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Did the old man really create the horrible game in squid game?

In the season finale, it is revealed that the old man or No. 001 (Yeong-su Oh) — that both the protagonist Seong Gi-hun or No. 456 (Jung-jae Lee) and the audience came to know and love — is the one who created the horrible game. It was a shocking moment of realization and disappointment. No. 001 is one of the most likable characters in the story.

Why did Oh Il-Nam create squid game?

We learn in the last episode of Squid Game that Oh Il-nam created the games along with his rich clients. And we also learn that the reason they created the games was primarily because nothing satisfied them anymore. They had more money than they could ever want. They wanted to experience some excitement in their lives again.

Who is player 001 in squid game?

Not long into the first game, Gi-hun learns that it’s going to be much more intense than he thought — and this time, he’s betting with his life. One of the first allies Gi-hun makes in Squid Game is an elderly man known as Player 001 (Oh Yeong-su).

What is squid game about?

Squid Game follows a character named Seong Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae), who decides to join a competition to win money in an attempt to pay off his gambling debts. Not long into the first game, Gi-hun learns that it’s going to be much more intense than he thought — and this time, he’s betting with his life.

Why did Il Nam create the game?

So, Il-nam created the game to have some “fun.” But he didn’t come up with a game like Polo or Golf to deal with his boredom. He created an obscenely violent game that would suit his and his clients’ tastes. The money, power, and influence that these people have made them automatically entitled. As a result, it apparently didn’t affect their conscience that they are dealing with the lives of real people.

What is the real name of the old man in Squid Game?

Like any other game, the old man, whose real name is revealed to be Oh Il-nam, created Squid Game for amusement and entertainment. As he tells Gi-hun after the latter arrives at the apartment and is stunned to see him alive, he is extremely wealthy. And when someone has that kind of money, it eventually comes to a point when nothing in the world can satisfy them. Il-nam was bored with his life, and after speaking to his equally rich clients, he realized that they felt the same. Having virtually everything that anyone can ever want, it apparently took the joy out of their lives.

Why is Gi-hun outraged?

Realizing that Gi-hun is outraged because he said he created the game for fun, Il-nam reminds him that all the contestants signed forms before entering the competition. And even after knowing what it is, most of them chose to come back to play it. This is likely why he, Front Man, and the recruiters chose Gi-hun and the others. They knew that these people didn’t have any other options because of their financial situation. They were desperate enough to do anything, including playing a series of deadly children’s games.

What does Il Nam tell Gi-hun?

He points outside where a man is dying in the cold and tells Gi-hun that the latter will win if someone comes to help the man by midnight. He wants Gi-hun to believe what has become his own philosophy: people are not inherently good. However, before midnight, someone does come and helps the man, proving him categorically wrong. But by then, Il-nam himself has died and never discovers that he lost his last bet.

Is Il Nam’s tumor real?

The tumor has always been real. Il-nam knew that he would die soon. So, to experience his creation from the other side of the glass, he decided to participate in the game, leaving his owl mask behind and wearing the No. 001 jumpsuit and jacket. Il-nam and his clients or the VIPs betted against each other for their favorite contestants. It became the ultimate source of entertainment for them. Even in his last moments, he makes a wager with Gi-hun about the life of another person. As an angry Gi-hun tries to suffocate him, Il-nam tells Gi-hun that he will tell him everything if he plays one more game with him.

Is the old man evil for creating Squid Game?

With the reveal of the old man’s reason for creating Squid Game, we immediately recognize the inherent evil of the whole idea. I mean, to subject people to a series of fatal children’s games is insane, right?

Why did Oh Il Nam create Squid Game?

And we also learn that the reason they created the games was primarily because nothing satisfied them anymore. They had more money than they could ever want. They wanted to experience some excitement in their lives again. And Squid Game, in all of its gore and human suffering, offered them that.

What does the old man believe?

The old man believes that human beings are unkind, that life in itself is cruel. He makes a bet with Gi Hun right before he dies, wagering that no one will help the homeless man outside before midnight.

What does the old man assume Gi-Hun was riddled with?

The old man assumes, correctly, that Gi-Hun was riddled with guilt. Gi-Hun, shocked, asks the old man why he himself isn’t feeling any guilt .

Is the old man correct?

To a large degree, the old man is technically correct. The players who signed up and returned to the games wanted to play. They did put themselves into desperate situations in the real world, resulting in their wanting to play the games with the hope to win the money.

Is the rich and powerful evil?

In creating these games, the rich and the powerful are so disconnected with the rest of humanity that they no longer recognize evil. Yes, in the standard morality sense, they are evil. But this is no longer something they themselves understand.

Can money make you behave like an old man?

It seems almost preposterous that money can make someone behave like the old man, but it’s common for those in wealthy and powerful positions to think of themselves as above the law .

