what are good prizes for baby shower games

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What prizes should I give out at baby shower?

How many prizes should you give at a baby shower?Gift Certificates from a cute little boutique,coffee shop or book store.Baby Shower Candles.Lotions.A Picture Frame.A Recipe Box.A Cool Mug From Starbucks.Potted Plants.Tea Cup,Saucer and Tea Bags.

What are good baby shower prizes?

Best Baby Shower Game PrizesGift Baskets. Beach Day – fill a beach bag with things you’d need for a beach day like a tumbler,cute flip flops,towel,and snacks.Manicure Sets. …Custom Glassware. …Gift Cards. …Bottles of Wine. …Coffee Mugs. …Cookie Mix in a Jar. …Tumblers. …Plants. …Lottery Tickets. …More items…

What are some baby shower prize ideas?

ribbon to tie it all together. If your guests enjoy margaritas, this is a perfect baby shower prize idea for a summer baby shower. You’ll need a margarita glass, a baby bottle of tequila, a lime, salt, and margarita mix for each door prize. Mani-pedi kits are much appreciated and they’re so easy to put together.

What kind of gifts are given for a baby shower?

Bath Bombs. “Girls are the bomb!” Attach this adorable pink tag to a fizzy bath bomb for a baby shower favor your guests won’t be able to wait to use.Unicorn Horn Pretzels. Nothing conveys the magic of growing a baby like a magical creature! …Lip Gloss. …Tie-Dye Apples. …Nail Polish. …Lavender Sachets. …Mini Floral Hoops. …

What is a Baby Shower Game Prize?

A baby shower game prize is a prize that you award the winner (or winners) of a game. You don’t have to have a prize, but prizes do make the baby shower games more fun and exciting!

Do I Need to Have Shower Games and Prizes?

Baby shower games and prizes are completely optional but are a fun way to include guests in the party. Having games and prizes at your baby shower can help encourage participation among those who don’t like to get too out there or are perhaps just shy, which is totally okay! They’re also a great way to get guests to mix and mingle during the party.

How Many Baby Shower Game Prizes to Have

How many prizes you have is up to you! You could have a prize for every game, or have a big prize for the winner and smaller prizes for participants. Or you could choose not to have any prizes at all. There really are not set rules on the right amount of prizes to have.

Tips for Choosing Prizes

Here are a few of our top tips for choosing which baby shower prize to give out:

Final Thoughts

Ultimately the best baby shower prize you can give guests is the one you know your guests will love the most. We hope these tips and ideas will help you make

What is a good way to break the ice at a baby shower?

Baby shower games can be a great way to break the ice at your event, especially as some guests may not know each other that well. Giving out prizes also helps make the competition more fun, and gives the winners an extra reason to smile.

What to put in a baby shower favor?

Tie it together with a gingham or burlap ribbon. This could also easily work as a baby shower favor as it’s very budget-friendly.

What to pair with a travel tumbler?

Pair a nice mug or travel coffee tumbler with a bag of artisanal coffee for a really good prize that the winner will love.

What to put in a gift bag for nail polish?

Fill a tiny gift bag with a bottle of nail polish in a trendy color, an emery board, nail clippers or nail scissors, and you’re all set!

Can you count on a box of chocolates?

You can count on a box of good-quality chocolates brightening someone’s day.

What to do if your baby shower game prizes are not fit?

If your baby shower game prizes do not quite fit your baby shower theme, try to make the packaging “theme” friendly. For example, if you are having a “mommy to bee” baby shower, you could use yellow ribbon or paste bee stickers on the gift bags.

What to give for a baby shower?

Plastic Tumblers With Assorted Goodies As Prizes For Baby Shower Games. Tumblers are a great gift because most people will use them long after the baby shower is over. It’s one of those baby shower prizes that will not end up in the trash.

Why are tumblers a good gift?

Tumblers are a great gift because most people will use them long after the baby shower is over. It’s one of those baby shower prizes that will not end up in the trash.

What are the baby shower favors?

Baby shower favors – every shower attendee gets a favor. If your choice for baby shower favors are bath salts, then everyone will get the bath salts as they leave. Per unit, your favors will be the cheapest. Baby shower prizes – these are special in that only winners of the baby shower games get it.

What is the goal of the pink shower game?

This game prize idea is for a baby girl shower, so the goal is to get pink bath and shower items to fill a pink basket.

