what time does the bucs game start today

what time does the bucs game start today插图

3:05 PM ET
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5) at Green Bay Packers (1) Channel: FOX Start Time:3:05 PM ETThis NFL playoff football game today starts things off at 3:05 PM ET,according to the TV schedule.

How many Super Bowls have Bucs won?

To answer the question from the beginning of the story — the Buccaneers have only won one Super Bowl. That championship came in 2002, as Jon Gruden led the Buccaneers on an incredible run in his first season as head coach there. Tampa Bay went 12-4 that season, as Brad Johnson threw for 3,049 yards, 22 touchdowns, and six interceptions.

Are the Bucs in the playoffs?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers last made the playoffs in 2021, when they lost the Divisional Round. They’ve been in the playoffs a total of 12 times in their 46 seasons. When was the last time the Buccaneers missed the playoffs? The Tampa Bay Buccaneers last missed the playoffs in 2019.

Can the Buccaneers make the playoffs?

The Buccaneers currently have a very strong opportunity to make the 2020 NFL playoffs, and their first-round matchup should be against a familiar foe. The stars are colliding for the Tampa Bay …

Did Tampa Bay Bucs win?

Tom Brady steered the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a comfortable 31-9 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs to extend his record for Super Bowl wins to seven. In his first season after a glittering 20-year spell with the New England Patriots, the evergreen quarterback helped Tampa Bay become the first team to play a Super Bowl in their own stadium.