What does the green light mean in Squid Game?

In the first game of red light, green light, the robot designed to detect flinching Squid Game players didn’t target Il-nam at all. While everyone else’s Squid Game tracksuit had a green overlay, Il-nam and the player near him didn’t have one at all. This could indicate that the robot was programmed to spare Il-nam, which also affected those near him as Squid Game ’s organizers couldn’t risk harming their founder.

Why does Il Nam smile in Squid Game?

Il-nam’s wide smile throughout the different death games the players are forced to play is reflective of his outlook on life , as he explained to Gi-hun. But during a second viewing of Squid Game, this smile takes on a more sinister context. Unlike every other player who is risking their life for the chance to win Squid Game ’s 45.6 billion Korean won prize, he’s just there to have a bit of fun before he dies. Moreover, the fact that Il-nam used his brain tumor and impending death to justify flashing an authentic smile, as other players are eliminated around him, is quite telling of just what kind of person the Squid Game founder truly is.

How did Il Nam describe the neighborhood setting for the marble game?

How Il-nam described the neighborhood setting for the marble game was dismissed by many as the mere ramblings of an old man suffering from dementia. But as Squid Game ’s ending reveals, the setting was an accurate recreation of Il-nam’s old home. This could have been the Front Man’s way of making the marble game even more exciting for the founder of the games. Moreover, the geometric shapes on display in the house Il-nam identified as his home are the same shapes found on the Squid Game cards. And lastly, when the camera pans out to show the dead players after the marble game, Il-nam’s corpse was nowhere to be found.

What does Il Nam mean?

Meanwhile, the second character “??” or “nam” can be translated to boy or man. This means that Il-nam’s name actually translates to “first man.” While this could refer to how Il-nam is also known as Player 001, it could also just as easily refer to the Saw -like twist in the ending, in which he is revealed to be the founder of Squid Game.

What shape to carve out of honeycomb?

The star shape is one of the easiest shapes to carve out of the honeycomb treat using a needle, and Il-nam chose this shape for himself. While the triangle shape is arguably easier to carve out, the star has even shorter lines and requires even less skill. Despite being old and slow, Il-nam easily carves out the star without using any tricks or special techniques.

What happens when fighting breaks out in the dormitory room?

When fighting breaks out in the dormitory room, every player was in danger and powerless to stop the fighting. But when Il-nam asks organizers to interfere, Squid Game workers and guards are immediately sent in by the Front Man to take back control of the room. While letting the fighting continue would be good for the games, Front Man had to interfere before Il-nam was in any real danger.

Who is the police officer in Squid Game?

This clue rushes by so quickly that very few viewers actually caught it. During episode 5 of Squid Game, police officer Hwang Jun-ho (Wi Ha-joon) infiltrates the Front Man’s inner sanctum and finds files on all the previous and current players. The massive archive of comprehensive files goes back decades, chronicling every single of one those who were unfortunate enough to be included in Squid Game ’s cast of doomed characters. But when Hwang Jun-ho finds the folder for the current iteration of the games, the first page skips to Player 002. The file for Player 001 is nowhere to be found, as it is unnecessary. Apart from the fact that Il-nam was not a real player, having a file of him in the archives would be a liability – not just for the organization, but for Il-nam’s VIP clients.

Why did Player 001 join the competition?

Despite his deception about his involvement in the games, Player 001’s reasons for joining remain pretty consistent throughout the show. As he originally tells his fellow competitors, he joined the competition for excitement, since his terminal illness means he doesn’t have long to live. He wanted to experience the adrenaline rush of competing in the life-or-death games, even if he knew he had a major advantage over the other players.

Is Player 001 still alive?

Perhaps the biggest twist in the entire first season of "Squid Game" occurs in the very last episode, when Gi-hun realizes that Player 001 is still alive — a shock, after he was seemingly eliminated in the marble game. How could he possibly have survived a fatal gunshot and returned to shock all of us? As it turns out, Player 001 was protected all along, and he was right under our noses. He was one of the obscenely wealthy masterminds behind the entire competition. Player 001 and the rest of the cartel are the same puppet masters who decided to create the games as a source of entertainment.

Is Player 001 a target?

Furthermore, those in charge of the game already figured he might be sticking around for some time. Player 001 is not singled out as a target, which means he’s already marked to advance further into the competition. If any of the competitors understood what they were getting themselves into, it was him. Unfortunately, the game was rigged — we learn near the end of the show that it was nearly impossible for Player 001 to lose, and while this may have increased the enjoyment factor, we’re left to wonder what other satisfaction he was meant to feel when the deck was stacked in his favor.

Is the Squid Game on Netflix?

