what is the longest video game

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What is the longest video game in your opinion?

Divinity Original Sin II is easily one of the longest video games out there. Its a DD-inspired WRPG that gives you so much freedom to create your own personalized character, and allows you to approach quests with a lot of latitude and creativity. Divinity: Original Sin II’s campaign is lengthy enough clocking in at around 50 hours.

Which game takes the longest to beat?

20 Open-World Games That Take The Longest To Beat. 1 20 Horizon Zero Dawn (60+ Hours) 2 19 Cyberpunk 2077 (61+ Hours) 3 18 Fallout 3 (62+ Hours) 4 17 Fallout 4 (77+ Hours) 5 16 The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (92+ Hours) More items

What are some of the longest open world games?

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is one of the longest open-world games of all time, clocking in at 162 hours! Its convoluted story faced criticism for its questionable character selection, but ultimately, it’s stealth elements prevented the game from failing.

What is the longest Zelda game?

Plus, BotW may also be one of the longest Zelda games, as many players seem to clock in somewhere around fifty hours before all is said and done. New and innovative while maintaining franchise staples that helped make the early games great, this Zelda title is a blast for the entire 46 hour campaign.

What is the Darkest Dungeon?

Darkest Dungeon is a tough-as-nails horror-fantasy RPG which is known for its unique, totally creepy Lovecraftian aesthetic. Players starting up a new campaign will find themselves faced with the totally overwhelming prospect of driving out an ancient, unknown eldritch force from the grounds of an ancestor’s old and storied manor. Failure and frustration are guaranteed for all who make it past the tutorial (which you could theoretically fail if you really didn’t know what you were doing), though the few veterans who make it to the final boss will have earned themselves some serious bragging rights. 2015’s indie Kickstarter darling Darkest Dungeon should take, on average, around fifty-odd hours to finish, though individual mileage may vary drastically.

How long is Witcher 3 Wild Hunt?

21 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (63 Hour Average) An adaptation of a polish series of high fantasy novels of the same name, The Witcher series of video games, through spawned of humble origins, has gone on to include some of the most compelling gameplay experiences of the last ten years.

How long does it take to beat JRPG?

JRPG fans had ought to get their money’s worth out of the roughly 48 hours it takes the average person to beat the main storyline, and those looking to get in on the interstellar fun can pick up last year’s remaster on the PlayStation Store and Steam.

How long is Morrowind?

Morrowind may not be the most memorable entry into Bethesda’s hit high fantasy series, but, demanding slightly under fifty hours of total playtime on average to reach the end credits, it certainly deserves a place in the hearts of fans of the land of Tamriel.

How long is Heroes of Might and Magic 3?

Players can spend dozens of hours enacting fabulous campaigns of conquest and resource acquisition, all set against a backdrop of surreal high-fantasy. An average playthrough seems to take upwards of sixty hours, though this is definitely the sort of niche title which inclined players may find themselves continuing long after their first campaign comes to an end.

What is Heroes 3?

Players of Heroes III are given control over a set of titular heroes who act as generals in a campaign to accomplish one of several predetermined goals. Players can spend dozens of hours enacting fabulous campaigns of conquest and resource acquisition, all set against a backdrop of surreal high-fantasy.

Is Xenoblade Chronicles X open world?

A successor to the fantastic yet relatively overlooked Wii exclusive Xenoblade Chronicles, 2015 ’s open-world sci-fi JRPG Xenoblade Chronicles X was an evolution for the series in every sense of the world. Jaw-dropping in terms of both size and graphical fidelity on Nintendo’s comparatively under-powered Wii U console, X invites players to hop into a mech suit and explore the desolate and often inhospitable landscape surrounding New Los Angeles. A fanciful and decidedly Japanese take on space colonization, the title’s weird and wonderful world, though entirely detached from prior franchise titles, should keep players engaged for quite a long time.

How long is Xenoblade Chronicles X?

The main story will run you long enough, but there is so much extra content for completionists that you can easily spend over 150 to 200 hours in Xenoblade Chronicles X if you wanted to.

How long is Binding of Isaac?

Don’t let The Binding of Isaac’s indie status fool you. It’s a gargantuan game to take on, especially when you factor in all of its DLCs and updates. Undertaking the main story alone will run you roughly 50 hours, and that’s if you’re good at twin-stick shooters. If you’re not, you can expect to tack on another 30 hours thanks to how much you’ll be dying. If you’re aiming for a completionist’s run though – meaning you’re aiming to get every character, item and secret ending – then that playtime will grow to upwards of 230 hours.

How long is Persona 5 Royal?

It can easily clock in at 100 hours+ just for a normal run-through. If you spend completing side objectives though, it can even approach 200 hours, certainly making it one of the longest video games around. Persona 5 Royal. Longest Video Games of All Time.

What is the longest game in Bioware?

According to most people, Dragon Age: Inquisition is the longest of the modern Bioware games. Like some of the other WRPGs on this list, the main story isn’t actually all that long, but most people are definitely playing a lot of side content, and that pushes DA:I into the 80+ hour range. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

How long is the Red Dead Redemption 2 story?

