What happened to Maysilee in the District 1?
As the number of tributes dwindled, Maysilee decided to go off on her own. Shortly after,she fell victim to bird-like Mutts with sharp beaks. In time,it came down to Haymitch and the District 1 female triContinue Reading

How did Katniss and Haymitch win the 75th Games?
Haymitch and Katniss were both able to claim victory by outsmarting the Capitol and using their own tricks against them. Later on, Katniss survived her return to the arena in Catching Fire for the 7Continue Reading

75th Games
During these times, she was reaped for the female tribute for this year, she went hysterical. Thankfully, Mags took her place by volunteering for her. She didn’t do this so she could win, but she did it to save her.
After beiContinue Reading