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Steps to becoming a game tester1. Earn a high school diploma,GED or equivalent You don’t need a high school education to be a game tester,however,most game testers are 18 or older,so you should complete high school. …2. Play video games Most game testers started as video game enthusiasts. …3. Get a college degree in video game design or a related field …4. Work in quality assurance …

What are the requirements to be a game tester?

Steps to becoming a game tester.1. Earn a high school diploma,GED or equivalent. You don’t need a high school education to be a game tester,however,most game testers are 18 or …2. Play video games.3. Get a college degree in video game design or a related field.4. Work in quality assurance.

What is the salary of a video game tester?

If you just want the high-level overview, here it is: Video game tester salaries start around USD$18,000and top out around $55,000 annually for experienced lead testers. But it’s important to keep in mind that testing jobs at many companies are temporary positions.

How to become a video game beta tester?

Tips To Become A Successful Game TesterGain Technical Knowledge. Getting a certification from the American Software Testing Qualification Board (ASTQB) can give you an edge over the other prospective candidates.Participate in Public Beta Testing. A lot of companies offer public testing of games. …Develop Game Testing Skills. Game development companies look for prospects to be both skillful and passionate about playing video games.Build a Good Resume. Building a good resume is critical for game testing jobs. You should highlight the skills that match the requirements of the game testing position.Look for a Full-Time Position. Most of the openings for game testers are on a contract or part-time basis. Some also require work from home.Know where to Find Video Game Tester Jobs. Game tester jobs are posted on different websites. …

How to become a professional gamer and get paid?

How to Become a Professional Gamer and Get Paid? Every professional gamer starts as a newbie that is unfamiliar with all of this stuff. Streaming is probably the easiest method to begin your professional gamer life and start making some money. This method requires not only decent skills but also a charismatic characteristic or personality.

What Do Game Testers Do?

Video game testers work for tech companies thoroughly examining games to make sure they are free of bugs, glitches, and other errors. They are also known as Beta Testers, or, simply, Game Testers. The professional occupation title is Quality Assurance (QA) Tester. The work is about helping developers pinpoint technical and creative problems users could face before a game is released to the public.

What is a matrix test?

Video game testers may have to run through a testability matrix. Matrix testing is a software testing method often used in fighting games like Mortal Kombat, Tekken, or Soul Calibur. Say a fighting game has 20 different characters and 20 different levels. When utilizing the testability matrix, the video game tester would need to play as each character versus each character (including Character 1 vs. Character 1) on all 20 levels. Working through those 8,000 different matchups is just one example of the highly-detailed, often repetitive work video game testers perform.

What is the best asset for a video game tester?

Broad knowledge of video games and different genres can be a great asset. Testers could be limited in only knowing how to play shooter games, for instance, and will be limited in the companies and products they can work on.

How do video game testers work?

Video game testers work through games locating and reporting errors programmers can fix before games are released to the public.

How much does a QA tester make?

According to the Glassdoor, the average salary for testers is about $55,030 annually. Entry level QA workers, with between zero and one year of experience, earn an average of $42,186 per year. Testers with one to three years of experience average roughly $47,151 a year.

Why is it important to be a video game tester?

Because a video game tester is not only responsible for finding problems with a game but also relating these problems to programmers and developers, it is important to also have a well-rounded education that enhances communication skills. A video game tester will also benefit from a classes related to: Communications.

What skills do you need to be a good video game tester?

Knowing video games, however, is just a start. It might surprise you to learn that strong writing and communication skills are essential for a good video game tester. The ability to write in a clear, brief, and effective manner will help you describe the glitches you find and how you found them.

What is a Video Game Tester?

Though the job title seems self-explanatory, game testing involves a lot more than just playing video games before they go to market.

What Are the Benefits of Being a Game Tester?

Becoming a game tester is a great entryway into the field of video game production. Often, game testers go on to become video game developers. So, if you’re interested in creating video games and not only testing them, starting out as a game tester can be a great way to accomplish this goal.

Do You Need a Degree to Become a Video Game Tester?

You don’t need a degree, undergrad or otherwise, in order to become a video game tester. Many postings for game testing jobs only require a high school diploma, so in most cases, a degree isn’t necessary.

How much does a game tester make?

According to Game Industry Career Guide, game testing salaries can fall anywhere in between $18,000 to $55,000 annually. The salary will depend on your skills and if you’re an entry-level tester or an experienced senior game tester.

Why is game testing important?

One of the main benefits of game testing is that there are ample opportunities for growth within the field of gaming. Of course, growing into a higher position also depends on your work ethic, performance, and the technical skills you have. Still, video game testing can help you hone and sharpen those skills, making you a prime candidate for other gaming positions.

How much revenue will gaming generate in 2028?

Revenue from gaming has increased exponentially only in the last decade, and by 2028, the industry is expected to generate $300 million .

