what is the best selling video game of all time

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What game has the most sales?

Rank Title Sales Series Publisher (s) 1 Minecraft 238,000,000 Minecraft Xbox Game Studios 2 Grand Theft Auto V 160,000,000 Grand Theft Auto Rockstar Games 3 Tetris (EA) 100,000,000 Tetris Electronic Arts 4 Wii Sports 82,900,000 Wii Nintendo 10 more rows …

What is the highest grossing video game of all time?

This is a list of video games that have sold the highest number of software units worldwide. The best-selling video game to date isMinecraft, a sandbox game released by Mojang in May 2009 for a wide range of PC, mobile and console platforms, selling more than 238 million copies across all platforms.

What are the most popular video games?

Rank Title Sales Series Platform (s) 1 Minecraft 238,000,000 Minecraft Multi-platform 2 Grand Theft Auto V 165,000,000 Grand Theft Auto Multi-platform 3 Tetris (EA) 100,000,000 Tetris Multi-platform 4 Wii Sports 82,900,000 Wii Wii 15 more rows …

What is the best video game ever?

The best 30+video games of all time, ranked (32 Photos) 1. Super Mario 64. Ever wonder which was THE best video game ever? Well, pal, do I have good news for you! 2. Breath of the Wild. 3. The Last of Us. 4: Portal 2. 5: Super Metroid. 6. Sonic the Hedgehog 2. 7. Final Fantasy 7. 8. Chrono Trigger. 9. Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green. 10. Shadow of the Colossus. 11. Minecraft. 15. Dark Souls. 16. Half-Life 2. 18. Halo 3. 20. Metroid Prime. 22. Silent Hill 2. 30. Fallout 3. More …

How many copies of Tetris have been sold?

The Nintendo version of the game was released on June 14, 1989, and has sold more than 43 million copies worldwide. It is important to note that this number does not include any of these old gray hand-held consoles that many of us had back in the days so Tetris actually reached a lot more people.

How many copies of Super Mario Bros. were sold?

game will not do justice to how influential this franchise is. Released on Sept. 13, 1985, the game sold more than 58 million copies, which makes Mario and Luigi the most popular plumbers in the entire world.

When was Tetris released?

The Electronic Arts version of Tetris was released on Sept. 12, 2006, for mobile devices. It sold 100 million copies, thanks to its accessibility and familiarity. Also, it’s Tetris – one of the best video games of all time – on the go. It’s a hard proposition to turn down.

When did Pubg come out?

Dec. 20, 2017 , marks the day when PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (also known as PUBG) launched on PC. The battle royale genre was a thing even before that, but PUBG was the reason it exploded in popularity. Seemingly bored of the saturated arena shooter genre, it felt like everyone had taken to this slower-paced, more methodical shooter where every match feels different from the last.

When was Mario Kart 8 released?

Our eighth place in this list is dedicated to the eighth entry in the Mario Kart series. This installment of the party racer was released on May 29, 2014, and sold 45.53 million copies. The unmatched fun gives the game ridiculously wide appeal, and the simplicity of the controls helps it along even more. Anyway, who doesn’t like tossing banana peels all over the track?

When was the first video game invented?

Computers were created to help humanity in calculations and other complex operations. In 1958, however, the first-ever video game was created. This unknowingly started a new phenomenon that would soon cover the entire globe. These days, we have all kinds of different titles and genres. Do you like sports games? Or maybe sim-type games? Or even real-time strategies. There’s a video game for everyone, even if they don’t realize it.

Who wrote the letter to the GLHF?

Written by Stoyan Trayanov on behalf of GLHF.

What is VGChartz data?

VGChartz collects data on shipments and sales as it is made available by developers and publishers. In our analysis, we treated shipment and sales data interchangeably. VGChartz data mostly consists of physical sales and may not account for digital sales, which have become a much greater share of the video game market in recent years. Data on release dates and publishers also came from VGChartz. Primary console refers to the console for which the most versions of the game in question have been sold.

What is the trend in the video game industry?

A noticeable trend in the video game industry is the release of sequels. Nearly all the games on this list are franchises that have been around for decades. Remakes and sequels are a very popular trend in the film industry these days as well.

What is the most popular game on a single platform?

The best-selling game on a single platform is Wii Sports, with about 83 million copies sold for the Wii console.

When was Minecraft released?

Its publisher is Mojang. The game was released in North America on November 18, 2011. Minecraft is a single-player or multiplayer sandbox video game. Players start out with an infinite terrain, which they explore for resources.

Does VGChartz have digital sales?