There are bounties to track down, hidden treasures to find, strangers to interact with and secrets aplenty to uncover. To even take a passing glance via the main story could run you over 100 hours, with a completionist’s run doubling or even tripling that time frame, depending on your skill level.

How long does it take to complete Phantom Pain?

As such, completing everything the game has to offer takes a fair bit of time, with current estimates sitting around 162 hours.

How long is Breath of the Wild?

An average playthrough focused on the main story will typically clock in at 100 hours, but if you’re doing everything you possibly can, then that total will be closer to 187 hours.

How long does it take to complete Don’t Starve?

The objective of the game is not to starve. An abundance of content gives Don’t Starve tremendous replay value. On average, it takes players 128 hours to complete Don’t Starve.

What is the setting of Don’t Starve?

The seemingly endless wilderness of Don’t Starve is the ideal setting for its open-world. In Don’t Starve, players have to survive in a dangerous wilderness inhabited by strange creatures such as giant monsters consisting of Dragonflies, Treeguards, Deerclops, and Reanimated Skeletons.

What is the Sea of Thieves?

Sea of Thieves is a blast with friends. Form a pirate crew and sail the high seas looking for treasure while fighting off skeletons and all sorts of mythical creatures. Sea of Thieves ‘ open-world is large and quite gorgeous, and it tries to avoid directing people down a linear path as much as possible.

How long is the wandering warrior series?

Prepare to die… a lot. With an impressive total of over 105 hours, there are more than a thousand ways for a wandering warrior to get absolutely wrecked in this infamous series.

How long is the game Planets?

With over 93 hours of gameplay, surely it deserves a second chance.

What is Horizon Zero Dawn’s greatest strength?

It goes without saying that Horizon Zero Dawn ‘s greatest strength is its world. In a genre where that element needs to be big, bright, and beautiful, this game undoubtedly succeeds.

How long is Horizon Zero Dawn?

15 Horizon Zero Dawn (60+ Hours) Although the game has only 60 hours under its belt, according to howlongtobeat.com, Horizon Zero Dawn is one of those games with a world that players can absolutely lose themselves in forever if they wished.

How long does it take to beat Disciples 2?

Completing them all, however, is by no means an easy feat. In fact, it takes players, on average, 120 hours to beat the full game.

How long is the Kerbal Space Program?

Praised by many for its realism, completing the game’s 117-hour main story will likely lead to players becoming experts in theoretical space travel.

How long does Wizardry 8 take to complete?

Due to the sheer scale of the game and its well fleshed out story, Wizardry 8 will take players over 90 hours to complete, making it far longer than the average PC game.

How long is Snowrunner?

6 SnowRunner (90 Hours) For those who prefer RPGs or first persons shooters, SnowRunner may not seem too appealing at first glance. Beneath the somewhat asinine premise, however, lies a game full of harsh open-world environments that can be as challenging to traverse as they are beautiful.

What is a simulator game?

Simulator games place players in real-world situations where they must tackle real-world problems. Farming Simulator 19 is a prime example of a simulator done right. It contains an abundance of content and farm-related tasks that can keep players busy for hours at a time.

How long does it take to complete a mech game?

It’s for this reason that so much time tends to be spent playing the game, with the average time taken to complete the main story currently standing at 88 hours.

What is the Tropico 4?

Tropico 4 is a simulation and strategy game that revolves around managing a city and manipulating its inhabitants through fear. It’s not too dissimilar to games like Sim City and Cities: Skylines, although differs greatly in that players exist as an influential dictator, rather than some faceless mayor.

What was the first Xeno game?

The Xeno series initially started as a SquareSoft series, but later was developed by Monolith Soft. The first game of the series was Xenogears, released in 1998, but Xenoblade Chronicles, released in 2010, was the game that became a massive hit with players. A few generations later, Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition released for the Nintendo Switch. A pattern seen in the Xeno series is complex stories. Expect to spend a beefy 50.5 hours trying to beat Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition without doing the extras or playing at a gingerly pace.

How long does Megami Tensi take to beat?

The "Megami Tensi" name refers to games of the same name and sub-series like Persona. A recurring theme is that the games are long to beat, spanning over 100 hours in some cases. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 will take players around 121 hours, while Persona 5 Royal will take players 143 hours!

How long is Final Fantasy?

There are two examples of games spanning over 200 hours ( Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius and Mobius Final Fantasy ). However, the majority of the series’ installments are around 40-50 hours, not including extras. Doing a completionist run, players can find over 100 hours of content, on average.

What is the story of Link?

This series is one of gaming’s most popular and lengthy. The story is about a boy named Link and his quest to save Princess Zelda from the malevolent Ganon.

How long is Dragon Quest?

Dragon Warrior VII, the series’ longest game, has an average completionist playtime of 260 hours. We see consistently lengthy games in the Dragon Quest series.

How long does it take to beat Breath of the Wild?

To beat the game entirely, it will take players approximately 186 hours! This series is one of gaming’s most popular and lengthy.

What is the story of harvest moon?

The Harvest Moon series was renamed Story of Seasons in 2014. Comprised of the Story of Seasons and Harvest Moon games, it has exceptionally lengthy stories. The premise involves starting with a dilapidated farm and turning it into a profitable one. Harvest Moon is one of the earliest and most prominent farming simulation games.