how to gift games on steam

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Choose the game,then navigate to the right and select the button that says Send Gift. As long as the intended recipient is on your friend list,you can either send the game directly to them through Steam or gift them the game with their email address on the next page.

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  • How do you gift a game to a friend on Steam?

  • Steam, the popular digital gaming service, has an easy and convenient way to send games as gifts to your friends, as well as customizing that gift by attaching a personalized message to it. You can gift a game to send that game directly into their Steam inventory, without the need for sending digital codes.

  • Can you buy Steam gift cards offline?

  • There are some offline stores that sell physical Steam gift cards, but now you can purchase digital gift cards as well. Upon redeeming these cards, the equivalent monetary value will be added to the recipient鈥檚 Steam Wallet, which can be then used to purchase games.

  • How do I send money to a friend on Steam?

  • You can send a Steam Wallet Code to anyone, as long as you鈥檝e been friends on stream for at least three days. Steam Gift Cards are available in values of $5, $10, $25, $50, and $100. Select the amount you want to gift, then choose the friend you want to give it to from your friends list.

  • Is it possible to transfer games from one Steam account to another?

  • At this time it’s not possible to transfer games from your account to another, It is however something that’s routinely discussed on the Steam Forums; Giving up ownership and transferring it to someone else as a gift that is. Currently the only way to gift a game is to buy another copy, Only spares can be gifted at this time.