how many games of league have i played

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How much time I wasted on League?

Step 1) Open your League of Legends client and click on Profile. Step 2) Once inside your profile click on Stats. Step 3) You can now see how much time you have spent playing League of Legends over the past year. Wasted on LoL covers any account on Riots servers. Accounts from China and South East Asia have yet been excluded.

How many people actually play League of Legends?

The most accurate way to estimate the number of players is to look at the money invested in server infrastructure. Generally, League of Legends has more than 27 million active players every day, with peak times during European afternoon and US prime time. In 2009, the founders of Riot Games launched League of Legends.

How long is an average League of Legends match?

The average duration of a League of Legends tournament is 8 hours. This is mainly due to the number of games played and played at once in the tournament but is also based on the rank of players, breaks and technical issues. There is a lot of predictability and control over how long a League of Legends 5v5 tournament would be.

How many MLB games have been played?

The Major League Baseball(MLB) season schedule generally consists of 162 games for each of the 30 teams in the American League (AL) and National League (NL), played over approximately six months—a total of2,430games, plus the postseason.

How Many Hours Have you Spent Playing LoL?

Now that you know how many LoL games you have played since you started, wouldn’t it be cool to see how many hours you’ve spent on the game? You can do this too! There’s a site called (go there). The WOL stands for “Wasted on League,” but in our book, when you play LoL, you’re not wasting any time at all.

What does it mean when you put a lot of time into playing LoL?

So, if you have found that you have put a lot more time into playing LoL than you have, per se, living life, what this means is that you have found something that really excites you and has captured your interest, and that is hard for some people to find in life, so congratulations on that.

Is it okay to put your time wherever you choose?

As long as you’re still living your life, making a living, having dinner, and keeping your home clean, then you should be able to put your time wherever you choose, and if LoL is where you choose to put your time to, then that is perfectly fine. In the end, what matters the most is that you’re having fun! Plus, if you’re putting that much time into something, you’re obviously becoming an expert.

How to find out how many games you played in League of Legends?

Whether it is Aram, or a normal game, you can find out how many games did you play in the End game screen. This is definitely the fastest way to find out your total game numbers in normal game modes. Just play a game of the queue that you are interested in and don’t leave the post-game lobby instantly. At the top of the screen there will be shown your total number of wins and losses. Just add those two together and you will see how many total normal games in league of legends you played.

Is League of Legends still popular?

It is 2021 and League of Legends is still the most popular video game in the world. Now almost 12 years old, it has seen generations of players come and go. But there are still veterans playing that have put an unimaginable amount of time into the game. It is not always easy to know how many games of League did you play so we wrote this guide to help you find that out.

Is there a cap on leveling up in League of Legends?

In the past player levels were capped at 30. Nowadays there is no such cap and players are rewarded for leveling up. Alongside mandatory blue essence, you can also unlock cool borders and emotes. Furthermore, every 50 levels starting at level 150 you will receive one of the most precious rewards League of Legends has to offer, gemstones.

What is WoL app?

WoL is a third-party app that gets info from the Riot Games database. However, the number of hours that this site displays that you’ve played isn’t 100% accurate.

How to find out when League of Legends was installed?

If you didn’t have to re-install the game or get a new computer, you could right-click on the League of Legends desktop icon. Click on Properties and it should have a date of when it was installed.

What is wasted on LoL?

Wasted on LoL is a web app that League players can go to find out how many hours they’ve sunk into the game over time. It also lets you know your region ranking to see how you stack up against some of the most die-hard LoL fans.

How long is the riot?

At the moment, 832 hours (equivalent to 35 full days) is what the average is based on Riot’s official statistics.

Does Wasted on LoL have every region?

Wasted on LoL, unfortunately, doesn’t have every region in their database as most regions are hosted by third-party platforms (QQ, Garena, and others). Many regions in South East Asia fall under this category as they are hosted by Garena. And if you’re one of the folks on those servers – don’t fret!