what games are on thanksgiving

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Guess Who is Thankful. As guests arrive,have them each write down on a piece of paper what they are thankful for,then have them fold up the note and place in a basket. …Toss and Tell. Participants sit in a circle. …For Thanksgiving Dinner I Had. This fun memory game might have your guests all tongue-tied! …

What football teams are playing on Thanksgiving?

Bears at Lions.Raiders at Cowboys.Bills at Saints.

Are there any NFL games on Thanksgiving?

Since 2006, the NFL has scheduledthree gameson Thanksgiving. The Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys have long been the traditional hosts of the afternoon games on Thanksgiving before the league added a primetime matchup 15 years ago.

How many people watch football on Thanksgiving?

The league announced today that the three Thanksgiving games (Bears-Lions, Raiders-Cowboys and Bills-Saints) averaged 29.7 million viewers, which was the highest average viewership for …

Who play football on Thanksgiving?

The Dallas Cowboys have played on Thanksgiving since their inception in 1960. They have played against the Detroit Lions, Washington Redskins, New York Giants, and Philadelphia Eagles. Why do the Cowboys wear white at home? The Cowboys, along with the New York Giants, are the only two teams in the NFL to wear white at home.

What to do with clothespins for Thanksgiving?

A game of tag is almost a necessity for a Thanksgiving get-together, and these DIY turkey tag clothespins make it even more fun. Let the kids paint and decorate the clothespins to look like tur keys. Attach them to the back of their shirts, and they’re all ready for a fun game of tag.

What is a turkey hunt?

Turkey Hunt by Bloom Designs is an active Thanksgiving game that works a little bit like a scavenger hunt. Guests will race around the yard or house to find the numbered turkeys. The first one who finds all 12 of the turkeys is the winner.

What words are used in the Pictionary game?

Pictionary is a fun game for kids and adults of all ages, and this one is made into a Thanksgiving game by using words like "turkey," "leaf," "autumn," and "scarecrow."

How many rounds are there in scattergories?

How about a game of Scattergories after dinner? This one is even Thanksgiving-themed! There are 9 rounds here which is perfect for a fun but fairly quick game with the family. The free printable game includes topic cards and player sheets. You’ll need to have an alphabet die and a timer.

What is the game of Thanksgiving?

Kids love to take pictures, and in this Thanksgiving game, they get to be in charge of the camera. The kids will be giving clues about their relatives and then take pictures of the person who matches the clue. It’s a great way to get the kids mingling, and you’ll have the photos to keep forever. There are also some options to make this game even more challenging for older kids.

What is turkey waddle?

Turkey Waddle is a fun and silly Thanksgiving game that will get the family out and move. In this is a relay race , you use balloons between your legs and try to get to the finish line first. It’s sure to generate some laughs both kids and adults will love it.

Is Thanksgiving trivia a multiple choice game?

It’s a multiple-choice trivia game all about Thanksgiving, and it even shows you a cute option for how to attach a pencil to the trivia cards.

How many players can play Thanksgiving bingo?

Kids will love this bingo set with familiar Thanksgiving motifs like fall leaves, pie, and turkey. It works well for a large group, too, with enough cards for 24 players.

What to use to knock over turkeys?

Use mini pumpkins to knock over as many turkeys as you can!

How to make a paper plate?

To make, segment the center of a paper plate into six sections; write prompts in each. Cut a smaller round from colorful craft paper; remove one “slice” for category window. Attach wheel to plate with a gold brad. Attach jute rope to rim with hot-glue. Add stenciled letters.

What game is more classic than football on Thanksgiving?

The only game more classic than football on Thanksgiving, might be the sack race . Standard rules apply, but you can invest in some Thanksgiving-themed sacks on Amazon to make it more festive!

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Can kids play outside while stuffing a turkey?

While you’re stuffing the turkey inside , the kids can play this fun game outside.

How many different Thanksgiving turkeys are there?

There are six different styles of Thanksgiving turkeys and 5 sheets in each set, not to mention these vinyl stickers can be used multiple times!

What is the funniest Thanksgiving game?

Probably the funniest of the Thanksgiving games on this list is Family Faux Pas, a drinking game that’s based on the fact that families are weird and awkward situations are bound to happen.

What do you need to make a bottle for a baby shower?

You’re going to need pom poms, a pair of tongs, and a plastic bottle with a neck just big enough to place the pom poms inside. With the kids helping, decorate the bottle with googly eyes, feathers, and a beak and wattle cut from construction paper.

What is a storyteller in Time is Ticking?

Time is ticking and it’s all about creating something funny in a crunch.

What is the aim of the paper turkey game?

This game is so much fun, and so is making the props for it! That’s right, with this game you’ll be making your own paper turkey, and the aim of the game is to stuff it .

What colors do you paint popsicle sticks in?

Paint popsicle sticks in all different colors. I like to use reds, oranges, and yellows to represent the beautiful fall colors.

What are some examples of thankfulness?

Some examples are family & pizza, a job & puppy kisses, the kids & alarm clocks.

Rip It Off

Why not begin the evening with something kids enjoy doing? Yes, we’re talking about tearing papers. The aim of this game is to tear a sheet of construction paper into the shape of a turkey.

The Mayflower

To play this game, you must fill a large storage container with water. Give each person a small cork with a fake flower stuck into it and instruct them to place it on one end of the storage container.

Color the Table

This is the best game to keep your children entertained while you finish preparing dinner. To keep the kids occupied while the food is being served, either print out a large coloring page and spread it on the dinner table.

Roll with Pumpkin

This one gets everyone moving and may help burn off some of the extra calories from the big meal. You’ll need two large pumpkins, plus a couple of spares in case one breaks. As pumpkins aren’t smooth balls, they don’t roll in a straight line. They tend to roll all over the place, so plenty of room is required for this game.

Game of Spin-the-Pie

Allow guests to spin to reveal six slices of life, such as Family, Friends, and Travel, each of which is intended to evoke a memory for which they are grateful.

Toss a Feather

Attach a weight to the end of a feather with tape. To provide stability to the feather, use a flat, blunt nail as the weight. Mark the floor with a marker and place a basket a few feet away.

Tag Turkey

A game of tag is almost a must-have for a Thanksgiving gathering, and these DIY turkey tag clothespins make it even more enjoyable.

How many days of gratitude are there?

The 12 Days of Gratitude – With one for each of the 12 days leading up to Thanksgiving, these cards provide a simple activity that is great for teaching thankfulness.

What is an engineer print tablecloth?

Engineer Print Tablecloth to Color – Engineer prints are a super inexpensive way to create a DIY giant coloring sheet for the little kid’s table.

How to play Don’t Topple the Teepee?

Don’t Topple the Teepee – Play this game by taking a bundle of sticks and placing them inside the loop. Then take turns carefully pulling out one stick at a time. The first one who crashes the teepee loses!

How to play Left Right Game?

The Left-Right Game – Start by selecting a prize (or prizes) to pass around a circle. As you read the story, you will pass the prize to the left or right every time you hear that word.

What is a flying turkey?

Flying Turkey – Flying Turkey is a little twist on the shooting turkey idea that uses paper cups instead of balloons.