is there a college football game on today

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There are no college football games today
There are no college football games today. Week 7 of the college football schedule wrapped up on Saturday with the top-25 teams squaring off in some incredible matchups. You can find the Week 6 college football scores,the latest top 25 rankings,and an updated Heisman Watch entering Week 7.

Can I still play college football?

The NCAA does not impose an age limit on playing college football. There is, however, a four-year limit on the number of years a student can play football. The length of eligibility rule is meant to prevent colleges from enticing their star players to stay in school for longer than they should. If a player starts playing football in his sophomore year, he could still have a year of eligibility left after graduation.

What is the highest score in NCAA football?

What is the highest score in NCAA football? Texas AM QB Kellen Mond led the Aggies to a 74-72 win against LSU in the highest – scoring game in FBS history. When Georgia Tech coach John Heisman ran up a 222-0 score against Cumberland on October 7, 1916, college football records were still 21 years from being first recorded.

Can college football players go one and done?

There’s technical reasons why the NFL should allow one-and-done players from college into the draft. However there are better reasons to keep things just the way they are now.

Are there any girl college football players?

Women playing college football is rare but it is not new. Liz Heaston is believed to be the first woman to score in a college game. She kicked two extra points for Willamette University in 1997. Katie Hnida (Colorado and New Mexico) was the first woman to score in a Division IA (now FBS) game in 2003. Both were kickers.

Monday, Jan. 10

College Football Playoff National Championship Game
No. 3 Georgia 33, No. 1 Alabama 18

Week 0

Illinois 30, Nebraska 22
Fresno State 45, UConn 0
UCLA 44, Hawai’i 10
Indiana State 26, Eastern Illinois 21
North Carolina Central 23, Alcorn State 14 (Center Parc Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia)
UTEP 30, New Mexico State 3
San Jose State 45 , Southern Utah 14

Week 14

No. 9 Baylor 21, No. 5 Oklahoma State 16 (Big 12 Championship Game)
Northern Illinois 41, Kent State 23 (MAC Championship Game)
East Tennessee State 32, Kennesaw State 31 (FCS — Second Round)
James Madison 59 , SE Louisiana 20 (FCS — Second Round)
Utah State 46, No.

Saturday, Dec. 18

DII national championship (McKinney, Texas)
Ferris State 58, Valdosta State 17

Friday, Dec. 24

Hawai’i Bowl
Memphis vs. Hawai’i — Game will not be played (Hawai’i unable to play due to COVID-19 cases along with season-ending injuries and transfers)

Tuesday, Dec. 28

Holiday Bowl
No. 18 NC State vs. UCLA — Game will not be played (UCLA unable to play due to COVID-19 protocols within the program)

Friday, Dec. 31

Gator Bowl
No. 17 Wake Forest 38, Rutgers 10 (No. 25 Texas A&M out because of COVID)