How to Refund Games on Oculus Quest 2?Open up the Oculus companion app on your phone. You can download it for Android and iOS here.Tap on Menu at the bottom right section of the screen.Tap on Settings Purchase History.Choose the content you want a rContinue Reading

Can you return a game on Oculus Quest 2 or quest?
If you want to return a game on your Oculus Quest 2 or Quest, you need to ensure that you have used the content for less than 2 hours. Plus, you must request a refund less than 14 days after the Continue Reading

Open the Oculus app.From the bottom menu,select Menu.Select Settings.Tap Purchase History.Find what you want to refund,then tap the three vertical dots.Tap Request refund.Follow the instructions and include a reason you want the refund.
How do I getContinue Reading