how to install steam games on external hard drive

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How to install steam games to a different drive?

Install Stream Library Manager via the main website.Select the Library option to see your Steam library and all the games that you have installed previously. You can drag…Click on the Task Manage r option to check the destination folder of your Steam games. Select the Start button to start…See the backlogs of the games that you are moving to a different folder.More …

How to move Steam games to another hard drive?

Move Steam Games to Another Drive with Steam Library Manager Step 1. Download Steam Library Manager via the official website. Step 2. On the main interface of Steam Library Manager, you can see the created steam library and what games they stored. Step 3. Locate to Task Manager tab. The games you are going to move will be listed here. You can move multiple games and… More …

Can you run steam off an external hard drive?

? The moved Steam games can be run directly on the external hard drive without downloading again. ? It has no file system restrictions and can be moved between NTFS, exFAT, and FAT32. ? You can also restore the moved Steam games to their original location.

How to transfer steam to external hard drive?

Open Steam.Open the Steam menu in the top left corner.Select settings. Source: Windows CentralClick on downloads in the left-hand pane.Select Steam library folders. Source: Windows CentralClick on +. Source: Windows CentralFind your external drive in the drop-down box.Click on New folder. Source: Windows CentralName your folder.Click OK. …

How to move a game to a different drive?

Right-click the game you want to move, and select Properties. Go to the Local Files tab. Click Move Install Folder. Open the dropdown, and select your external drive. Click Move Folder. Once the folder has been moved, return to the Properties window for the game. Go to the Local Files tab.

How to install Steam games on external drive?

Click Install. A new window will open. Open the ‘Choose location for install’ dropdown, and select your external drive. Select the root of the external drive to install the game and click ‘ Select.’. On the next window that opens, click OK and do not change the name of the folder that Steam has set. On the main install window, click ‘Next,’ and …

What happens when you move a game to an external drive?

When a game is installed or moved to an external drive, all game progress is saved to it. Make sure that when you connect the external drive, the cable is connected securely, and the drive is unlikely to be disturbed. If the drive were to disconnect suddenly, you could lose game progress.

How much space does Steam take up?

A game that is only 2 GB or 3 GB when it downloads will expand to take up more space. It can take up as much as 8 or 10 GB.

Preliminary Checks

When you are downloading or moving the game files into your external hard drive, perform these checks to avoid data loss & incomplete game files:

Method 1: Download Directly To Hard Drive

In this method, we are going to demonstrate how to download steams games on an external hard drive directly.

Method 2: Use Move Install Folder Option

The game which is pre-installed on your internal hard drive can be easily moved elsewhere with this feature within Steam. Here’s how to download Steam games to external hard drive:

Pro Tip: Verify Integrity of Game Files

Once the downloading/ moving process is completed, we recommend confirming that the game files are intact and error-free. Read our guide on How to Verify Integrity of Game Files on Steam. Make sure you receive All files successfully validated message, as shown below.

Why move Steam games to external hard drive?

In this case, if you can move Steam games to an external hard drive, you will not only avoid deleting hundreds of GB of game data, but also free up hard drive space.

Why do people move Steam games to SSD?

Another reason is that some players want to move Steam games to SSD in order to pursue a better gaming experience. As the performance of SSD is better than HDD, this can greatly improve the running speed of the game.

Can you merge partitions?

In addition to transferring apps, you can also use Merge Partition, Allocate Free Space to extend the storage of the partition.

How to copy Steam library to external drive?

This is the easy, but also a time-consuming part. In File Explorer on Windows 10, you need to go to the location of your existing Steam games library. To copy it, just literally drag the whole thing to your external drive, then go grab a beverage while it completes.

How to copy a file to an external drive?

To copy it, just literally drag the whole thing to your external drive, then go grab a beverage while it completes. How long it will take depends on many factors.

Where is the Steam menu?

Open the Steam menu in the top left corner.

Can you use multiple external hard drives for Steam?

You aren’t limited to a single external SSD or hard drive, either . You can set up multiple library folders across multiple external drives that will all feed into the same Steam library on your PC.