What is the ASTQB?

The American Software Testing Qualification Board (ASTQB) is a great place to look for gaining that extra technical knowledge that can put you over the edge. You can get a certificate in software testing so that you already have the technical knowledge you’ll need to start work as a game tester.

What does a game tester do?

A game tester, or quality assurance tester, plays video games that are under development to check for errors, also known as glitches or bugs. Game testers normally work for video game companies, often in close connection with programmers and other technical members of the development team. They are expected to test extensively, often repeating game levels multiple times to make sure they have tested every possible permutation of play.

How much does a game tester make?

The average salary for a game tester in the U.S. is $14.13 per hour as of November 2019, with a range of $7.25 to $44.10. Your salary as a game tester will depend a lot on your experience and the company you work for. Where you live can also be a factor in how much you get paid, since regional laws may determine a minimum wage.

How many hours do game testers work?

Most of the time, game testers work normal office hours. However, when there is a deadline and a lot of testing yet to be done, it is not unusual for testers to work as many as 80 hours in a week. What is the employment status of game testers? Video game companies normally hire testers as contractors.

Why do game testers test multiple levels?

They are expected to test extensively, often repeating game levels multiple times to make sure they have tested every possible permutation of play. As well as playing games, game testers take note of any gameplay errors they find along with steps on how to recreate those errors.

What is the best career to start in the video game industry?

Game testing is a good way to start a career in the video game industry. Other careers that may be open to you with your testing experience and in some cases additional education, include: Technical support specialist. Video game designer.

What is the test process for a game?

Testing games is a rigorous process that involves testing every possible scenario and every possible use of all the items in the game. In games where characters fight against one another, testers adopt a matrix method of testing.

How to become a game tester?

1. Earn a high school diploma, GED or equivalent. You don’t need a high school education to be a game tester, however, most game testers are 18 or older, so you should complete high school. Also, you will need basic writing and communication skills, which you can learn in high school or as part of studying for an equivalency.

What are the qualities of a good QA tech?

Other qualities that are important for a QA technician include being logical, persistent, organized, patient, and creative. If you’ve ever been a beta tester for a game before, definitely mention that!

What to do if the studio makes your favorite game?

Even if the studio makes your favorite game of all time, try to do some research beyond that—you don’t want to just seem like a gamer, but someone who’s really passionate about the industry as a whole.

How much does QA cost?

Usually, it’s about $10-$20 USD an hour. Being a QA technician is usually an entry-level position in the video game industry—the starting rate is usually around $10 an hour. Work can be a little sporadic, especially when you’re first starting out—you may find that you’re hired on near the end of a project for a few weeks of furious work, then you may be laid off after the game is released. However, if you’re willing to stick with it, it can be a great way to get the experience that can lead to better jobs in the future, so don’t give up if this is your dream!

What is QA tech?

Search for positions as a quality assurance (QA) technician. Most jobs won’t be listed as "video game tester," so use this formal title when you’re browsing. Online job boards are always a good place to start, but you might also check individual studios’ websites to see if they have any open positions, as well.

How to stand out as a QA technician?

Read the job description and tailor your interview to that. Check out any keywords in the job listing and think about how you can demonstrate those. For instance, if they mention "attention to detail," you might point out a cool but subtle technology you noticed in a game you’ve played. If you see "problem-solving skills," you might talk about a time you solved a tough problem when you were working on a project. That will help you stand out, even if you’ve never worked as a QA technician before.

What is QA engineer?

As you get more experience in the field, you might even be involved in fixing bugs when you find them—this position is typically known as a QA engineer.

Why is coding so impressive?

Coding would be most impressive to know because you could recognize bugs more easily. But lots of people without degrees are impressive gamers.

What do testers do?

There are many other things that testers do, such as attending meetings with the development team or the other testers in your group. But the bulk of the work of a tester is finding and reporting bugs as described above.

What does a game tester do?

Game testers support a game development team by playing versions of the game that are under development, and reporting on any bugs that they find. Some of the tasks that game testers do might include: Play the build, looking for bugs and other defects.

What is detail oriented?

Detail oriented: You need to be able to spot bugs, figure out how to make them happen predictably, and describe the precise steps to the development team to help them find and fix the bugs. Nothing can be overlooked or slip through the cracks, because every bug that ships with the game has a negative impact on players.

How to apply for a game testing job?

To apply for game testing jobs, you’ll need to write a good resume (called a CV in many countries), and optionally a cover letter. Fortunately, game testing resumes aren’t much different from any other resume, so you can start by using resume examples from other successful people in the game industry.

Is it bad to be a QA tester?

Being a QA tester for a game company isn’t exactly “getting paid to play video games,” but it’s not a bad way to earn a living. And it’s certainly a common way for newbies to break into the game industry — in fact, I started my own career as a game tester, and went on to build a successful (and, frankly, highly-paid) career making games.

