how many need for speed games are there

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In collaboration with numerous developers,the Need for Speed franchise has rolled out20official main series games,making it one of the biggest series in history. Some of these games were hot,while some smelt like burning rubber,and it has been a long time debate as to which of these main titles ranks best amongst the rest.

How many versions of need for Speed games are there?

Game Year Platforms Sales (MM) Ref The Need For Speed 1994 3DO, DOS, PS, Saturn Need for Speed II 1997 PC, PS Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit 1998 PC, PS 1.7 US only[1] Need for Speed: High Stakes 1999 PC, PS 1.39 US only[1] 18 more rows …

What are the best need for Speed games for PC?

Need for Speed Rivals 21. Need for Speed: No Limits 22. Need for Speed (2015) 23. Need for Speed Payback 24. Need for Speed Heat 1. Need for Speed: V-Rally 2. Need for Speed: V-Rally 2 3. Need for Speed: Motor City Online 4. Need for Speed: Edge (Beta) An error occured while loading comments.

When did the first need for Speed game start?

The Need for Speed (1994 Video Game) Error: please try again. The first part of legendary journey begins from choosing tracks, selecting cars and escaping police. It all started here, in the middle of the 1990s. 2. Need for Speed II (1997 Video Game)

What is the release date of need for Speed 2?

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 Release date: 2nd October 2002 7. Need for Speed: Underground Release date: 17th November 2003 8. Need for Speed: Underground 2 Release date: 15th November 2004

What is the PSP version of Need for Speed?

Released around the same time as Need For Speed: Most Wanted, Need For Speed: Most Wanted 5-1-0 was the PSP version of the new Need For Speed game. It featured similar graphics and handling but a slightly downscaled version of the full game, however, it allowed the gamer to play the role of the cops as well.

What is the fifth Need for Speed game?

The fifth addition to the Need For Speed franchise, titled Need For Speed: High Stakes, made its mark on history by offering more types of races in the game, such as head-to-head pink slip races, where the winner takes all and the loser hands over their car to the winner and goes home with nothing. Need For Speed: High Stakes also had a showcase mode that allowed the gamer to watch a video of the car they chose, with a narrator explaining the manufacturer specs and history on their particular vehicle.

What cars were used in Need for Speed?

In 2003, Need For Speed: Underground took a complete turn-around and focussed the attention not on exotic supercars like Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s, but on everyday cars like Honda Civics and Volkswagen Golf GTI’s. After the release of The Fast And The Furious movie, tuner culture was at the forefront of the automotive enthusiast community. Kids wanted the ability to modify their cars visually with spoilers, bumpers, stickers, exhausts and wheels, and then race on the streets. EA games recognised this and built a game that would forever change the Need For Speed game franchise. In addition to this, they incorporated a banging music playlist with artists such as Rob Zombie, DMX, Static-X and Story Of The Year. Need For Speed: Underground would become the most icon release of the franchise ever.

What is Road and Track?

Road and Track presents The Need For Speed was a game originally developed to promote a magazine. It was more of a driving simulator that featured real data of the cars that were featured in the game, with each car having different handling and performance. Road and Track presents The Need For Speed was the start of a gaming franchise that would last well over two decades.

What is Need for Speed?

The Need For Speed game franchise by Electronic Arts (EA Games) has grown into nothing less that a legendary game title, has influenced more than just the gaming community and even branched off into the automotive and Hollywood movie industry. When you were just a kid, the thought of getting behind the wheel of your very own first car was so far in the future it seemed completely out of reach. What the Need For Speed games did, was dive into the imagination of generations of kids worldwide and grew the automotive enthusiast community in the years to come.

When was Need for Speed V rally 2 released?

Much like the odd one out, Need For Speed: V-Rally that was launched in 1997, Need For Speed V-Rally 2 was an updated version of the rally-racing orientated original, and featured more modern cars, better graphics and more features. 7) Need For Speed: Porsche Unleashed – 2000.

Is Need for Speed Carbon the same as Need for Speed?

Need For Speed games followed a storyline since Need For Speed: Underground. Need For Speed: Most Wanted had a much more in-depth, movie-like storyline which continued over to the latest addition, Need For: Speed Carbon. Although Need For Speed: Carbon had cop chases similar to Need For Speed: Most Wanted, the storyline strayed away from the game being focused mainly around cop chases. Need For Speed: Carbon also brought back the drift races, which were first introduced with the two Underground games but not present in Need For Speed: Most Wanted.

Why is Porsche Unleashed so low?

However, the choice to stick to just one make of car is the reason Porsche Unleashed is ranked so low. Picking a single make of car was not a new thing either, as competitor Gran Turismo had already put this style into practice while offering a lot more in there games, whereas in Porsche Unleashed, that was all there was to do.

What was cool about shift?

What was cool about Shift was, although they had moved away from the street racer format, the player could still use some of the tactics he would employ on the street, such as taking out opponents mid-race, while still allowing players to play more professionally.

What is the worst game in Need for Speed?

Gaining the title of the worst game in the series is Need for Speed: ProStreet. After a long period of time, ProStreet took players back to the track, ditching the illegal street-racing format that had previously been a huge success for EA. ProStreet also brought in realistic damage to cars, which affected the way players raced, while also allowing them to drive around real-life circuits.

What does "roots" mean in Need for Speed?

Now when we say roots, we really mean roots as Undercover incorporated nearly every element of Need for Speed one could think of; street racing, police chases, opportunities to be the police, a storyline, an open world and, of course, MORE CARS! However, once again, it was the story that let this title down, with fans and critics alike voicing their distaste for the campaign.

How many memory cards does High Stakes mode have?

And for PlayStation owners — High Stakes mode allowed two players to pit their cars against each other by inserting two memory cards. The loser would have his car deleted immediately after the race, which we’re sure broke up a few friendships along the way. A cool feature, but not enough for the game to be seen as a high point in the series.

Why is Need for Speed so low on the list?

The Need for Speed was arguably the racing game of its time and the only reason it features so low on this list is because its successors managed to go beyond the lofty standards set back in 1994.

How long has Need for Speed been around?

From extremely Illegal Street racing to legitimate track-driving, Need for Speed has had quite the history, spreading over 20 years.