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  • Is what do you meme a good game to play?

  • If you are the sort of person who loves throwing parties, chances are that you are going to enjoy this game quite a bit. What Do You Meme is a card game that allows you to compete with people by creating the funniest meme possible. Essentially, how it works is that you have a set of picture cards as well as a set of caption cards.

  • How do you make the funniest meme?

  • The rules are simple. Compete to create the funniest meme by pairing Caption Cards with the Photo Card in play. A rotating judge picks the best combination each round. Play until you’re hungry, at which point stop playing and order a pizza. What Do You Meme? Core Game Warning: NOT intended for children.

  • Why did we choose what do you Meme- Family Edition?

  • We chose this game bc it seemed like a more affordable version of a similar, family friendly game. What Do You Meme- Family Edition comes with entirely family friendly picture cards. Some are of people and some of animals. However, a large number of the meme/ phrase cards use bathroom humor or other childish, unrefined words.

  • How do you make a meme in monopoly?

  • The gist is that every round, one player will be the judge, the judge will select a random image, face down from the deck and showcase it to the rest of the players. The other players will then use their 鈥渢ext鈥?cards in their hands to decide which text would best go along with the image, to create the ultimate meme.