what is the score of the nfl game today

what is the score of the nfl game today插图

What is the highest score in a football game?

This is a list of the highest-scoring games in the National Football League. The highest-scoring game listed overall was a 1966 game between the Washington Redskins and New York Giants, which scored 113 points in total with a score of72–41. What is the most points scored in an NFL game by one player?

What NFL games are on local TV?

All playoff games, theSuper Bowl, and the Pro Bowlare nationally televised on either Saturday, Sunday or Monday in January and February, and either in the afternoon or in primetime. Scheduling during the NFL preseason is more lenient in that most games usually start based on the local time.

Where can I watch live NFL?

Watch from anywhere across NFL.com, NFL Mobile, and other connected devices. NFL Network 24/7, 365, NFL Network has got you covered with football’s best shows, exclusive live games, and all the …

What are the ways to score in NFL?

Ways of ScoringTouchdownField GoalTwo-point ConversionExtra PointSafety