do any nfl game come on today

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There are no NFL games on today. The New Orleans Saints and Arizona Cardinals do battle on Thursday night in the desert to open Week 7 of the 2022 NFL schedule. Thursday, October 20

What NFL games are on local TV?

All playoff games, theSuper Bowl, and the Pro Bowlare nationally televised on either Saturday, Sunday or Monday in January and February, and either in the afternoon or in primetime. Scheduling during the NFL preseason is more lenient in that most games usually start based on the local time.

Are there any Saturday NFL games?

Fast forward to now, and the NFLstill has Saturday games, but they tend to not begin until mid-to-late December and into the playoffs. This works out fairly well for the NCAA because its football season is pretty done that time, with only playoffs and bowl games around the holidays.

When is the NFL start?

This means that the official league year begins a bit later than expected, and this year that day comes on Wednesday, March 16 at 1:00 p.m. When the league officially starts a new year, then every contract in the league also flips with the calendar.

How many NFL players are in the NFL?

NFL teams are allowed to have 53 players on their roster. 46 players can be dressed to play in a single game. Players can rotate in and out, but only 11 players can be on the field at the same time. The table below summarizes a typical roster. It shows typical numbers by: position in the roster. dressed out for the game.

Are there NFL games Thursday?

Yes. In fact, the league has blessed us with two NFL preseason games tonight. The Washington Football Team will take on the New England Patriots while the Pittsburgh Steelers travel to face the Philadelphia Eagles.

Washington vs. Patriots prediction

Tonight is the first time we get to see both the Washington Football Team and New England Patriots in live action. Washington is coming off a first-place finish (7-9 record) in the NFC East in 2020, while New England finished third (7-9 record) in the AFC East. That was the Patriots’ first losing season since 2000.

Steelers vs. Eagles prediction

The Steelers are just a week removed from beating the Cowboys in the Hall of Fame Game. Now, they’ll get a look at the Eagles, coming off a disappointing fourth-place finish (4-11-1 record) in the NFC East last season.