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What is the rating for squid game?

Warning: “Squid Game” is rated TV-MA and contains graphic violence, sexual content and mature themes. By now you’ve likely heard of “Squid Game,” the new Netflix show in which contestants compete in childhood games in order to score a big cash prize.

What age is ‘squid game’ appropriate for?

What age is ‘Squid Game’ appropriate for? The age rating for Squid Game on Netflix is TV-MA, which means for mature audiences only. According to TV Guidelines, TV-MA indicates this program is specifically designed to be viewed by adults and therefore may be unsuitable for children under 17.

Is squid game too violent to watch?

If you’re a bit squeamish and tend to shy away from violent TV shows, then perhaps Squid Game isn’t for you. The hit Netflix show is rated 15 in the UK and contains a fair amount of blood since the tournament’s contestants are immediately killed once they lose one of the children’s games they are forced to take part in.

What is squid game on Netflix?

Squid Game is a K-drama TV series on Netflix which is the brainchild of South Korean film director Hwang Dong-hyuk. The thrilling series sees some 456 cash-strapped individuals on the brink of financial ruin accept a strange invitation to compete in a tournament to win a huge cash bailout.

Is it any good?

In Squid Game, the play between the clownish, down-on-his-luck main character, Gi-hun, and the cold killer behind the game he’s lured into creates an intriguing tension. The characters are nicely developed, and the production value of the series is extremely sleek. The human element lends depth.

How old is Gi-hun in Squid Game?

In SQUID GAME, 47-year-old Gi-hun lives with his mother and sometimes works as a chauffeur. After stealing his mother’s debit card, withdrawing her savings, and taking it to a gambling den, he’s hunted down by debt collectors who threaten to take his kidney and his eye if he doesn’t come up with the money he owes within a month. His 10-year-old daughter is living with a wealthy stepfather, who may be moving far away, and things look pretty bleak. Then a mysterious stranger with a briefcase approaches Gi-hun in a subway station, enticing him to play a child’s game for serious money. When he loses, he is slapped. When he wins, he makes good money. The stranger gives him a card, inviting him to join a bigger game for really good money. Will Gi-hun call? Will his life be the same if he does?

What can families talk about in Squid Game?

Families can talk about intense violence as seen in Squid Game. A character enjoys seeing people in pain. How does seeing violence like that influence how you think of human nature?

What are the themes of Korean culture?

Money and greed, gambling, and hustling are themes here. Certain Korean brands are seen but not focused upon.

How to be a good friend?

Be loyal to your friends . Honesty pays off. Respect your family. Help others even if it puts you at risk.

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What age is ‘Squid Game’ appropriate for?

The age rating for "Squid Game" on Netflix is TV-MA, which means for mature audiences only .

Can a 12-year-old watch ‘Squid Game’?

"I think the kids starting to watch it are the 9- to 10-year-olds," Laura Linn Knight, a parenting educator and former elementary school teacher, told TODAY Parents. "I still think for that age range it’s not appropriate."

Why is ‘Squid Game’ inappropriate for kids?

Knight said that because our brains are not fully developed until age 25, allowing graphic violence, such as that shown in the Netflix series, can feel overwhelming.

What does Knight say about parents?

Knight said it can be beneficial for parents to sit down with their kids and include them in the conversation.

Is the squid game scary?

Knight told TODAY the element of horror added to a child’s everyday activity makes "Squid Game" especially scary for kids.

Does mom of two approach work with other topics?

The mom of two and educator noted that this approach can work with other topics as well .

1. Red Light, Green Light

Hoping to win easy money, a broke and desperate Gi-hun agrees to take part in an enigmatic game. Not long into the first round, unforeseen horrors unfold.

2. Hell

Split on whether to continue or quit, the group holds a vote. But their realities in the outside world may prove to be just as unforgiving as the game.

3. The Man with the Umbrella

A few players enter the next round — which promises equal doses of sweet and deadly — with hidden advantages. Meanwhile, Jun-ho sneaks his way inside.

4. Stick to the Team

As alliances form among the players, no one is safe in the dorm after lights-out. The third game challenges Gi-hun’s team to think strategically.

5. A Fair World

Gi-hun and his team take turns keeping guard through the night. The masked men encounter trouble with their co-conspirators.

6. Gganbu

Players pair off for the fourth game. Gi-hun grapples with a moral dilemma, Sang-woo chooses self-preservation and Sae-byeok shares her untold story.


The Masked Leader welcomes VIP guests to the facility for a front-row viewing of the show. In the fifth game, some players crack under pressure.

Is Squid Game scary?

For those less concerned with violence and more terrified of the classic jump scare, you’ll be pleased to know that Squid Game isn’t frightening in that sense.

What is the 15 rating?

Unlike the 12a rating which allows younger viewers provided they are with a parent or other guardian, the 15 rating states that the material is “suitable only for 15 years and over” with no concession for accompanying adults.

Is Squid Game on Netflix?

Squid Game is currently streaming on Netflix. Looking for something else to watch? Check out our guide to the best TV series on Netflix and best movies on Netflix, or visit our TV Guide

Is Squid Game violent?

The series has drawn many comparisons to similar fight-to-the-death films such as The Hunger Games, however Squid Game is far more violent and adult-focused than the popular Jennifer Lawrence films.

What is the ‘Squid Game’ message?

Clearly, the show wants you to see its message that capitalism and debt can lead to major problems. One of the characters is a graduate student buried in debt. Another is trying to salvage enough money to rescue her brother. There are so many people buried under debt.

What is the squid game?

By now you’ve likely heard of “Squid Game,” the new Netflix show in which contestants compete in childhood games in order to score a big cash prize. The show has become a viral sensation, as Netflix shows often do, with memes, viral TikToks and so much social media discussion that it’s hard to ignore.

What are the problems in the Hunger Games?

Viewers can witness the problems associated with debt from the first episode. You can see the problems of gambling, betting, stealing and murder. After the first and second episodes, which show the lives of the characters and the problems they face, you’re left with nothing but a dark competition show where people die. You might as well watch “The Hunger Games” for the same messages.

Is there a squid game on Roblox?

That means people of all ages are seeing this show. For example, Roblox, a video game often played by children, has a number of “Squid Game” knockoffs, according to Polygon. Specifically, there are knockoffs for games such as “ Squid Game ” (a unique game included in the show) and “ Red Light Green Light” (that old-school game you’ll probably remember, which is also featured in “Squid Game”).

Who is the main character in Squid Games?

The main character of the series is Seong Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae), a chauffeur who is addicted to gambling and will do anything to survive. The opening episode shows his gambling on full display, which leads him into serious trouble. So begins his journey into the Squid Games.

Who made the Battle Royale?

Creator Hwang Dong-hyuk said he came up with the idea after reading manga and manhwa (which are Japanese and Korean comics, respectively) with themes like those you see in “Battle Royale ,” according to Variety.

Can you add videos to your watch history?

Videos you watch may be added to the TV’s watch history and influence TV recommendations. To avoid this, cancel and sign in to YouTube on your computer.