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What are the most popular games on Roblox?

Here’s a list of the top Roblox games by player count right now:Adopt Me! – 275,000 playersShinobi Life 2 – 89,000 playersBrookhaven – 78,900 playersTower of Hell – 44,000 playersAnime Fighting Simulator – 39,000 playersRoyale High – 32,450 playersMeepCity – 30,752 playersMurder Myster 2 – 30,218 playersBloxburg – 29,000 playersAll Star Tower Defense – 27,000 playersBubble Gum Simulator – 19,400 playersPiggy – 19,400Arsenal – 16,400Jailbreak – 16,000Imposter – 13,000Build a Boat for Treasure – 12,000Islands – 12,000Gacha Online – 11,300Nursery House – 10,000Bee Swarm Simulator – 10,000Amongst Us – 10,000Blox Fruits – 10,000Ragdoll Engine – 9,700Animal Simulator – 9,600

What is the funniest game on Roblox?

Selecting the most fun games on RobloxSpecter (by Lithium Labs)Starscape (by ZolarKeth)Loomian Legacy (by Llama Train Studio)Survive The Disasters 2 (by VyrissDev)SharkBite (by Abracadabra)Ultimate Driving: Westover Islands (by TwentyTwoPilots)Zombie Stories (by PANDEMIC.)DODGEBALL! (by alexnewtron)Check back for more fun Roblox games

What is the most fun Roblox game?

Most Fun Games to Play on Roblox in 2022 Specter (by Lithium Labs)Starscape (by ZolarKeth)Legends Re:Written (by Scrumptious Studio)Loomian Legacy (by Llama Train Studio)Survive The Disasters 2 (by VyrissDev)SharkBite (by Abracadabra)Ultimate Driving: Westover Islands (by TwentyTwoPilots)Zombie Stories (by PANDEMIC.)More …

What is the scariest game on Roblox?

Long been considered to be one of the scariest Roblox games,Dead Silenceis a creepy and breathtaking experience. Based on the horror film of the same name, Dead Silence puts you in the shoes of an investigator. Your job is to investigate the disappearance of Mary Shaw, a murdered ventriloquist who supposedly haunts the local town.

What is the theme park tycoon 2?

If you remember playing Rollercoaster Tycoon, you’ll feel right at home with Theme Park Tycoon 2. In this amusement park simulator, you build and manage your park, from the rides to the lavatories. Although you start with limited resources, you can add amenities as you attract more visitors.

What is the goal of scuba diving at Quill Lake?

As an underwater treasure hunter, your goal is to survey the bottom of a vast lake and locate hidden relics. As you collect treasure, you can purchase upgrades that allow you to access new areas.

What is the goal of the underwater treasure hunter?

As an underwater treasure hunter, your goal is to survey the bottom of a vast lake and locate hidden relics. As you collect treasure, you can purchase upgrades that allow you to access new areas. Quill Lake has its roots in exploration games like Pitfall, but there are no traps or platforming involved.

What is a Dungeon Quest?

Dungeon Quest is a massively multiplayer online RPG inspired by dungeon crawlers like the Diablo and Gauntlet games. The formula is pretty straightforward: Explore dungeons, collect treasure, upgrade your inventory, then do it all again. However, what distinguishes this MMO is its impressive graphical style.

What is adopt me?

Adopt Me! is a social game where you get to raise cute animals from birth, watch them grow, and even combine them to make mutants. There’s no battling or challenge to speak of; just dress up your pets, show them off, and trade with your friends.

What is the goal of jailbreak?

If you choose the criminal’s path, your objective is to break out of jail and enrich yourself through dishonorable means. If you’re on the side of law enforcement, your job is to keep prisoners in jail and chase down runaways.

Is Roblox fun for adults?

Mobile Gaming. Roblox is known for its free kid -friendly games, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t fun Roblox games for adults, too. To save you time, we tried out dozens of titles to bring you a list of the best Roblox games of 2021. 01. of 10.

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Roblox is one of the biggest games in the world, commanding millions of players. But Roblox isn’t just a game, it’s a game creation tool, a social space, an environment ripe for parody, and much more. Roblox allows users and even small development teams to create and profit from their own games.

Adopt Me!

