how to make money from video games

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But there are three general ways to get into making money playing video games:Contact video game manufacturers and distributors directly,and offer your services. You’ll have to be a well-experienced video game player to even attempt this.Become a very competitive video gamer,such that you can get involved in tournaments and other activities that will make you serious money.Become a video game entrepreneur. This is really the business side of video games. …

What games pay real cash?

Best Game Apps That Pay You Real Money Cashyy. Cashyy is a free game app that allows you to play and win money. The app is available on the Google Play…Gamehag. Gamehag is an app that allows players to win real money by playing their favorite desktop and mobile games.Appstation. AppStation is another popular game app that lets you play and win money. The app…More …

What games can you make money on?

Robloxis a game about making games where you can use simple scripting to create your own custom adventures and let other people enjoy them. The best part about this it’s the fact that you can actually make money on your creations.

How do you get paid to play video games?

How to Get Paid to Play Video GamesGet Paid to Play Video Games Online. There are many ways that someone can get paid to play video games. …Make Money Play Video Games on Twitch. Acquiring a large following requires both dedication and consistency. …Joining an eSports Team. After you grow your following,the next step is to eventually go public and join a professional eSports team.Become a Beta Tester. Before a video game makes it to the general market,it usually goes through beta testing. …Game Development. Game development is a great way to make money if you are good at coding and software. …Make Money Reviewing Video Games. Another great way to earn easy money is by becoming a video game reviewer. …Conclusions. According to CNBC,gaming is gaining strength and is on the verge of something bigger. …

How to make money as a video gamer?

How to Make Money Playing Video Games?Get Paid Directly to Play – Try Mistplay! Mistplay is an excellent app available on Android that is a great way to monetize playing video games on your phone.Gamehag. Play free online games to collect Soul Gems and exchange them for rewards! …Video Game Coaching. …Game Tester. …Become a Professional Gamer. …Start a YouTube Channel. …Stream on Twitch. …More items…

How long did Eric Barone work on Stardew Valley?

In Eric Barone’s experience, he worked diligently for four years on the beloved Stardew Valley by himself. All while holding down another job and living off of more meager savings. This is somewhat an anomaly in the gaming world, as Stardew Valley exploded, being ported to nearly every platform.

What did Yehieli do in the beginning?

In the beginning, Yehieli set a strict work schedule for himself using guides on roguelike development.

Who illustrated Stardew Valley?

Eric Barone illustrated this perfectly with Stardew Valley.

When was Kingdom released?

Released in 2015, Kingdom has had a long road of improvements and development. A two-man team developed it, noio and Licorice, aka Thomas van den Berg and Marco Bancale, respectively. It had a quick rise; after one day, they received enough funds to move ahead with full game development.

Who learned the entire cycle of game development?

Whereas Eric Barone had only himself to learn the entire cycle of game development, noio and Licorice had prior experiences and each other as partners.

Is Cliffski a solo developer?

Cliffski’s colorful and helpful view on being a solo developer is an unconventional, albeit encouraging message to hopeful game developers . Coming from Cliffski, it’s nothing to shake a stick at. His titles have been pretty successful, and I’m a big fan of Democracy 3, which I didn’t even know was developed by Cliffski.

Is Kingdom a successful game?

I believe that the constant attention that the development team gave Kingdom has made it so successful and has given it the longevity that indie games need to compete with the bigger titles.

What is the best thing about playing video games?

eSport Professional Gamer. One of the best things about playing video games is that you don’t need a qualification to play them. eSport Pros are hardcore players and usually focus on specific games like League of Legends, Fortnite or Dota 2.

How much is N0tail worth?

On the higher end, an eSports pro like Johan “N0tail” Sundstein has a net worth of $6.9million from playing and winning Dota 2 tournaments.

How much does a video game coach make?

Many coaches are hired privately and can charge anything from $30 per hour to $60 on average; many make much more as the video game coaching is a billion-dollar business .

How much does a game tester make?

As a game tester, you can make on average $36 per hour or even as high as $58, according to ZipRecruiter. However, your pay may depend on the following factors: Whether you’re working for a AAA studio, through an agency or for an indie developer. If you’re paid hourly or have a salary.

What is a video game bodyguard?

A game bodyguard is like a real-life bodyguard in that it’s their job is to keep their client safe while they play video games like Escape from Tarkov. Tasks as a game bodyguard can include: Shielding the player from enemy fire. Locating objectives/items for the player.

How much money does Evan Fong make?

However, it is possible and top earners include Evan Fong (VanossGaming) who has a net worth of around $25 million . Below is his most popular video on YouTube which has over 60 million views…. Similar to Twitch, YouTubers can also make money through selling merchandise, affiliate links or donations.

What is the job of a live streamer?

I’ve been a live-streamer for many years now. As a streamer, it’s your job to entertain and look after your community.

What is Second Life’s most lucrative business?

One of Second Life ‘s most lucrative enterprises is creating digital furniture and other accessories to sell to other players. In a case of life imitating art, you can do the same thing for some of Valve’s most popular games. Most of the cosmetic items that appear in the shooter Team Fortress 2 and the multiplayer strategy game DOTA 2 were created by players, submitted to the developer, and then approved for sale. Each time other players spend real money on those items, the creator gets a small cut, like an author receiving royalties from a book sale.

Is it hard to get the best gear in Counter Strike?