VGChartz data mostly consists of physical sales and may not account for digital sales, which have become a much greater share of the video game market in recent years. Data on release dates and publishers also came from VGChartz.

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Microsoft and partners may be compensated if you purchase something through recommended links in this article.

Our first refresh since 2019 features some big changes

IGN’s Top 100 games list encompasses the best of the best throughout history, spanning generations of consoles, PCs, handhelds, and more. Our list last saw a major update back in 2019, and since then, there have been several games released that deserved to be added.

100. Borderlands 2

The original Borderlands captured the attention of gamers, seemingly from out of nowhere, and its sequel took everything that made the original great and expanded on it. From its seamless continuation of the Borderlands vault hunting lore, to its unmatched writing, Borderlands 2 remains the high point in the Borderlands franchise.

99. Divinity: Original Sin 2

When I was famished for Dungeons and Dragons, Divinity: Original Sin 2 filled that void for me. I’ve since recommended it to all of my real-life D&D parties, and they’ve all come back with the same opinion: This is the best D&D experience you can get from a video game. The built-in story is decidedly plenty and nearly infinitely replayable.

98. Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII is a landmark JRPG for a variety of reasons, but many of its achievements have now been lost to the winds of time and technological progress.

97. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

There are plenty of entries in the Assassin’s Creed franchise that could find their way onto a Top 100 list, but for our dubloons, Black Flag was as much fun as we’ve had in the franchise. AC4 is an exceptional blend of both the massive open-world exploration and the stealth-focused mission structure that gave the series its roots.

96. Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge

When Monkey Island 2 came out, we knew who Guybrush Threepwood was, so we knew what to expect. Or so we thought.

95. Burnout 3: Takedown

Burnout 3: Takedown is an undeniable classic. Its predecessor, Point of Impact, had fine-tuned the balance of high-speed racing and vehicular destruction, but Takedown perfected it. This was one of those games you could easily lose hours playing, either alone or with friends.

How many million is Mario Kart Wii?

9. Mario Kart Wii — 37.2 million. Part of the successful Mario Kart franchise, Mario Kart Wii is the second-best-selling video game on the Nintendo Wii of all time. It’s also the most commercially successful title in the franchise.

What platform is Pokemon RGBY on?

Platform: Nintendo. One of the most iconic video games of all time, the Pokemon RGBY games, as they have been affectionately called by fans of the franchise, lands its way on the no. 7 spot on our list with 47.5 million units sold. The Pokemon RGBY games initially released as just Red and Green in Japan.

How many Wii Fit Plus units were sold?

Nevertheless, they make their way on our list with a combined total of 43.8 million units sold. Both games feature a variety of exercises and stretches.

How many million has GTA V sold?

GTA V has sold so well that it became just the third video game ever to break the 100 million mark. But that’s not all. What’s even more amazing about GTA V is it is considered the most-profitable entertainment release in history, not just in video games.

What war defined the 90s?

From the Sega vs Nintendo war that defined the 90’s to the subsequent generational console wars in the years and decades after, numbers and sales figures have always played a crucial part of how the video game industry, as a whole, has developed.

What is Tetris puzzle?

For those who are young / or somehow have not heard of Tetris, it is a tile-matching puzzle game.

When was Wii Sports Resort released?

Released in June 25, 2009, Wii Sports Resort is a sequel to the widely successful Wii Sports that the Nintendo Wii originally came with when it first released back in 2006.

How many sales does Minecraft have?

Minecraft takes the top spot, making it the highest-selling game worldwide. With a current sales figure of 200 million, it is way above any game challenging the value just yet.

When will Red Dead Redemption 2 be released?

Red Dead Redemption 2 is the latest released game in this list (October 2018). It can be suggested that this has been an extremely successful game, and may continue to rise and possibly push into a top 10 spot in the near future.

Is Tetris available on mobile?

Meanwhile, there is what could be seen as a surprising spot for Tetris at third , which is only available on mobile. Hitting the 100 million sales figure for a classic game shows the success of EA bringing it to mobile phones.

Is FIFA 18 in the top 50?

What may surprise gamers is that there is only one FIFA game listed in the top 50 – FIFA 18 placed at number 32. This could change in the future as there is a new instalment in the series every year, so EA will be looking to sell more consistently to fans of football.

Is The Last of Us on PS4?

The Last of Us is a success for Sony, being exclusive to their PS4 console. The sequel released in June of this year has the potential to make its way to the 50 highest selling games in the future.

46. Persona 4 Golden

Set in the rural town of Inaba, Japan, Persona 4 Golden explores a coming of age story of a group of high school students who find themselves investigating a series of murders.

45. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

In a series with a multitude of games, rereleases, and ports, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night stands out as a major milestone for the spooky series. Inspired by The Legend of Zelda, the developers leaned into explorations and RPG elements the series had only flirted with in the past.

42. Destiny 2

Released four years ago, Destiny 2 is still delivering new chapters of space fantasy adventures and arguments over the best loot. It just got a new Darkness power with the Beyond Light expansion, and fans already anticipating the next big content injection – The Witch Queen – due early next year.

38. Bloodborne

FromSoftware’s first pivot away from its Souls series, Bloodborne gave us yet more action-RPG fare, this time with a Lovecraftian twist.

37. Inside

After its debut venture Limbo – a gorgeous monochromatic puzzle game – was received well by players and critics alike in 2010, Playdead’s follow-up, Inside, arrived six years later with a level of expectation not normally levied at independent studios.

36. Shadow of the Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus is one of those rare games that transcends the usual confines of the medium, so much so that it should probably be on show in museums as a masterpiece.

35. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Want to see a fight? Trap 30 Zelda fans in a room and ask them to decide what the best of the lot is. While a 3D Zelda game ultimately made it higher up in these rankings, A Link to the Past deserves its place in the hall of fame too.

1. Minecraft

This game was created in the early 2000s but first became available in 2009, before receiving its final version in 2011. Even in 2021, it had 140 million active users each week.

2. World of Warcraft

From 2004 until today, this game offers so much interesting content for its players, which explains how it managed to stay so long in the market. Many gamers do not even remember 2001 when WoW was announced as something that would open a whole new dimension in the strategy MMORPG games.

3. Grand Theft Auto

GTA is another game that is revolutionary for most fans of this type of entertainment. It is a franchise with several parts, and each of them has a different concept of playing. But the goal is similar, the fight against crime.

4. Call of Duty

And this is quite an old but still current game. The adventure began in 2003, focusing on fictional events related to World War II. The inspiration from the real wars continued for the next spin-offs of COD, and the game is still attractive to players. In fact, Call of Duty: Vanguard was released in November 2021.

5. Destiny

Destiny is another game that attracts and keeps the attention of players around the world. The task of the players is to protect their city from various alien races, to explore, travel, and destroy. They should save the human race from extinction.

6. Halo

Military fiction, which comes in the original trilogy, sold over 81 million copies worldwide, grossing $ 3.4 billion. Halo, as a franchise, is one of the fastest-growing in the world and has already spread to other media, such as novels, books, comics, and animated films. All such content is under the original license.


Apart from the players, the games have a huge impact on the whole culture associated with them. Tournaments and championships are already being organized around the world, where teams are representing themselves and trying to use their skills to win.

What console did Sega lose?

The PlayStation destroyed the SEGA Saturn, and its successor, the PS2, completely annihilated SEGA’s attempt at a rebirth with the Dreamcast, causing the company to exit the console world forever. It was graphically superior to any console that came before it and even included a built-in DVD player.

What was the role of Halo on Xbox 360?

Microsoft recognized Halo ‘s important role in making the original Xbox a success and had Bungie get to work on a whole lineup of Halo titles for their new console, including Halo 3, 4, Reach, and ODST , all of which sold millions of copies and helped turn the 360 into a success.

What was Sony’s first console?

SONY’s first foray into the console world ended up changing gaming forever. Compared to other systems of the time, like the SEGA Saturn and N64, the PlayStation was a high-powered console that seemed to release hit game after hit game.

What helped the 360?

However, one of the biggest things that helped the 360 was the release of the Kinect motion sensor halfway through the console’s decade-long life. Not only did Kinect Adventures! become the console’s bestselling title, but for a brief period, the Kinect became a cultural phenomenon, even serving a prominent role in Paranormal Activity 4.

How many units are there in the 8 Nintendo Entertainment System?

8 Nintendo Entertainment System – 61.91 Million Units. While the SNES was a massive hit, competition from the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive ended up limiting sales numbers compared to its predecessor, the Nintendo Entertainment System (often referred to as the NES, or the Famicom in Japan).

How many units are there in the 9 Super Nintendo?

9 Super Nintendo – 49.1 Million Units. Nintendo almost singlehandedly rebooted the American gaming market in the ’80s with the Nintendo Entertainment System. Naturally, after reigniting the industry, Nintendo began seeing competition from companies like SEGA.

How long has video gaming been around?

Since the era of home video gaming emerged around 50 years ago , some consoles have gone on to sell hundreds of millions of systems worldwide.