rd quarter), unless you’re willing to walk down to the lower level concourse or to the visitor’s sideline side of the upper level. However, most of the seats are closer to the field than the opposite end zone seats (209-215), because there are no upper suites or Mid-Level sections underneath.

How many people are in a luxury suite?

Luxury Suites: There are 5 types of luxury suites, seating 10-25 people, all with differing levels of amenities, throughout the stadium.

What is Lot K in Eagles?

Lot K is covered with solar panels, which can help keep you somewhat dry, on a rainy day. Lot L has valet parking, and Lot J is usually where the Eagles brass, media and other well-connected people park. (The players and coaches park at the NovaCare complex and take a charter bus to the stadium.)

How many levels are there in the 133?

There’s 5 levels of steps/landings behind section 133 that take you from the 100 level to the 200 level. The higher you go up, the better the view, now that there are 2 Main Concourse suites (MC2/MC3) behind section 133 that block the view from the first few flights of steps.

What is the grey part of Lot N?

The grey portion of Lot N is also known as the "Jetro Lot" because during a normal weekday it is the parking lot for the Jetro food services warehouse that is surrounded by the yellow M/N lots. The Eagles lease the lot for NFL games but for other sporting events/concerts, it operates as an independent lot.

How much is Fan Zone?

Fan Zone, which includes $25 loaded onto your ticket, to spend anywhere in the stadium by having your ticket scanned.