how many innings was the longest baseball game

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26 innings

What is the longest half inning ever played in MLB?

How Long Was The Longest Half Inning In Mlb History? It was the 18th in Game 3 of the 2018 World Series between the Dodgers and Red Sox. A walk-off home run by Max Muncy in the bottom half of theinning gave the game its final score. In addition to being the longest game by time, this 3-2 Dodgers’ victory lasted seven hours and 20 minutes.

What is the fastest baseball game ever played?

The Fastest Baseball Game in MLB History. Today,general consensus considers the51-minute,September 28,1919contest between the Philadelphia Phillies and the New York Giants to be the quickest in major league history,with the Giants winning 6-1.

What is the longest winning streak in baseball?

Tuesday’s win was New York’s 11th straight. It is the longest winning streak in baseball this season — the Dodgers, Marlins, and Twins have each had a seven-game winning streak — and the longest Yankees winning streak since a 13-gamer last April.

What is the most innings played in a MLB game?

Most innings:33Total time for one game: 8 hours, 25 minutes Most putouts by one team in one game: 99 (PAW)

How many innings did the Mets play in 1968?

April 15, 1968: Houston Astros 1, New York Mets 0. Length: 24 innings. The Mets, it seems, have a penchant for playing in historically long games. Six years before they played 25 innings in Flushing, they played 24 against the Astros in Houston.

How many innings did Joe Oeschger pitch?

Both starting pitchers, Brooklyn’s Leon Cadore and Boston’s Joe Oeschger, pitched the entire 26 innings of the game. Somehow, they only allowed one run apiece. "If a pitcher couldn’t go the distance," Oeschger would tell the Sarasota Herald-Tribune decades later, "he soon found himself some other form of occupation.".

How many innings did Tom Terrific throw in 1969?

Seaver, who was in his second MLB season and a year away from leading the Miracle Mets to the 1969 World Series title, threw 10 shutout innings and allowed just two hits. Tom Terrific retired 25 straight batters between the bottom of the second and the bottom of the 10th.

How many innings did the Boston Braves play in 1920?

1. May 1, 1920: Brooklyn Robins 1, Boston Braves 1. Length: 26 innings. The longest game by innings in Major League history could have gone even longer — after 26 innings, the game was called due to darkness. The Robins (the predecessors to the Dodgers) and Braves were tied at 1, and that’s how the game ended.

How long was the longest MLB game?

Length: 25 innings. This is the longest game in MLB history in terms of time. It took eight hours and six minutes – and it had to be completed over two days. The game began on May 8.

What team won the 2008 NL pennant?

April 17, 2008: Colorado Rockies 2, San Diego Padres 1. The April after their "Rocktober" run to the 2007 NL pennant — which began with a win over San Diego in a one-game tiebreaker to determine the Wild Card — the Rockies prevailed in a six-hour, 16-minute affair against the Padres at Petco Park.

What was the longest game in baseball in 1945?

July 21, 1945: Detroit Tigers 1, Philadelphia Athletics 1. Length: 24 innings. Before the White Sox and Brewers surpassed them four decades later, the Tigers and A’s had the AL record for longest game. This game, like the Robins and Braves’ 26-inning record-setter, ended in a tie.

What is the longest MLB game ever?

Those postseason run-times might have finished at the length of two full MLB games, but they’re still far off from the longest games in regular-season MLB history.

How many innings did the Cardinals and Mets play in 1974?

The Cardinals and Mets in 1974 also hit 25 innings. On Sept. 11 that year, the Cardinals scored a run in the top of the ninth to tie the game at three. What followed was 15 scoreless innings until Mets pitcher Hank Webb attempted to pick off Bake McBride at first base. The throw was wild and McBride raced all the way around the bases, eventually scoring when catcher Ron Hodges dropped the throw. Sonny Siebert fired a scoreless bottom half of the inning to give St. Louis the 4-3 win. The game took seven hours and four minutes, and lasted until 3:15 a.m. after beginning at 8:08 p.m.

What is the longest NBA playoff game?

The longest NBA playoff game is a tie between a 1953 matchup between the Syracuse Nationals and Boston Celtics, and the quadruple-overtime matchup between the Nuggets and Trail Blazers in 2019 that both ran five hours and 40 minutes.

How long was the Dodgers’ 3-2 win?

It ended with a walk-off home run in the bottom half of the inning by Max Muncy. This 3-2 Dodgers’ win was also the longest by time as it ran seven hours and 20 minutes.

How many runs did Juan Marichal allow in the first game of the San Francisco game?

The two teams started a double-header, with the first matchup going relatively quickly. Juan Marichal pitched a complete game against New York, allowing just three runs as San Francisco won 5-3 in a two hour and 29 minute matchup. Easy breezy.

How many games will the 11th inning be in 2021?

Only 62 games reached the 11th inning during the season, a drastic measure down from the 234 games that reached the 11th in 2019 before the rule was implemented for the COVID-19 shortened 2020 season.

What is the longest game in NFL history?

According to Stathead, the longest game in NFL playoff history was Super Bowl XLVII between the Ravens and 49ers that ran four hours and 14 minutes.

How many innings did the Dodgers win in the 2018 World Series?

Game 3, 2018 World Series: Dodgers 3, Red Sox 2 — 18 innings. In the longest postseason game, in terms of time, in MLB history (seven hours, 20 minutes), the Dodgers beat the Red Sox on a Muncy walk-off home run in the 18th inning to cut their Series deficit to 2-1. The two clubs combined to use 18 pitchers and 46 players overall in the contest, …

How many games did the White Sox lose in the 2005 World Series?

The White Sox lost just one playoff game on their way to the 2005 World Series title, going 11-1 in a dominant postseason, including a sweep of the Astros in the Fall Classic. But those wins were hard-fought, especially Game 3 of the World Series, the only extra-inning game the White Sox played during their title run.

How many innings did the Red Sox play in 1916?

7 (tie). Game 2, 1916 World Series: Red Sox 2, Robins 1 — 14 innings. The Red Sox and Brooklyn Robins — now the Dodgers, of course — established the World Series benchmark when they played this 14-inning World Series game all the way back in 1914.

What inning did Muncy play in?

From there, it was a duel of the bullpens, with each side matching the other with zeros on the scoreboard until Muncy’s heroics in the 18th inning.

What was the longest game in the 2015 World Series?

Game 1, 2015 World Series: Royals 5, Mets 4 – 14 innings. The record for longest World Series game is a three-way tie at 14 innings, with the most recent being the Royals’ 5-4 win over the Mets in the opening game of the 2015 Fall Classic.

How long was the 2005 World Series game?

The game took six hours, 23 minutes – the longest postseason game on record by time as well as innings. The Giants would eliminate the Nationals in four games and go on to win the World Series. 1 (tie). Game 4, 2005 NLDS: Astros 7, Braves 6 — 18 innings. Entering Game 4 of the 2005 NLDS, the Astros already held the record for longest postseason …

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