is golf a sport or a game

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A sport

Is golf considered a sport and why?

Those who claim golf is a sport would point to the fact that it is an activity requiring skill which has an element of competition. They would also point to the fact that golf requires a certain degree of coordination and muscle use, as well as being featured at the upcoming 2016 Summer Olympics.

Should golf be considered a sport?

“Yes, golf is 100% a sport. Golf might not be the most physically challenging, but still has a lot of components that make it a sport. Such as the amount of difficulty, it isn’t a sport that you can just be good at it takes practice. It is something that can also be physically exhorting. There’s a lot of walking and math and thought processes.

Is golf a pastime or a sport?

While one can argue that golf matches the official definition of sport, being an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment, the definition of a game seems to match golf far more accurately, that being, an amusement or pastime; a competitive activity …

Is golf really a dying sport?

Golf is dying, many experts say. According to According to one study by the golf industry group Pellucid Corp., the number of regular golfers fell from 30 to 20.9 million between 2002 and 2016.

Does Golf Meet the Definition of Sport?

In looking at the definitions, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

Common Arguments

Here are some common arguments and opinions that drive the debate of whether golf is a true sport.

Golf and the NCAA

Golf is recognized as a sport by the NCAA. In fact, it has sponsored a national championship in men’s golf since 1939 and a women’s college golf championship since 1982.

Golf and the Olympics

Golf is also as an Olympic sport. Golf returned to the Olympics in 2016 after the International Olympic Committee (IOC) reinstated the game.


Golf is, without a doubt, a sport. Just because it’s not as physical and can be more leisurely than faster, high-profile sports should not exclude it from the category. Professional golfers who have devoted their lives to the game have a body of work to prove those who say otherwise.

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How many muscles are involved in golf swing?

Merriam-Webster defines a game as an ‘activity engaged in for diversion or amusement.’". To counter the argument that "the golf swing uses at least 17 muscle groups in the coordinated movement of the hands, wrists, arms, abdomen, and legs according to a study in the British Medical Journal," the Con side cites John Daly.

What is

A website called, which describes itself as "a nonpartisan research organization devoted to critical thinking on controversial issues ," is asking that question. For all the headway Tiger Woods has made in making golfers strive to be more athletic, there is John Daly. Photos by Getty Images.

What did Tom Brady say about Charles Barkley?

Tom Brady says Charles Barkley ripping on his golf game was ‘one of the worst insults I could ever imagine’. The Loop.

What is the difference between a sport and a game?

a game. Pro: "Merriam-Webster defines sport as ‘physical activity engaged in for pleasure: a particular activity (as an athletic game).’" Con: "Golf better matches the defintion of a game than a sport. Merriam-Webster defines a game as an ‘activity engaged in for diversion or amusement.’"

Is golf a sport if you have a broken leg?

There is more, including the Con side arguing that it isn’t a sport if it can be played by a golfer with a broken leg (Tiger Woods in he 2008 U.S. Open), while the Pro side notes the number of injuries incurred by golfers, citing a European Journal of Sports Science study that claims approximately 88 percent of professional golfers suffer injuries each year.

Does come to conclusions?, itself, does not arrive at conclusions, so one is left to decide for himself. However, it did cite this:

Is Golf a Sport?

In my opinion, there really is no question of whether or not golf is a sport. There is physical exertion involved with twisting and creating a fluid motion to hit the golf ball.

Why is golf not considered a sport?

1. No Athleticism Required . A point that a lot of people that do not consider golf a sport love to make is that golfers are not athletic. Do not misunderstand that comment and think …

What does it mean when there is no skill involved in golf?

If there is no skill involved, then that means that the whole game of golf would be based around luck and someone who just started golfing would have the same chances as an expert of shooting under par.

Why is it so competitive to add in a tournament?

If you add in a tournament, then it is very competitive because you are not only competing with the course and yourself, but also the scores of other golfers on the same course.

What is a sport?

According to, a sport is an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature.

Why is there competition in golf?

There is competition because you can compete with other golfers in various types of tournaments and formats such as match play. There is skill involved because you can obviously improve at the game and luck is only a very small percentage of the end result.

How many people play golf?

According to WorldAtlas ( source ), golf is the 10th most popular sport in the world, with over 450 million people following the game from across the globe. With this kind of popularity, it’s hard to argue against golf being a sport.

How many miles of walking do golfers need?