Adopt Me is a Roblox game originally developed by just two people, now a fully-fledged studio with more than 30 employees. It was created so players could form families with friends, as either parents or children.

Anime Fighters Simulator

This one does exactly what it says on the tin. Anime Fighters Simulator allows you to fight like an anime character. Floating, massive attacks, special effects, and yes, caricatures of your favorite anime characters.

Squid Game

Netflix’s hit Squid Game show has already been parodied and replicated into oblivion, so of course, there is a Roblox version to play through yourself. Squid Game‘s game show formula fits into the format of a Roblox creation perfectly and makes for a good way to experience the show’s tension for yourself. With less threat of death, of course.


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG, became a household name very quickly and defined a wave of battle royale games. So yes, of course you can play PUBG in Roblox. Find the PUBG game type, and you’ll be able to strap yourself with weapons and fight against dozens of other players across a large island map.


After all that shooting in PUBG, you need something to help you relax, right? Brookhaven RP is a role-play game that allows you to relax with friends and other players, settle in at home, chat with others, visit shops, go on dates, you name it. Brookhaven has everything you need for a more relaxed change of pace.

Work at a Pizza Place

Work at a Pizza Place is, as the name implies, supposed to be a game where you work at a pizza place. Let us know if this is too much to take in. You can create pizzas – roll out the dough, spread the sauce, add the cheese, throw it in the oven – you know how this works. You can also man the register and sell those pizzas to customers.

Is Roblox safe?

Roblox games are aimed at families and children, so don’t worry, there are plenty of measures in place to help keep children safe. Roblox are part of the Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI) and the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). All this information is detailed in the Roblox Parent’s Guide.

How do I get a Roblox login?

To get your Roblox login, all you need to do is create a username and password, then add your birthday and gender. And then, after you’ve accepted all the necessary terms and conditions, you’re ready to start your Roblox download. The Roblox download is only a small one, too, at roughly 2MB.

What is the game Work at a Pizza Place?

Work at a Pizza Place is a Roblox game that invites you to join Builder Brothers’ Pizza to live out your understandable dream of a being a cashier, cook, boxer (not that kind), and delivery mule.

What is jailbreak in GTA 5?

Jailbreak. Jailbreak is as close as Roblox games are going to get to the world of GTA 5 RP. You start by picking one of two roles: Police Officer or Criminal. If you pick the latter, you’ll be living out your Michael Schofield dream as you make your escape from Her Majesty’s Pleasure.

What are the threats of airborne?

Airborne threats come in many guises; from dynamite that explodes on a timer to spreading fires. Bombsites then reveal the verticality and destructibility of each environment – explosions leave permanent structural damage that constantly shifts throughout each two-and-a-half minute round. The real thrill of this Roblox game emerges as you scramble to find a new escape route after having just evaded another hazard through the skin of your teeth.

What is hide and seek?

Hide-and-seek is a rite of passage for all schoolchildren. But, where once we risked rain, stinging nettles, and more than our fair share of scraped knees, now we can enjoy the thrill of the finest playground game of them all from our desktop with Hide and Seek Extreme.

How many levels are there in Speed Run 4?

Once you cross the start line, you’re automatically placed in sprint mode and your goal is to, unsurprisingly, race through each of the 31 levels as quickly as possible.

What is the theme park tycoon 2?

Much like the beloved Rollercoaster Tycoon series, Theme Park Tycoon 2 lets you construct and manage an amusement park, setting you on a path towards infinite riches. From adrenaline-pumping thrill rides to relaxing fares of carousels and teacups, customize your park with these attractions, all while spending your profits on sprucing up the place with trees, fences and furniture. While Theme Park Tycoon 2 doesn’t allow you to build the wacky twists, turns and dips of a rollercoaster that Rollercoaster Tycoon is so known for, there is plenty more to hold your attention in this Roblox version.

What is a parkour ninja?

Be a Parkour Ninja. (Image credit: Aurarus) Leap, hack and slash your way to victory in Be a Parkour Ninja, a twitchy, fast-paced title that lets you wield a katana or a great sword against other Roblox players, as you strive to become the last person standing.

How does Tower Defense Simulator work?