In just about any multiplayer online game, the best gear and weaponry is also the hardest to obtain. And while you might have the kind of disposable time it takes to sink 200 hours into dungeon crawling, raiding, or randomized loot drops, not everyone does. That’s why some of the rarest items in games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive sell for real money on third-party marketplaces. (They’re sold in-game for Steam Wallet credit, too, but those funds can’t be exchanged for real-world cash.)

Does Valve have paid mods?

Valve briefly experimented with paid mods for popular games like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. But due to the nebulous nature of attribution in the mod market, the scheme fell apart rather quickly. We may see something similar come back in the future.

Can you exchange in-game currency for real money?

Other games allow you to cut out the middleman and exchange the in-game currency directly for real money. Most MMOs and free-to-play games have some mechanism for exchanging real currency for digital coins or credit, but in the perennial life simulator Second Life, players can turn the “Linden Dollars” they’ve earned in-game back into real money via bank transfer or PayPal (at an exchange rate of more than 200 to one, if you’re wondering).

Do you need to have 3D modelling to submit items to Valve?

Of course, there are significant barriers to entry here. Anyone submitting items for Valve needs to have some basic 3D modelling skills, and a bit of animation experience doesn’t hurt. Once you’ve created the item it needs to be voted on by the community and selected by Valve…so there’s definitely an element of skill and creativity here.

Can you sell Steam games for real money?

It’s important to note that while selling your Steam items through one of these third-party markets is permissible, it’s rather easy to get scammed, since Valve takes no responsibility at all for transactions that happen outside of its system. Most other online games explicitly ban any kind of trading for real-world money (though of course it happens on the sly more or less all the time—see below). The few mainstream games that have tried to have an easy in-and-out relationship with real money have had serious issues with their economies, like Diablo III’s now-shuttered Auction House . For this reason, it’s unwise to invest too much time and effort into a high-value item with an intent to sell, when an unscrupulous vendor or player could leave you high and dry. Do your research before trying to sell player-to-player or on a third-party market.

Does a game have an economy?

Just because a game doesn ’t have an official cash economy doesn ’t mean that it has no economy at all. In pretty much every multiplayer game, there’s at least someone who’s willing to pay real money for in-game gold, gear, or even characters. There are entire sites setup to facilitate moving real money around between players who have in-game goods …

1. Get Paid Directly to Play – Try Mistplay!

Mistplay is an excellent app available on Android that is a great way to monetize playing video games on your phone.

2. Gamehag

Play free online games to collect Soul Gems and exchange them for rewards! Earn free Robux, Steam Wallet, Prepaid Mastercard, and more!

3. Video Game Coaching

One of the coolest ways to make money playing video games is by offering to coach your favorite competitive game (such as League of Legends).

4. Game Tester

The most basic difference between a Quality Assurance tester and a ‘Game Tester’ or ‘Beta Tester’ is that QA deals with a product that is already met a certain level of quality as desired by the developers.

5. Become a Professional Gamer

Pro Gamers compete worldwide and win millions at events sponsored by the Major League Gaming circuit, the International Dota 2 championship, and Intel Extreme Masters. MLG has built arenas across the country to host and stream live professional gaming events. It even has scouts and communities on the internet to find the best, untapped players.


We’ve mentioned YouTubers a lot over the past few months, and it’s because the financial gain in the YouTuber-verse is full of possibilities if you’re looking for a way to earn money while gaming; YouTube is a great place to start.

7. Stream on Twitch

Many gamers stream their online play to turn a profit. The most common platform for doing so is Twitch, an online streaming mecca for players worldwide.

Become a quality assurance tester

Prior to release, most mainstream video games go through a beta testing phase. Dedicated quality assurance (QA) staff will play the game for hours, carefully documenting any bugs, exploits or unfun play patterns.

Go pro as an esports competitor

The esports industry has gone from “rapidly growing” to “just plain huge.” Prize pools for the biggest Dota 2 tournaments can top $30 million. Overwatch League members have been offered minimum salaries of $50,000.

Become a Twitch streamer or YouTuber

As the Twitch mega leak has proven once again, the biggest and most consistent money in gaming is earned by entertainers who use their skills and personality to connect with fans. It’s also one of the more accessible paths.

What are some games that are tournament based?

Some games are tournament-based while others allow you to play alone and earn rewards after completing specific objectives or challenges. 1. Swagbucks. Swagbucks is more than a platform to play games online. You can also get paid to surf and search the web, watch videos, and take surveys.

How much does Razer pay?

Razer will pay you in their currency (zSilver) up to 900 zSilver per day. That’s 300 minutes a day as the current rate is three zSilver per minute.

How much does Club Pogo cost?

By joining Club Pogo for $6.99 per month, you can also participate in tournaments to earn additional points and gain exclusive access to 40 games.

How much does Pogo pay per month?

There are two different prize payouts with Pogo. You can enter to win a $50 daily drawing or a jackpot of up to $500 in real cash. By joining Club Pogo for $6.99 per month, you can also participate in tournaments to earn additional points and gain exclusive access to 40 games.

What is a twitch?

Twitch is a YouTube alternative that is dedicated to video games. By creating your own channel, gamers can watch you play a video game live and also talk with you.

How much does givling cost?

You can play for free twice a day. After that, each round costs 50 cents.

What is Lucktastic app?

Lucktastic is a scratch card app you can download on iPhone or Android in the United States. It’s free to download and play.