Do QA testers need health insurance?

Not all companies provide health insurance to QA testers. Many companies hire QA as temporary (“temp”) workers, and are not required to pay for their health benefits. If a tester is employed through a temporary staffing agency, the agency may pay health insurance.

Is working from home lonely?

And it’s also a great way to build a community, and make a group of tester friends who will help each other out later on in your careers. Working from home can be extremely lonely, and people who work from home often don’t advance their careers as often as people who work in the office.

Is Video Game Testing a Stable Job?

Game testing doesn’t pay very much. To start, you’re typically looking at about ten dollars an hour.

Where Can I Find Video Game Tester Jobs?

There are a wealth of online resources to choose from to help you in your job search. can point you in the right direction.

Why do beta testers play games?

Beta testers play the game to spot glitches. Weird graphical effects, freezing, and problems with the lines of code are all at the forefront of a beta tester’s mind.

Why do video game developers hire testers?

For video game developers, hiring a small team of testers takes a considerable burden off the team by engaging in this cost-efficient method of debugging a game. Having multiple individuals ‘work’ on a game can give developers several different perspectives and a more streamlined way of finding kinks in the game.

How to root out every bug?

To root out every single bug, quality assurance testers need to test literally every combination. In a fighting game, this means every single character needs to face every other character, on every single level.

Why is game testing important?

In the world of game development, game testing best serves most people as a starting point. It’s a good way to get a taste of the pressures facing developers under the darkness of looming deadlines. It can also serve as a way for you to strut your stuff and showcase your work ethic.

What does QA stand for in video game testing?

What Does a Video Game Tester Do? “QA tester” is the official title of the position. QA stands for quality assurance. As in “Video Game Quality Assurance ”. That shift in title helps distinguish game testing from game playing and is the first step on a journey of realigning expectations.

How Much Do Video Game Testers Make?

Testers are paid either based on the hours of work they put in or on an annual salary. Either way, the pay rate can vary a lot — it’s based on factors such as which game company you’re working for, what geographical location the studio is located within, and how many years of experience you have as a game tester or a game testing lead.

What do video game testers need?

Almost all work-from-home video game testers will have to provide their own equipment, meaning you will have to purchase consoles, computers, controllers, and other products in order to complete the work and earn an income. A video game tester is expected to take a wide range of actions in the game to identify any bugs or glitches.

What is a good game tester?

A good game tester should have an eye for details. Gaming proficiency is required, but you should be able to spot glitches that the average gamer will not be able to see. A good game tester will have to spot these tiny details and point them out to the developer. No glitch is too small and as such it should be detected and reported. You can fully expect to be tested on details when interviewing for a game testing job.

Why do people work from home?

You get to work from home, choose when to work and have all the personal freedom that comes with working from your house. Many people find this to be one of the top reasons to choose a video game tester career.

How to be a good video game tester?

It is also necessary to have very good written and communication skills in order to be a good video game tester. You should also be able to writer in a clear, brief and unambiguous manner when writing about glitches and bugs and how you discovered them. Your clear writing will give developers a clear path to addressing the issue and creating a fix. You don’t have to be a poetic, colorful author; you need to be a clear, concise, and detailed communicator.

What are the requirements to be a video game tester?

Requirements to be a Video Game Tester. 1. Skills and Abilities. There are a lot of basic skills and abilities that are very important to have in order to succeed as a video game tester but probably the most important attribute is a foundational experience with video games.

How old do you have to be to be a beta tester?

18 years. The United States requires that a person must be 18 years or older in order to sign a nondisclosure agreement. Because almost all beta tests require testers to sign an NDA, most people under the age of 18 cannot beta test a product by themselves.

What Is A Video Game Tester?

A game tester’s job is to break the game. Simple. The developers do a great job writing and programming, but in any beta or developer release, there are inevitably glitches and errors that need a new set of eyes to check them in practice. A game tester works with a team, either for a company or freelance, to find bugs and report them.

How Much Money Can I Make?

Wages for noob game testers are often above average for entry-level positions (in the US, the median wage for a game tester is around $14.60 per hour). Many people get into game testing, not for the immediate money, but as a springboard for future careers and better salaries in testing management, game development, and distribution.

What Are The Job Requirements?

If you are under the age of 18, you will need a parent or guardian’s permission to work as a game tester. There are legal age restrictions on game violence, adult content, and language, which companies must observe. You will need to comply with these to get the job.

Finding A Job

My best suggestion is to explore online and look up “ Quality Assurance Video Game Tester ” with the search engine of your choice. We found many different job boards and companies offering roles as a tester.

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Final Thoughts

So, how long does it take to get a job as a video game tester? Well, if you don’t get hired right away, don’t feel discouraged. Job searches can take time, but remember gaming is growing, and there will be more and more jobs on the way.