how to make corn hole game

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To build a cornhole game,start by cutting the top board to be 24 by 48 inches. Next,measure 12 inches from one side and 9 inches from the end to mark the spot for the hole. Use a compass to draw a circle with a 6-inch diameter where you marked the board and use a saw to cut out the circle.

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  • Can you make a mini corn hole with quarters?

  • Chances are you’ve probably played a game or two of corn hole. But what if you want to play a game but don’t have a big enough yard or the weather isn’t cooperating or you don’t have a corn hole game? No problem! You can make the mini version of corn hole and use quarters instead.

  • How do you make a 6 inch hole in a board?

  • Make an X Now you’ll need a compass to draw a 6 hole. If you’re like me, you lost your compass so you have to use a much cruder method….. Take one of your screws and drill it a little ways into the board at the X Then take a piece of string, measure out 3 and tie your pencil at that point.

  • How do you drill a hole in a 2×4?

  • Take the two side 2×4’s. Using scrap wood, elevate them so that you can drill through them without hitting the ground. As shown in the first picture, the boards are laying with their 4 inch sides up. Using your 3/32 drill bit, drill two holes into the side boards 3/4 of an inch from the ends. Do this on both ends of the side boards.

  • How do you drill a 45 degree hole in wood?

  • Drill a 3/8-inch hole at this point. On the square end of each leg, make a mark one inch in from each side, then mark one inch down each side form the end. Connect the marks with a line to make a 45-degree cut line. Clamp each leg to the edge of your workspace and cut along these lines. Use sandpaper to round off the corners.