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Is the Xbox One better than the PS4?

Xbox in the years leading up to 2020 has made several good faith changes in response to PS4’s domineering success. While Microsoft’s console has been vastly outsold by the PS4 thanks to the Xbox One’s initial identity crisis, Xbox fans have slowly gotten a much better console and expanded online service to stand with it. Specifically with Game Pass, an innovative Netflix subscription-style model for playing games on demand, that’s one of the offerings from the Xbox ecosystem that still trumps Sony to this day. PlayStation Now pales in comparison to what Game Pass is capable of, both in cost for consumers and the selection of games available on the service.

Is Xbox Live getting overhauled?

With all of these major new additions and changes to Xbox’s online services and features, there’s a very real possibility that Xbox Live is getting some kind of overhaul in the near future. Xbox Live has been around for about 18 years, so perhaps Microsoft has an idea on how to iterate off the foundation they’ve consistently built upon. Changes are likely to come, but fans shouldn’t expect a brand new service with completely new functionality or capabilities. More than likely Xbox is looking at how to improve the service as Microsoft prepares to launch the next Xbox console.

Is Xbox Game Pass Ultimate a no-brainer?

Presumably for Xbox fans, the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription seems like a no-brainer for any gaming fan to get the most out of their money. Removing the year subscription option of Xbox Live seems to be a reflection of that, even though there’s likely a vocal section of Xbox players who wish this was still an option. Even still, bundling Xbox Live and Game Pass together has likely been such a popular option that Microsoft is running with it as the main subscription option for Xbox Series X.

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