should i watch squid game in korean or english

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While it’s entirely possible the dub has the same problem, thus far it’s the subtitles that have been held up as examples of the translation being flubbed. For that reason, Squid Game may best be enjoyed by watching theEnglish dubversion instead of the original Korean dialogue with English subtitles.

Should you watch squid game with or without subtitles on Netflix?

For that reason, Squid Game may best be enjoyed by watching the English dub version instead of the original Korean dialogue with English subtitles. Unfortunately, neither option is the optimal way to watch Squid Game on Netflix.

Are You Watching squid game with the wrong translation?

Squid Game has stormed Netflix’s worldwide charts, but a setting may mean you’re watching with the wrong translation Squid Game has taken the world by storm, topping Netflix’s most-watched lists in dozens of countries around the world. But, if you’re watching with English subtitles, you may be watching Squid Game all wrong.

What do you need to watch squid game?

All you need to watch Squid Game is a Netflix account. All nine episodes of Squid Game are available now. The actors in Squid Game recite their lines in Korean, and while that’s great for those who speak the language, everyone else around the world needs to find a way to understand what’s being said.

Is squid game subbed or dubbed?

Naturally, in Squid Game, some of these elements are lost in both the dubbed and subbed versions. For example, only Korean speakers would be able to catch the fact that the character Kang Sae-byeok, who we later learn is a North Korean defector, changed her North Korean accent when speaking to the other players, perhaps as an attempt to assimilate.

Why do people prefer to watch the Squid Game without subtitles?

Some viewers prefer to take in the story without having to read subtitles because it allows them to focus more on the action and body language on the screen, while others prefer to hear the original actors deliver their lines. The Squid Game cast is packed with talented stars both young and old, so the decision of how to enjoy their performances is significant.

Is Squid Game worth watching?

Does that mean Squid Game isn’t still worth a watch for those who don’t understand Korean? No. The show is spectacular in many ways, and a lot of the story’s best parts continue to shine in the English translation. It would be a fallacy, however, to say that the show is as complete in English as it is in Korean. The design, tone, pacing, and stars of Squid Game are still stellar with subtitles, but no version can compete with watching and understanding the series in its unadulterated form.

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Translation Limitations

Translation limitations is a problem that plagues most (if not all) shows, whether in the dubbing or subtitles. According to Netflix guidelines, translated subtitles need to take into account viewers’ reading speed, which means they are limited to a certain number of characters.

Cultural Context

Let’s face it: When watching a film in a language we don’t speak or understand, we have to accept that we’re going to miss out on some cultural context—things like accents, puns, and hyperlocal references are nearly impossible to catch.

Character Development

Besides its thought-provoking themes, Squid Game shines because of its riveting characters. From nonverbal noises to vocal pitch, all these cues affect the way we perceive different characters.

How many episodes of Squid Game are there?

All you need to watch Squid Game is a Netflix account. All nine episodes of Squid Game are available now. The actors in Squid Game recite their lines in Korean, and while that’s great for those who speak the language, everyone else around the world needs to find a way to understand what’s being said. Netflix has a solution: Viewers can decide how they want to enjoy the violent series, with two options easily available to them:

Is Squid Game bingeable?

Creative, engaging, and incredibly violent, Squid Game is very well made and highly bingeable — whether using subtitles or dubbed voices in various languages. Here’s how you can watch Squid Game using either viewing/listening method to understand everything happening to the debt-ridden contestants participating in the deadly tournament of children’s playground games.

Can you change the language of the dub?

Change Audio Dubbing In Various Languages: Viewers can select the language they want the script — or as close to the original lines — to be dubbed in. Viewers in the United States can choose audio dubbing in Korean, English, French, Spanish, and German.

Why is it important to understand the honorifics in the Squid Game?

Understanding the honorifics in Squid Game is important to fully capture the bitter aspects of human relationships.

What is the honorific of "baby"?

There are other untranslatable honorifics, such as “ ?? ( oppa )”, which was translated as “baby”, and “ ??? ( yeonggam-nim )”, which was translated as “sir”. Close, but not quite the same.

What are some Korean words that are common honorifics?

Interestingly, some of these newly added words include common honorifics such as noona, oppa and unni, and I hope that this paves way for the inclusion of more Korean words in the future.

Why is subtitling so complicated?

Subtitling becomes more complicated when cultural factors come into play, because many culture-specific words and concepts are difficult to translate, says a linguistics researcher.

What is the untranslatable Korean language?

In the case of the Korean language, words such as aegyo sometimes described as “performed extreme femininity”, han likened by some to “a mix of sorrow and sadness accumulated from a series of life experiences” and jeong described sometimes as “deep connection and emotional bond that builds over time”, are some of the most well-known concepts that have no direct equivalent in another language.

