are all the resident evil games connected

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More or less connected
All Resident Evil games aremore or less connected. Although each game usually tells a different story and focuses on different characters,old characters can return,which makes it a good idea to play all games to learn all the backstories and get more context and understanding of what’s actually going on. Resident Evil games in order

How is Resident Evil village connected to the original Resident Evil?

Resident Evil Village connects to the original Resident Evil game in a number of ways. Besides including Chris Redfield, one of the protagonists of the original Resident Evil games, Village also makes direct reference to Oswell E. Spencer, the founder of Umbrella who built the mansion from that game.

Are the Resident Evil movies Bad for the series?

Yet, the Resident Evil movies often get the harshest criticism from fans of the video game series. This began with the first film, which centered on characters not from the games, and didn’t at all follow the original game’s plot.

How does Resident Evil 7 connect to past games?

Perhaps the biggest way Resident Evil 7 connects to past games is its inclusion of the Umbrella Corporation.

Is Netflix’s Resident Evil series connected to the games?

Netflix’s Resident Evil is now out and although it’s not based on any of the games, it does connect to the games. Resident Evil is basically a sequel to a bunch of the games, albeit it’s relatively selective about the ones that it chooses to pull from.

What is the village in Resident Evil 5?

Resident Evil Village connects to the original Resident Evil game in a number of ways. Besides including Chris Redfield, one of the protagonists of the original Resident Evil games, Village also makes direct reference to Oswell E. Spencer, the founder of Umbrella who built the mansion from that game. Spencer later appeared in Resident Evil 5 DLC, where he was murdered by Albert Wesker. Despite playing such an important role in the franchise’s story, fans don’t really spend much time with Spencer in the games, but they learn more about him through a file in Resident Evil Village.

Where does Resident Evil 5 take place?

Spencer’s trip to Africa is a big focus of Resident Evil 5, as that game takes place entirely in Africa and is about exploring the origins of the various viruses that have plagued humanity since the first Resident Evil game. However, there is another reference to Resident Evil 5 in Resident Evil Village beyond the Spencer note, …

Is Resident Evil Village a sequel?

Resident Evil Village is a direct sequel to Resident Evil 7, but it has connections to previous games in the franchise as well. Resident Evil Village is finally out in the wild, giving survival-horror fans the chance to experience Ethan Winters’ latest blood-soaked adventure. While Resident Evil 7 was generally light on references …

Is there a reference to Resident Evil 7?

The events of Resident Evil 7 are referenced numerous times in Resident Evil Village, and they play a direct role in the game’s story. This includes everything from Ethan’s encounters with Jack Baker to the black mold. It’s possible that there are even more references to past Resident Evil games hidden in Resident Evil Village, …

Is Resident Evil Village based on Resident Evil 4?

Resident Evil Village is inspired by Resident Evil 4, and so as one might imagine, there are a ton of references to the game. The general aesthetic of Resident Evil Village is similar to Resident Evil 4, as both games are set in gloomy, rural European areas. The games both have giant fish monsters that players have to fight, and they both feature castles. They also both let players kill animals for meat. The list goes on. But a more direct reference comes from Resident Evil Village ‘s The Duke character, who plays the role of the merchant in the new game.

Who is the merchant in Resident Evil Village?

But a more direct reference comes from Resident Evil Village ‘s The Duke character, who plays the role of the merchant in the new game. The Duke in Resident Evil Village quotes the Merchant from Resident Evil 4 at certain points in the game, and even goes as far as to refer to him as an old friend. Their relationship isn’t explored beyond …

Is Resident Evil 7 a reference to the previous Resident Evil games?

While Resident Evil 7 was generally light on references to past Resident Evil games, Resident Evil Village is full of nods to other games in the series, and is actually an incredibly important title in terms of the overarching storyline that started with the first game back in 1996.

Why did they cut some of the RE7 stories?

Also, the developers have had to cut some of the stories from RE7 because they were too ambiguous.

Is there going to be a Resident Evil 9?

It looks like Capcom is planning an Ethan Winters trilogy, with the upcoming Resident Evil Village continuing the storyline that started in Resident Evil 7. And if one insider is to be believed, Resident Evil 9 will end the series, while Capcom intends to drop the numbered entries and focus on the standalone games in the series.

Is there a sequel to Re7?

Dusk Golem said that Village being a direct sequel to RE7 was decided pretty early on, that’s why there are already some things in the previous game that rely on later installments.

How many years after the catastrophe of Raccoon City does Resident Evil take place?

In the Resident Evil timeline, the game takes place 13 years after the catastrophe of Raccoon City. Once again the game adopts third-person shooter gameplay and features two protagonists – fan beloved Claire Redfield and Barry Burton’s daughter Moira.

How many characters are in Resident Evil 6?

In order to fully cover the RE6 plot, one would need to go over its four campaigns, each of which features four characters and a story that spans over two years. Events in RE6 take place throughout 2012 and 2013 in Resident Evil timeline, with Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy, Ada Wong and Jake Muller (illegitimate son classic RE antagonist Albert Wesker) all playing their part in the story. Sherry Birkin – the little girl from Resident Evil 2 – also makes a return, now as an adult working with the Division of Security Operations under the jurisdiction of the United States federal government. It’s a story that could rival even the Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid series.

When does Resident Evil 3 take place?

Putting the Resident Evil games in order, the story of the upcoming Resident Evil 3 Remake (also known as RE3: Nemesis) starts on September 27th, 1998 – one day before Resident Evil 2, however, it ends on October 1st – after the events depicted in the second installment. Raccoon City is absolutely devastated and Umbrella Corporation uses it as a testing ground for bioweapons (B.O.W.). They are especially keen on killing the S.T.A.R.S. agents related to the Spencer Incident from the second game in the Resident Evil timeline. RE3 takes place in the urban setting and starts with RE1 co-protagonist Jill Valentine. Since she is a highly trained officer, developers have put a stronger emphasis on action in RE3 as compared to previous Resident Evil games. In order to survive, Jill is forced to cooperate with stranded Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service mercenaries among whom is her new ally Carlos Oliveira.

What is the theme of Resident Evil?

The Resident Evil series has an extensively rich lore that expands throughout different media and surrounds themes like government conspiracy, evil corporations, double-agents, bioterrorism, psychological terror, zombie infection outbreaks and the efforts undertaken by the main characters to stop them.

What is the Blue Umbrella?

Working together with BSAA, Blue Umbrella is dedicated to rid the world of bioorganic weapons. In the single-player component of this third-person shooter, you’ll assume the role of the mysterious agent codenamed 3A-7. The events of Umbrella Corps take place parallel to Resident Evil 6.

What is the name of the company that is the main antagonist in Resident Evil?

Initially being presented as the main antagonists, in the Resident Evil timeline Umbrella Corporation gets reformed into a private military company known as Blue Umbrella by October, 2007.

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What number do you input in Happy Birthday?

This is a minor throwback, but it’s a neat reference nonetheless. After completing the ‘Happy Birthday’ tape puzzle, players have to input the numbers 1408 in a keypad to pursue the maniacal Lucas Baker. Some fans may notice that the sound effects heard when using the keypad seem to be pulled straight out of Resident Evil Code: Veronica.

What is the Umbrella Corporation in Resident Evil 7?

While the Umbrella Corporation was said to have been dismantled between the events of Resident Evil 3 and 4, the corporation makes its presence known at the end of Resident Evil 7 when a company-branded helicopter saves Ethan Winters, and depending on which of the two endings players pursue, his wife Mia as well. There are many unanswered questions about the Umbrella helicopter and the company’s new role in the franchise, but more information should come to light in the sequel.

What is the Eagle Eyed series?

Eagle-eyed series veterans may notice a number of files in Resident Evil 7 that serve as direct references to characters or events from the franchise’s past. For example, in the den next to the kitchen at the beginning of the game, there’s a book written by Clive R. O’Brian, also known as the head of the BSAA.

Where is the painting in Resident Evil?

In the same mansion as this familiar basement door, players can find a painting hanging in the main hall that depicts the Arklay Mountains, better known as the area where the first Resident Evil game takes place.

Is Wesker still alive in Resident Evil 7?

Wesker may be dead, but his legacy lives on in Resident Evil 7, as the weapon players use to defeat the final boss, the Albert-01R handgun, is likely named after him.

Who is the antagonist in Resident Evil 5?

Albert Wesker. Ever since his shocking betrayal in the original Resident Evil, Albert Wesker has served as the main antagonist of the series. However, in Resident Evil 5, Wesker finally bit the dust, thanks to the combined efforts of Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar, who used molten lava and rocket launchers to kill him.