Like most tower defense games, the premise of Tower Defense Simulator is straightforward: prevent enemies from encroaching your base by setting up defenses along the path. But in typical Roblox fashion, you can collaborate with other players to stem the tide of enemies. Beginning with two basic units – snipers and scouts – you can purchase more towers as you earn coins from winning rounds across various maps. However, these upgrades are essential as enemies become increasingly stealthy. There is also a versus mode, where players can compete against each other, either solo or in teams.

What is the programming language for Roblox?

Roblox games are developed with a programming language called Lua, one of the easiest scripting languages to pick up.

What to do at Quill Lake?

Some places, however, would require you to upgrade your gear before accessing them; for instance, you’ll have to put on a hazmat suit for traversing through toxic waters, and air tanks to explore underwater caves, since coming up to the surface for air would be challenging.

Can you play Roblox without spending a cent?

It’s worth noting that while Roblox games can be played without spending a single cent, some do feature microtransactions, where you can exchange real money for Robux, a premium currency. These allow players to unlock anything from cosmetic changes, to unique in-game items and power-ups.

Is there much to do in Vibe Station?

Vibe Station. There really isn’t much to do in Vibe Station other than to, well, vibe with other players – and this lack of clearly defined goals distinguishes it from other Roblox games. You’re first transported into an underground train station in a neon-soaked, cyberpunk version of Japan.

14 Robot 64

Robot 64 takes a ton of inspiration from Mario 64 and revolves around a robot helping his master destroy the sun by throwing ice cream at it. It’s best not to think of the logic behind that, but this game does have a dry sense of humour that many players will find endearing.

13 Build A Boat for Treasure

The title says it all, except for the fact that you can build whatever you want. The concept of this game is to build a vehicle and sail it without getting sunk by the obstacles in its path.

12 Ani-Blox Legends

Ani-Blox Legends plays out like a half-realized 3D anime fighter. There are well-known characters from famous series like Naruto, One Piece, and Dragon Ball Z, and each character has unique skills and weapons.

11 Mega Fun Obby

Players seeking a platformer that literally contains thousands of stages look no further – Mega Fun Obby has about 3,000 stages made by Bloxtun.

10 Little World

Little World has one of the coolest concepts of any Roblox game: start off as a small bug and then survive to become a bigger bug. It is a grand survival adventure mixed with arcade action that has you trying to reach the top of the food chain.

9 Escape Granny Obby Parkour

This obstacle course has been visited over 1.7 million times and each server can hold up to 40 players at a time, making it a great game to play with friends. It’s purposefully challenging, but you can also choose to skip platforms if you find them too difficult.

8 Vehicle Legends

Vehicle Legends lets players choose from a large selection of cars and helicopters to drive around in. It allows you to earn money toward upgrades by racing and exploring the map, adding action and adventure into one.

What is the premise of Roblox?

The premise of these games in Roblox is that you jump in an elevator with a chance of getting some in-game currency, but it’s usually something scary (a Slender , a Piggy, some Zombies). It’s played with a bunch of other players.

What is the Mimic game?

Much like Slender, The Mimic is a story-based horror game where you enter an abandoned building (a high school this time around) on the search for clues. The game is currently in its third chapter and is one of the most popular horror games in Roblox this year.

How many players will be playing Roblox 2021?

This is another massively popular Roblox game in 2021, with a constant 10,000 plus playerbase. Like all other games on the platform, there are ways to grind up your character level for buffs and cosmetics.

What is the most popular game in 2021?

There have been countless Slender games in Roblox and their popularity changes day by day. The most popular title in 2021 is Stop It, Slender!, an atmospheric and quite spooky game that involves finding hidden pages before the Slender finds you. Stop It, Slender! has all the makings of a horror game: a flickering flashlight, a ruined, …

How many floors are there in Scary Elevator 2?

Recent updates bring the number of floors up to a whopping 44 , which means there is loads to see and do by the time you get to the bottom. You could also check out Scary Elevator 2.

What is more sinister than a pig wielding a baseball bat?

What’s more sinister than a Pig wielding a baseball bat? Nothing. Nothing is more sinister. The Piggy series of Roblox games is a long-running popular franchise, if you can call Roblox games a franchise, that has attracted hundreds of thousands of players.

How many people can play Dead Silence?

Dead Silence is probably one of the most fun horror games to play with your friends, which you can do with up to four other players. More friends make the game less scary, although you might scare each other in the dark.