how many far cry games are there

Why did Annie laugh when she was reaped?

She sometimes laughed when there was nothing to laugh about and closed her eyes and covered her ears with her hands to block out the memories from the Hunger Games. When she was reaped in the 75th Hunger Games, Annie started screaming hysterically.

What happened to Annie in Hunger Games?

During the 70th Hunger Games, Annie witnessed her district partner get beheaded and thus isolated herself for most of the games. This presumably worked for her up until an earthquake broke a dam, flooding the arena. Having grown up in District 4, Annie survived by being the best swimmer.

Who is Annie Cresta?

Annie Cresta is a victor from District 4 known for winning the 70th Hunger Games. She is the widow of Finnick Odair and the mother of their son .

Did Enobaria vote for Katniss?

Enobaria, Katniss, Haymitch, and Johanna, however, vote yes. At President Snow’s execution, Annie watches Katniss kill President Coin when she was supposed to kill President Snow. Annie dancing at her wedding. Annie returns to her home in District 4, where she gives birth to Finnick’s son.

Why did Finnick hear Annie’s screams?

During the third Quarter Quell, Finnick heard Annie’s screams during the jabberjay attack because she was who he cared about above all others. He was worried that the Capitol had hurt Annie. In Mockingjay, Finnick constantly worried about Annie and could not concentrate on anything else but her.

What district did Annie and Finnick get married in?

In District 13, she and Finnick were married in the traditional District 4 style where their wedding cake was decorated with waves and dolphins by Peeta Mellark. Annie wore the dress Katniss had worn in District 5 on her Victory Tour.

Who mentored Annie in Catching Fire?

Catching Fire. In Catching Fire, Annie was reaped to participate in the 75th Hunger Games, but Mags , an older victor who mentored Finnick Odair and Annie during their Hunger Games, volunteered to enter the Games in her place. After the jabberjay attack in the arena, Finnick tells Katniss Everdeen about Annie.

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