can ps4 play ps3 games

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The answer is, somewhat sadly,noyou cannot play PS3 games on PS4. The reason why you cannot play PS3 games on PS4 is because the PS3 was built using the Cell CPU architecture which, when taken in tandem with a raft of other custom components, meant that the PS4 could not play PS3 games straight out of the box.

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  • Can I play a PS3 disc on a PS4?

  • No, you cannot as it will not work. Thanks! How do you connect a PS3 disc to a PS4 console? You can’t do that; you need to buy the games on PS now to play PS3 games and also be connected to the internet. Thanks! Can I play a PS3 disc on a PS4? No. Playstation Now is the only way to play Playstation 3 games currently.

  • Can you play with PS3 games on PS5?

  • You鈥檒l be able to use your existing PS4 saves and play against PS4 players online, too. As far as PS3 games though, nothing has been announced 鈥?but the fact that the PS5 follows the same architecture path as PS4 and PS4 Pro, means that out of the box compatibility with PS3 games will be unlikely.

  • Why can’t I download PS3 games on PS4?

  • And you cannot download digital versions of PS3 games from the PlayStation Store onto your PlayStation 4. This is the case with all editions of the PS4, including the slim PS4 and PS4 Pro. The reason for this, like most backward compatibility situations, is that the PS3 and PS4 have different system architecture.

  • Can you play PS4 games on PC without a PS4?

  • You can now play PS4 games on your PC. Note: While connecting to the controller, make sure your Mac or PC and PS4 both are on the same network. Download PS Now app on your pc and start playing games of PS3, and PS4. If you don鈥檛 have PS4, but want to play games of it then you don鈥檛 need to worry.