The survival drama "Squid Game" has got a grip on Netflix users — and a majority of the internet, for that matter. Those who decided to watch the series thinking they were in for anything remotely lighthearted found themselves in for a gruesome surprise, as the show is anything but that. And in the wake of the Season 1 finale, numerous mysteries still remain unsolved.

Who is Squid Game’s Old Man, played by Oh Yeong-su?

Squid Game might present itself as merely a survival game, based on the Japanese battle royale format, but it is very much also a mystery at its heart. And one of the main mysteries is the game itself. Who runs it? Why has it been created?

What is the most popular show on Netflix?

Squid Game is arguably the most popular current show in the world, with it topping Netflix’s lists worldwide. Billed as potentially the highest-grossing Netflix show ever, the internet can’t stop raving about it. With thousands of fans dissecting and analyzing every scene and character, several have expressed curiosity about the old man’s character, Oh Il Nam, played by Oh Yeong-su.

Why did Oh Il Nam choose to participate in the games?

The old man disclosed that the tumor was real, and he would die soon. This was the reason why he chose to participate in the games this time instead of just watching. He wanted to relive his childhood, even if it meant a horrible death for all. Betting on human life appears to be the ultimate source of entertainment for these rich men, and even on his death bed, Oh Il Nam tries to make a bet with Gi-Hun over another human life. But the old man dies before finding out that he has actually lost the final bet of his life.

Why did the old man make Oh Il Nam?

In the season finale, the old man admits to a shocked and aghast Gi-Hun that he was the creator of the game. Not only that, but he also acknowledged that the reason behind this game was nothing grand but simply a way to fend off boredom. Oh Il Nam even went so far as to compare it with horse racing. Just like people worldwide bid on horses, the old man, along with other rich men, decided to take it a notch further and bet on humans instead!

Why did the old man justify the game?

The old man’s justification was that when one has money, they eventually get bored of everything. And the only way out of this allegedly mundane existence for Oh Il Nam and his equally rich clients was to create a game so violent and so sadistic that it would give Roman gladiator shows a run for their money.

Is Oh Yeong Su a writer?

The actor, who has appeared in films like Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter…and Spring, also happens to be a prolific writer. The internet is already raving about his acting skills despite the hatred his character is receiving.

What episode of Squid Game did the players vote on?

Episode 2 of Squid Game allowed the players to vote on continuing the game, with the Old Man Il-nam surprisingly voting no – but why did he do this? Squid Game is Netflix’s enthralling South Korean series that follows Seong Gi-hun, a man in a heap of debt who lives with his mother and can barely provide for his daughter, when he is propositioned to join a game in which he can win billions of Won. The highly secretive Squid Game event turns out to have far higher stakes than the 456 contestants imagined, where breaking rules or losing means death.

Why did Oh Il Nam choose the red button?

The reasoning for Oh Il-nam choosing the red button in episode 2 first appeared to be due to him not liking the cruelty of the game, but it also seemed at the time like he would have chosen green because he had nothing left to lose. It then becomes even more confusing once it’s revealed that Oh Il-nam was Squid Game ‘s deciding vote to end the game, yet was the man behind the brutal premise. As it is, it seems he voted no because he knew so many of them wanted to leave at the moment, and because he gave the option for the game to resume in the future if desired. Il-nam wanted the players to return with all the information on its life-or-death premise, and allow them to make their own choice.

What episode does the old man pick the red button?

Episode 2 of Squid Game gives the players a significant choice to make, and the Old Man surprisingly picks the red button and votes no.

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What happens when Gi-hun and 001 meet?

As the narrative develops, their bond strengthens and 001 proves instrumental in Gi-hun’s triumph in the Tug of War.

What does Gi Hun say at 001?

He hits out at 001, arguing that he should remain home for his family’s sake. However, the elderly gentleman highlights the flaws in Gi-hun’s reasoning, asking him whether his family will be granted the same privilege.

What is 001’s true name?

The game is revealed to be Marbles, and it’s also in this round that 001’s true name is unearthed: Oh Il-nam.

How many contestants are in the game of Insanity?

We are plunged into a world of insanity when 456 contestants agree to take part in a mysterious game to win a ?45.6 billion prize. If you lose, however, you lose not just the game but your life.

Who wins the bet in the game of Oh Il Nam?

Gi-hun wins the bet as somebody comes to the man’s aid, but the lesson is lost on Oh Il-nam; he’s already passed.

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How many episodes are there in Squid Game?

Not only that, but many are now coming to the end of the nine-episode series – and let me tell you, it’s been quite the rollercoaster of emotions. Warning:…

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Will there be a season 2 of Squid Game?

The creator of Netflix’s “Squid Game” says the hit TV series will be back for a season two, even though most TV shows in South Korea run for just one season. Due to the show’s global success, Hwang Dong-hyuk said, “I almost feel like you leave us no choice.”