What does "older brother" mean?

One of the most common honorifics is “ ? (hyung)” or “older brother”, a title a younger brother uses to talk or refer to his older brother. This expression is often also used by non-family members who are close to each other to indicate the degree of mutual friendship.

Why is there a gap between Korean and English subtitles?

Despite the good quality of the English translation, a meaning gap inevitably exists between the original Korean and the English subtitles due to the untranslatable.

Why is dubbing bad?

One more possible problem in dubbing is that the voice work has to match the movements of the original actor’s mouth, which means many adaptations have to be made in order to fit the length of the dialogue. This also happens with subtitles, but the difference is that, even with the limited space, subtitles can be designed in a way to stay on the screen a little bit longer, or be expanded to occupy a bigger part of the screen. Dubbing doesn’t have that option, which results in many native speakers pointing out the fact that the dubbed version may come off as botched.

Why is it important to watch movies in the original language?

Watching films in their original language is also a great way for you to have contact with native speakers and the way they express themselves. It may not seem like much, but this is a massive cultural experience that may spark some interest in you to learn the language, start searching for other types of work in that particular language, or even decide to pay the country a visit to have that same experience up close. Take the first round of Squid Game, for example. The huge assassin doll sings a kid song that is the Korean equivalent to " Red light, green light, one two three". However, if you listen to the original and get just a little bit curious, you’ll do a simple search and find out that the song reveals a little bit about South Korea’s national flower and what it means in their culture. Another good reason to experience it in the original language.

How long does it take for an actor to figure out how to say a sentence?

This frequently includes jokes, wordplay, expressions and many other things that help convey the message, and actors sometimes spend weeks and even months figuring out ways to say a particular sentence. In even more specific cases, a whole new way of speaking is developed: think about Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight, Meryl Streep in Julie & Julia, and Phillip Seymour Hoffman in Capote. In those performances, not only the dialogue was important but also tone, stress and speech rhythm.

Is it better to watch a voice actor dubbed or subbed?

So, if you are the type of person who likes to value every aspect of an actor’s performance, a subbed version is probably for you. If you think that since you’re probably going to miss nuance because you don’t understand the language or you care more about the story than the individual performances, then watching dubbed shouldn’t impact your experience.

Is Squid Game subbed?

So if you are a person that cares more about having an experience as close to the original as possible and wants to remain true to the creator’s wishes, you should watch Squid Game subbed. But, if you are more interested in checking out how the story plays out and don’t mind missing some details along the way (which is not a problem at all), dubbed Squid Game is the version for you.

Can you dub a squid game?

They should be applauded for that, but if you don’t want to miss nuance or have a closer translation to the original material, dubbing is probably not for you.

Can you hear different voices in the same movie?

Another thing to consider is that when a dubbing studio sets to do its work, they don’t always manage to find a perfect match for the actor’s original voice, which can result in weird situations: sometimes you hear different voice actors voicing the same actor, and you may end up hearing different voices out of the same actor in different movies.

Is Squid Game translated into English?

The "English [CC]" translation is meant as an accessibility option for the English dub of the series, while the English subtitles for the Korean are much more accurate to the original text. Therefore, if you’re watching Squid Game and are looking for an accurate English translation that doesn’t lose the nuances of the script, make sure you have the proper English subtitles on – "English" and not "English [CC]".

Is Squid Game on Netflix?

Squid Game has stormed Netflix’s worldwide charts, but a setting may mean you’re watching with the wrong translation

Who plays Han in Squid Game?

She points to a scene featuring Han Mi-nyeo (played by Kim Joo-Ryoung), whose dialogue appears to have been changed drastically.

What does the name Squid Game mean?

The show explains that the name “Squid game” comes from one of the popular children’s games played in the neighborhood of the lead character, Seong Gi-hun (played by actor Lee Jung Jae) when he was young. It is played on a squid-shaped court, with the idea of the game being similar to the Western children’s games tag and Red Rover.

Did real-life events inspire Squid Game?

While Squid Game is not a true story, its creators did draw inspiration from real life in Korea and elsewhere. Notable points were the poor state of the Korean economy back in 2008 and Donald Trump’s presidency.

What games are played in Squid Game?

A couple of different games are played in the series, all of which are actual children’s games played in Korea.

Is Squid Game a real game in Korea?

Yes, it is! Squid Game is actually a real game played in Korea. The rules of the real-life game are the same as how it was portrayed in the first part of the show. The players of the game are typically children or elementary school-aged boys.

Why should you watch Squid Game?

This popular series quickly reached the number 1 watched show on Netflix all around the world upon release. In fact, it only took the Netflix series four days to reach the spot. There’s even the possibility that this will become Netflix’s most-watched show altogether, thus far, and it’s certainly grown to be one of its biggest series launches, completely by surprise.