how many games do the dodgers have to win

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To get to116,they need to go 102-42 over the remaining 144 games,or a .708 winning percentage. Dating back to the 2019 All-Star Game,the Dodgers have played 148 regular-season games. They have a .696 winning percentage.

Can the Dodgers match MLB’s all-time wins record?

Since June 21, the Dodgers have a .793 winning percentage. If they keep that up over the final 39 games (30-9), they’ll match MLB’s all-time wins record of 116 The Dodgers have 24 games remaining on the season against teams under .500, including a six-game series to close out the regular season at home against the Colorado Rockies.

Do the Dodgers have any weaknesses?

LOS ANGELES — The Dodgers don’t have many, if any, weaknesses. On paper, they boast the most talented roster in the Majors. On the field, they proved they were just that, becoming the fifth team in AL/NL history to win at least 111 games in the regular season. The Dodgers have just about everything you need to win a World Series this season.

How many wins do the Dodgers have in franchise history?

? Over the last three full seasons, the Dodgers have set a franchise record with 106 wins in 2019, tied that record in ‘21 and then set the record at 111 in ‘22.

What is the Dodgers’ winning percentage in August?

The Dodgers are 18-4 in the month of August and have lost only one series since the All-Star break (to the Nationals, of all teams). LA features a .699 winning percentage, a pace which would be good for a franchise record 113-win season.

How many games did the Mariners win in 1939?

The Mariners were in the midst of a 14-game winning streak here, but more notable is that the 1939 Yankees show up, an incredibly good team (they’d win 106 games and sweep the Reds in the World Series) that never seems to get the recognition that the ’27 and ’98 Yankees get.

How many games have the Dodgers played in 2019?

Dating back to the 2019 All-Star Game, the Dodgers have played 148 regular-season games. They have a .696 winning percentage. Or, if we want to include postseason games and the higher caliber of opponent they bring, the Dodgers have, over their last 144 games, posted a .695 winning percentage.

How many wins did the Seattle Mariners have in 2001?

If it’s raw wins you’re after, then it’s 116 wins, a mark held by both the 2001 Seattle Mariners of Ichiro Suzuki and Edgar Martinez and the 1906 Cubs of Tinker-to-Evers-to-Chance. But Chicago did it in 152 games as opposed to Seattle’s 162, so those long-ago Cubs hold the best winning percentage mark at .762.

How many wins did the Red Sox have in 2018?

That’s the best record in baseball, only one game off the best start in Los Angeles Dodger history, and the best 18-game start since the 2018 Red Sox went 16-2 on their way to 108 wins. It’s a 126-victory pace, and while they are not going to actually win 126 — probably, anyway — you know where this is going.

What is the second highest walk rate in baseball?

Their hitters are first in OBP and third in slugging; they have the second-highest walk rate, to San Diego, and the lowest chase rate, just ahead of San Diego. When they swing in the zone, they have the third-highest contact rate, but that’s only when they swing at all, because they have the third-lowest swing rate.

Where are the Dodgers going in May?

It’s worth nothing here that this upcoming May, the Dodgers’ travel schedule is mostly favorable. After a month-opening trip in Milwaukee and Chicago, they spend the next 14 days in California, with trips to Anaheim and San Francisco bookending a homestand against Seattle, Miami and Arizona.

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