What is the easiest game prize to win at a baby shower?

If you are able to get tumblers that match the colors of your baby shower, this is probably the easiest game prize you can have. Add a beautiful wide ribbon, and you’re done.

Why do people put potted plants in baby showers?

Potted plants are a great idea because they match the “watch me grow” theme that often goes with baby showers.

What to give to a baby shower winner?

Give your baby shower prize winner the gift of a movie night in. Fill a popcorn bucket with red Easter grass then bags of popcorn, candy, and a current popular DVD.

Why do baby shower games get tossed away?

Way too often baby shower game prizes just get tossed away because your guests don’t want them and that’s a sad waste. If you want to make sure your time and money are appreciated get your baby shower prize ideas for games from my ultimate list of game prizes your guests will actually want. These prize ideas for baby shower games are things your …

What color are cookie mix in a jar prizes?

These cookie mix in a jar game prizes come in blue or pink for a boy or girl baby shower. Any guest would be happy to receive such a sweet treat.

What is a beach bag?

The beach bag acts as the gift basket and doubles as a gift itself. You can throw everything inside of it or if you want to make it look really nice stuff some newspaper or tissue paper in to fill it.

What colors are available for a sandbox?

You have the option to choose from pink, lavender, green, or blue.

Can you fill a baby shower bag with coffee grounds?

You can fill a custom baby shower coffee bag with coffee grounds. Place that in a big coffee mug with some biscotti and you have nice but cheap baby shower game prize.

Can you put in fairy lights?

If you really want to make it look beautiful you can put in battery powered fairy lights.

What is an eco friendly baby shower bar?

This eco-friendly body bar is an ethical baby shower game prize your guests will love . Each bar comes with minimal packaging and is made from organic ingredients. Plus, the subtle scent of lavender and peppermint will add a little bit of pampering to their daily routine.

What are pop sockets for baby shower?

PopSockets make great baby shower game prizes. Why? These handy little gadgets function as a phone stand and a secure grip so your winner can text, snap photos or watch videos with one hand. Really want to go all out? Upload an image to create a custom prize.

What is Haus aperitif?

Haus is a family-owned business that creates farm-to-bottle apéritifs that are truly delicious. The rose rosé is a fruity wine-based drink with notes of raspberry, rose and cherry. Yummy! This is a grown-up gift that everyone will want to win.

What are Moroccan soap petals?

It’s practical, affordable and beautiful. The Moroccan soap petals come in the shape of rose buds and can be used decoratively or as hand soap.

What are some good prizes for a Disney baby shower?

Throwing a Disney-themed baby shower? These adorable Disney face masks would make fantastic baby shower game prizes. The masks feature classic characters like Donald Duck, Goofy and Pluto. Plus, this is a gift that gives back. From profits raised by the face masks, Disney will donate to MedShare, an organization that supports the medical community in the US.

How many karats are in a lollipops?

How about edible gold lollipops? Yes you heard us right—gold. Each raspberry-flavored lolly contains 24-karat gold leaf. They’re proof that inexpensive baby shower prizes can still be luxurious.

What is truffle hot sauce?

The iconic hot sauce is a blend of hot peppers, spices and (as the name suggests) black truffle. The mini-size bottles are perfect for meals on the go and make great baby shower prizes to boot!

What to think about when hosting a baby shower?

If you are hosting a baby shower there are tons of things to think about. There is the food, the decor, the games, and the guest list just to name a few. Sometimes, the door prizes for the games might be the last thing you remember. Thankfully, prizes don’t need to be lavish or fancy – most people are just excited to get something fun to take home.

How to make a prize look more appealing?

Packaging and how you present the prize can make a difference! Especially if it is a “cheaper” prize. Just by adding some tulle or ribbon can make it look more appealing.

Can you buy plain candles online?

I shared candles above, but really, plain candles will do. Check out an assortment that you can purchase online here. I always love to stock up on single wick candles at Bath and Body Works when they are on sale, but really, inexpensive candles from Target are great as well!

Do all prizes have to be the same?

Not all prizes need to be the same. You can have several different ones for each winning guest to choose from. Pick a budget and stick with it. It might be tempting to go above and beyond when it comes to prizes- but keep it realistic.

Do baby showers have games?

If you have ever been a guest a baby shower then you probably know that there are usually games involved.

Do you have to spend a fortune on a baby shower?