Is Resident Evil 7 a Resident Evil game?

As it turns out, Resident Evil 7 is unmistakably a Resident Evil game, with a number of small references and big connections to previous games in the series. For those that have beaten the game and aren’t worried about spoilers, here are all the ways Resident Evil 7 connects to older Resident Evil games.

What is the story of Resident Evil 4?

Resident Evil 4 tells the story of Leon being sent to rescue the president’s daughter from a cult, starting the Las Plagas saga. It also features the return of Ada Wong who has her own DLC. It outlines what she was up to when Leon was mowing down villagers and ringing church bells. To avoid spoilers, you’re best playing 4 and then Separate Ways.

What does the letter in Raccoon City 3 mean?

She helps young Sherry escape but never does find her brother. A letter indicates that he has gone to Europe, however, and that sparks Code Vernoica.

How many entries are there in the Resident Evil series?

The series has nine numbered entries but a few other titles and expansions on offer that are just as worth playing. If you’re looking to uncover more of Umbrella’s mysterious origins or just the history of the iconic cast, then here is the chronological order of the main Resident Evil story.

Where is the Mansion incident?

This is the first entry into what would become known as the Mansion Incident that occurred in the Arklay Mountains outside of Raccoon City. It has you playing both Billy and Rebecca interchangeably in a duel-protagonist system.

What are the remaining areas in Nemesis?

From this point on, there are only two remaining areas, the hospital and NEST 2. The latter is home to a couple of Nemesis boss fights so be sure that you’re well-stocked to take him on.

Can you play Resident Evil with Chris?

The first Resident Evil lets you play the campaign with either Jill Valentine or Chris Redfield. The two have slight differences but it’s tough to say which of these is ‘canon’ as no future game confirms it. Either Jill or Chris ends up trapped in a cell for most of the story. It’s up to you to decide who that is. Playing Chris does mean that you get to see Rebecca again, however.

Is Code Veronica in Resident Evil 2?

Whilst Code Veronica nicely ties up the story that began when Claire debuted in 2, that wasn’t her last day in the Resident Evil franchise as she re-appeared once more in Revelations 2.

What does the scene with Alice mean in Resident Evil?

When we first meet Alice in the Resident Evil movie, the scene starts on a closeup shot of her eye, likely a reference to the original game’s title screen that had the words Resident Evil over top an eye. It’s a small thing, but still something game fans are bound to be delighted by.

What does Alice see at the end of Resident Evil 2?

At the very end of the Resident Evil movie, Alice wakes up in a hospital and heads out to see that the T-Virus outbreak has infested Raccoon City with zombies, clearly a reference to Resident Evil 2 ‘s main plot. More subtle though is that when Alice grabs a shotgun out of a cop car, the STARS logo can be seen on the hood. While no actual STARS members appear in the film, some would eventually show up in the sequels, including original game protagonists Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield.

What is the most common enemy in Resident Evil?

Zombie Animals. The zombie dogs are one of the most common – and most bothersome – normal enemies found in the Resident Evil games, and infamously first appear by jumping through a window and scaring the hell out of the player.

What was the coolest part of Resident Evil 2?

The Licker. One of the most crowd-pleasing parts of 2002’s Resident Evil movie was its inclusion of the Licker, which had been one of the coolest parts of Resident Evil 2. Several of the creatures appear in the film, and several characters die as a result of Licker attacks. Making things even cooler, the Licker looks near spot on …

How do Alice and the survivors escape the hive?

Near the end of the Resident Evil movie, Alice and the remaining survivors attempt to escape The Hive via an underground train. This is a direct reference to a similar train from the Resident Evil 2 video game, called the Galaxie-5000.

How many Resident Evil movies were made in 2002?

The Resident Evil franchise ended up producing six movies, and it’s unquestionably one of the biggest success stories in the history of video game adaptations. Yet, the Resident Evil movies often get …

Where does the Resident Evil movie take place?

The Spencer Mansion. While the mansion Alice begins the Resident Evil movie in – the bulk of the film takes place in The Hive facility underneath it – isn’t specifically called the Spencer Mansion as it is in the games, the filmmakers threw in a clever Easter egg reference to that name. Alice’s fake husband, and the man who technically owns …