Is an SSD good for a PC?

If your budget can stretch to it, an SSD is the way to go, just as it would be for an internal drive on your PC. Prices are relatively reasonable these days, but the size of your library will undoubtedly be a factor. If you’re looking at carrying 1TB or less on it, then an SSD is the way to go.

Is WD my passport good for Steam?

It won’ t measure up to SSDs in terms of speed and size , but the WD My Passport should make an excellent option for those with large Steam libraries.

Can you move games between machines on Steam?

Once it’s on there, though, you’re all set. If Steam is pointed to that drive, it will treat it as any other you might install games on. So, if there are updates to be downloaded, those will be handled, and you can move between machines as you see fit.

What Are The Issues With Installing Your Steam Games On An External Drive?

The main issue with installing your steam games on an external drive is that data transmission from an external drive is much slower when compared to data transmission from an internal drive . This means your game will perform slightly slower, and that may be uncomfortable if you are used o a very fast-paced game.

How to create a second Steam folder?

To do this, click on “Steam” and click on “Settings”. Choose and click on the “Download” category, and then click on the “Steam Library Folders” option.

What happens if you uninstall Steam on your PC?

Uninstalling Steam from your PC means you will likely lose all your games. For this reason, you may want to download and re-install the Steam installer to make it easier to redownload all lost games.

What is Steam app folder?

The Steam app folder is the final designation of all steam games downloaded. However, you can transfer the Steam app folder to any drive you want internally or externally. It is important to note that you may lose any game due to improper installation.

How to move a game to a second library?

To move a steam game once you have created a second library, simply right click on your Steam library and choose “properties”. Click on the “Local files” tab, and then click on “Move install folder” button . Choose the steam library you want to move its game, and click on the “Move folder” button.

Why is it better to use an SSD or a hard drive?

It is better to use an SSD hard drive because it is faster than the regular HDD (hard drive) when powering up your device. Having your games stored on SSD will power-boost your gaming experience.

How to move games to another library on Steam?

If you want to move other games, simply repeat the procedures for them. When you are installing a new game in the future, Steam will ask what folder or drive you want to save them. If it doesn’t ask, you should be able to save your games to any library or folder.

What is the meaning of "back up"?

Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience.

Does Steam work on external drive?

Active Oldest Votes. 13. Steam will work on an external drive, and will run perfectly fine as long as you’re not trying to simultaneously run it from the computer’s internal drive. Note: Even though installing on an external drive means the games / client themselves are on the external drive, you may wind up with your saves or DLC on the computer, …

Does Steam support libraries?

Steam now has inbuilt support for creating new "Steam Libraries".

Are There Other Things to Consider Before Installing and Playing Games From an External Hard Drive?

Beyond the SS D vs. HDD question, there are a few other things to consider before putting your game on an external hard drive:

What to Look For in an External Hard Drive for Games?

Now that you know the answer to “can I install PC games on an external hard drive and play them from that drive?” you might be wondering what to look for in an external hard drive for gaming.

How to move a game to a new hard drive?

To move an existing game to your newly created external hard drive library folder, right-click the game name in the STEAM library. Select the Local Files tab and then click “MOVE INSTALL FOLDER.”. …

Why won’t my game run on my hard drive?

If you’ve introduced new drives to your PC or re-installed windows recently, your computer may not recognize the disc drives on your hard drive anymore. That means the game will no longer run.

Why is it bad to play games on an HDD?

That’s because every time you need to load something from an HDD, physical, moving parts have to kick into gear.

What is an HDD?

HDDs, or hard disk drives, which are even older than SSDs, come armed with spinning discs. They work sort of like a record player. Inside each HDD lives an arm with several transducer heads. These heads read and write data on the spinning discs.

How long does it take for a game to load on an SSD?

If a game takes three minutes to install on an HDD, it will take under ninety seconds on an SSD. But installation isn’t the only moment when a game needs to access data. Every time you enter a new scene or mission, the game will need to retrieve and load new data.