We are personally fans of Dollar Tree Baby Showers! There’s no rule that says you have to spend a fortune on a baby shower.

Do prizes need to be fancy?

Thankfully, prizes don’t need to be lavish or fancy – most people are just excited to get something fun to take home.

What are Yankee candles?

Yankee Candles are my favorite candles to give as gifts or prizes. A good smelling candle is a safe bet for any woman. Need Baby Shower Games. Your Friends Will Actually.

What wine goes well with Moscato?

I love a great bottle of Moscato. You can also go with a Chardonnay or a Pinot Grigio because they tend to be crowd favorites.

How many prizes do you need for a party?

Your guests should have at least a 1 in 10 chance of winning. So if you have 30 guests, you’ll need at least 3 prizes.

How much do kitchen tools cost?

You can get some great kitchen tools usually for less than $10, and they make great prizes.

What is the hardest plant to kill?

So, you may want to get a plant that is hard to kill like aloe or other succulents. Bamboo is also pretty hard to kill.

How much is a gift card for a new book?

So you will probably want to get a gift card to Amazon or Barnes and Noble. $5 to $10 will be enough for a new book.

When is the baby shower game?

November 16, 2019. Once you plan out your baby shower games, you have to figure out what kind of prizes you’re going to give out. This can be stressful when you don’t know who is going to win a prize. You can’t really buy for a specific person.

How much do baby shower prizes cost?

Baby shower gift prizes can range from $1 to $50 depending on your budget and number of guests. You can decide to go for the flashy prizes or be as simple as possible. We have several unique ideas about what you can get for your guests for prizes. Scroll down to know how to up your game in baby shower prizes.

Why are baby shower prizes important?

Baby shower prizes are top of the tier in baby shower entertainment as they make the games more rewarding, competitive and fun. The guests will usually be diverse ranging from colleagues to friends to the parent-to-be family. Playing games at baby showers are a great way to ensure guests are mingling, interacting, and, most importantly, having fun.

What are baby shower prizes?

Baby shower prizes for guests, commonly referred to as party favors, are simple gifts to your guests to show your gratitude for their attendance. These baby shower gifts for guests will have them gushing over you long after the baby is born. As you will be gifting all the guests, it’s advisable to have the same gift. This will also have you saving as you can buy the gifts in bulk- what a deal! We’ve come up with some cool baby shower prizes that will make your guests feel special:

What to put in a coffee mug for a winter shower?

Great for winter showers. A nice coffee mug filled with various treats from cookies to crackers and flavored coffee is sure to make any guest feel special.

Why do people play games at baby showers?

Playing games at baby showers are a great way to ensure guests are mingling, interacting, and, most importantly, having fun. The problem with games is that they can get quite competitive as some people are naturally competitive. Any competition is bound to make the party better since other guests will have something to cheer about.

How much are treats in a tumbler?

Tumblers are generally priced from $3 and the treats can be any candy or chocolates from your local store.

How many pieces of chocolate are in a box?

You can package the chocolates with these cute candy boxes from Amazon that sell in a pack of 50 pieces.

What prizes do you give for baby shower games?

First you need to decide how many prizes you will be giving away throughout the shower. Count up the number of games, how many diaper raffle prizes, and other prizes like “first guy to show up at the shower.”

What is a coed baby shower?

Throwing a coed baby shower for guys and girls is a fun way to celebrate mom and dad as they start their parenthood journey together. Here are 10 baby shower prize ideas for men and women.

What are some good subscriptions for a guy?

Both guys and gals love TV subscriptions (Netflix, Hulu), audiobook subscriptions (Audible), and most any music subscription that you can find (Spotify, etc).

What to do when you forget about amusement parks?

Bring on a day of fun! Adults sometimes forget how much fun amusement parks/water parks really are, and this is a way you could remind them! Giving a prize of a couple of amusement park passes could bring out the kid in any adult.

What is a gift basket?

Gift baskets are a fun way to incorporate multiple smaller items into one bigger prize. Baskets are usually themed, and are always a crowd pleaser.

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Do people still go to the movie theater?

Wait, people still go to a movie theater and watch movies?? YES! And nowadays with the super spruced up theaters (oh, hello fancy recliners and dinner), people would love to go catch the latest flick, while lounging in a La-Z-Boy, and having food and drinks delivered to them–and all FREE to them. You can’t go wrong with movie ticket prizes!