are there any playoff games today

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Which NFL team has the most playoff wins?

Which NFL Team Has Won the Most Playoff Games?New England Patriots — 37 wins. Statista has ranked all 32 franchises in order of playoff wins,and the Patriots sit at the top of the list with 37.Pittsburgh Steelers — 36 wins. The Steelers are tied with the Patriots with six Super Bowl titles but have one fewer playoff wins overall.Dallas Cowboys — 35 wins. …Green Bay Packers — 35 wins. …

What NFL games are on local TV?

All playoff games, theSuper Bowl, and the Pro Bowlare nationally televised on either Saturday, Sunday or Monday in January and February, and either in the afternoon or in primetime. Scheduling during the NFL preseason is more lenient in that most games usually start based on the local time.

Are there any Saturday NFL games?

Fast forward to now, and the NFLstill has Saturday games, but they tend to not begin until mid-to-late December and into the playoffs. This works out fairly well for the NCAA because its football season is pretty done that time, with only playoffs and bowl games around the holidays.

How many playoff games are there?

MLB teams that make the playoffs can play anywhere from2 games to 22 games, depending on how many games they win. Starting in the 2022 season the MLB implemented an expanded postseason. The way the expanded playoffs work is that there are 4 rounds in the MLB playoffs: