how to uninstall games on ps4

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Uninstallinggamesfrom PS4is easy. Simply navigate to the game in the GamesMenu and highlight the desired game. Once it is highlighted, press the Options button on your controller and select Delete from the menu. Confirm your choice and your game will be uninstalled.

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  • How do I delete a game on PS4?

  • Instead, press the 鈥極ptions鈥?button on your PS4 controller. Doing so will bring up a list of options pertaining to this game, one of which will be 鈥楧elete.鈥?/div>How to delete games on PS4: easily uninstall games to make …

  • How do I remove a PS4 controller from my computer?

  • Step 1: Navigate to Settings on the home screen. Step 2: Select Storage. Step 3: Select System Storage, or Extended Storage, if you have an external hard drive attached to your PS4. Step 4: Select Applications. Step 5: Press options on your controller, then choose Delete.

  • Can You recover deleted PS4 games without losing progress?

  • Don鈥檛 worry, though, you can always go back and reinstall deleted games, either from a disc or the PlayStation Network store, without losing any save progress (deleting games only removes the application itself from the hard drive). Here鈥檚 how to delete and reinstall PS4 games.

  • Is it possible to re-install a PS4 game?

  • No. Any PS4 game you鈥檝e bought digitally, downloaded through PS Plus, or installed on your console using a retail disc can be re-installed without having to purchase it all over again. For any downloaded games, you can head to your Library and re-download them in the Purchased games menu by pressing with X and selecting Download.