We’re talking six or seven miles of walking here, which can approach a thousand calories burned with your heart rate above 90 if you’re in decent shape. And while the tour players have caddies, college players, for example, do not and have to carry their own bags. It’s one of the reasons serious golfers put a lot of cardio work in their training regimes as well as strength and flexibility work.

What is speed golf?

Speedgolf is a more athletic and fast take on traditional golf that has some popularity around the world. Brandon Tucker/Golf Advisor

How far does it take to walk with a golf cart?

Oh, and if you think taking a golf cart isn’t taxing, think again. Even with a cart, you’re likely to walk three or four miles to tee boxes, greens and to your ball in the fairway or the rough or woods. This goes on for hours. It’s draining. So golf takes a toll physically no matter what.

How did Tiger Woods play golf?

That 6-iron Woods hit out of the bunker from 200 yards out over water at the 2000 Canadian Open at Glen Abbeywas as sporty as it gets. It took clarity, athleticism and precision in a moment of extreme pressure. Everything Woods did on the golf course, including the way he intimidated and celebrated, not only made golf appear to be a sport, but to the TV viewer, practically a contact sport.

What is the best thing about golf?

But the best thing about golf, is that it’s a sport for a lifetime. Better yet, one that grandparents can enjoy with their grandchildren — something that might not work out so well on a soccer pitch.

How fast can a long drive go?

They train like weight-lifters and gymnasts, combining power with flexibility to hit drives that go 450 yards or more. They have clubhead speed approaching 150 mph and they do have to be somewhat accurate for their shots to count. There’s no doubt that the modern long-drive competitor is an athlete.

Who is the psychologist who spoke with Henrik Stenson?

Kris Strauss/Troon Golf. Famed golf and sports psychologist Bob Rotella speaks with Henrik Stenson prior to the 2009 U.S. Open at Bethpage Black. Getty Images. Speedgolf is a more athletic and fast take on traditional golf that has some popularity around the world.

How many calories do you burn playing golf?

An hour of golf without a cart or caddie burns, on average, 360 calories. By comparison, an hour of basketball burns 727 calories, soccer over 900 and boxing even more than that. Golfers who use a cart burn around 208 calories, meaning that walking constitutes 42% of the work in golfing. Given that walking is not considered a major part of golf, as ruled by the U.S. Supreme Court in the PGA Tour v. Martin case of 2001, golf itself, which is the integral part of the sport, requires almost as much effort as the walking, which is not.

How old are the oldest sports players?

In most sports, athletes have a peak and an expiry date. Most soccer players retire around the age of 35, and most highly competitive sports have similar or even younger average retirement ages. The oldest ever professional soccer player was 50, the oldest American football player was 48, the oldest basketball player was 52, the oldest tennis player was 49 and the oldest rugby union player 40. Yet the oldest golfer was 79 years of age. Furthermore, whilst in most sports players deteriorate with age, some golfers find their best form late in life, such as Tom Watson who almost won the British Open aged 59. While it’s all well and good that golfers can hit their prime later in life, is that really the sign of a sport? Sure, an activity requiring strong mental acumen and lots of experience, but not one to display peak athleticism.

How old is the oldest golfer?

Yet the oldest golfer was 79 years of age. Furthermore, whilst in most sports players deteriorate with age, some golfers find their best form late in life, such as Tom Watson who almost won the British Open aged 59.

How many Americans play golf?

alone, golf is estimated to be a $76 billion industry. In recent polls, it is suggested that 38% of Americans consider themselves to be golf fans, and 25.7 million Americans play golf. Clearly, there can be no questioning golf’s …

Where did golf originate?

Modern golf in the form in which we know it today originated from 15th century Scotland, but a similar activity can be dated as far back as the game of paganica in Ancient Rome or chuiwan, a Chinese game which was first played in the eighth century. Golf is a multi-billion dollar industry which continues to grow in America and throughout the world, …

Is golf considered a physical activity?

Ultimately, when one thinks of a sport, they tend to think of something which requires a fair amount of physical exertion. As stated in point three, golf requires nowhere near as much effort physically or calories as almost any other sport. When ESPN ranked 60 activities by their athletic rigor using factors such as endurance, agility and strength, golf finished in 51st place. Almost all major sports ranked in the top 10. Table tennis and weight lifting both finished higher, with golf only narrowly beating roller skating and archery.

Does golf have a tempo?

Most sports have some speed and tempo to them. They pick up pace and slow down, with the tempo ebbing and flowing throughout the game/competition. Golf does not. Players play their shots and then slowly make their way to the ball and play their next shot, before proceeding to the next whole.